First of all, whether or not you are thepoweroftherightbrain reader, I wish you Happy New Year 2017!

I wish to you all physical and holistic integrity, prosperity, clarity and vitality!

We’re closing a nine years cycle somewhere around this coming March. For a lot of us, 2016 was a tough one. We might expect an easier year 2017, but a harsh period ahead yet to come. However, most observers in alternative medias press agree 2017 will be smoother and more stable. Looking at the international sphere, things are getting settled on the political level, but we are not yet at the end of surprise on the economic level. Lire la suite


In the first article of this series, I talked about money’s lifecycle, where I stated that money becomes an incentive to drive economic activities so the collective consciousness gather everyone into a collective project, civilization, through order and rules.

However, a civilization will eventually reach the paradigm shift, a period in the timeline where humans began acting with no longer taste for money incentive, but rather for duty and mission of life spirit. The human being intuitively knows what’s good and will responds in that regards when civilization reach the inflexion point of development. When a critical mass of human beings devoted to self and others can find autonomy within the system, they don’t have to work as an economic slave anymore, so they can take care of their  own destiny, not having to be that economic slave anymore.

Money is no longer a quest, but rather a tool to reach aspirations. Many young right brainers find more purpose in life inhabiting an eco-village where money is obsolete than in the old civilian left brain world. Both left brain and right brain ways of thinking are merging together. Intellectuals and hearted people will be forced to work together in a near future. Money will become a relic from the past in a few generation from now. In the meantime, we have to deal with the hard transition from corrupted financial cashless society toward moneyless society of stage #10.

India and a few more countries are being pushed rapidly toward such an outcome. Cash and gold are confiscated. 99% of the population is not ready to face the challenge they are heading to in the next months. The Eastern World wants a financial golden age, but things are unfolding to such an extent that we are all interconnected and it is likely that the US dollar and the stock market will crash simultaneously, sooner than later, taking away with them many financial institutions and wreaking economic havocs around the world.

But since we’ve been collectively reluctant to evolve in our relationship with money, we’ll be force to face the inevitable: to purge from our addiction to  »get the now pay later » easy credit.

Once the waited SHTF historic event is behind us, we need to rebuild an new economic world. Money will no longer be viewed with the finance (interest rate mathematics) eyes, but going back to the classic monetary (energy cash flow arithmetic) spirit. There will be no more negative money or debt and economic activities will be driven by a desire to connect and cooperate rather than to fight for competition. Lire la suite


As we pointed out in the last article of this series, we need to take one step at the time in order to reach money prosperity and abundance in every aspects. Perhaps, health is the first aspect to care about. Health is the root of wellness. Once your root chakra is open, once you are healthy, everything is possible. When your root chakra — that manages health’s vibrations — is active, your are then disposed to heal blockings following a specific vibratory order in the chakra chain.

But having no chakra open doesn’t mean you cannot access abundance and money. What that means is IF you suffer from a chronic lack of money, then you need to look deeper at the model presented in this article.

Today, we will look at the sequence at which the kundalini is going through our vibratory system. As well, we will discover that not only are there seven main chakra vortices, but each chakra is divided in vibratory layers — or sub-chakras — needing to be activated one by one, otherwise the kundalini will stall and over-activate the layer below the blocked ones. A victim will suffer from an irresistible envy to exaggerate the amount of energy spent into inferior layers within the same chakra, such as creativity and sexuality, leaving the person open to addiction egoness and fear. Everyone deserve abundance. Let’s see how it works. Lire la suite


 »Money attracts money; debt attracts debt. »

That is a painful fact. Like we have seen in the seventh article of this series, it may be easier for you to change jobs for a better income if you are from a mutable sign than it is for other signs. If you are a cardinal sign, there is a risk factor involved and you may wait a longer time before to see the results. If you are a stable sign, it might be better to stay in your stable comfort zone and purge your debt by any mean possible, the faster the better.

Indebtedness is legal, but a crime toward yourself when it gets chronic, when you never see the daylight of positive money. Yet, debt is sometimes better than nothing at all during harsh financial episodes, but should be a temporary state. It becomes criminal for you if you spend more than you earn while you can afford to live below your means. A lot of people live a perilous life with credit lines and debt transfer from one credit card to another. They will kick the can down the road until their creditors stop their gimmick. Soon or late, payback time occurs. From another standpoint, we should be thankful toward these people for spending, whilst the economy is down and most of us pile up money, blocking the circulation of abundance energy flow. They keep the economy afloat assuming the risk they take on their shoulders.

Whether you are victim of misfortune or deliberately a debt addict, the creditors will not make any difference with your case. That is your duty to protect yourself from them. Bankruptcy is one possible way out, but it’s getting harder and harder to qualify for. On top, that’s insane to bankrupt when you don’t have income or a network of contact that can help, so you don’t end up in the street. Here are the steps to exit out of the debt hell the hard way and then the soft way, with and without bankruptcy. Lire la suite


That may deceive many, but the truth is we were not all born equal. You have to accept your fate and do the best you can with it. When inner peace is finally established, hard work can begin. Most entrepreneur and business people hit a wall at first, attempting several times before to finally having success. They were not ready yet.

Either you face your nemesis while starting up and learn the hard way, either you fix yourself prior the dive. Let’s be honest, we will never be perfect the first time. However, it’s possible to minimize the risk of failure. If you succeed without been ready, beware of falling down.

There is close relationship between right brainers and entrepreneurship. Most believe business rhymes with autonomy and money. If you don’t feel comfortable on the employee’s seat and you are willing to take risk, you may have entrepreneurship spirit. If you just want to make business for making money, think twice before to jump head first.

In case you plan to launch a startup, let’s check if you have entrepreneurship spirit and the entrepreneur profile. If your mindset is the one of an employee, stay there for another while and take some personal growth lessons. However, if you feel ready to get started, take a deep breath, because you don’t know how long you will swim underwater. Do you wish to know how long it will take you?

This article begins with a checklist of preparations and breaches in your energy field you need to clog first. From there we will attack the scary topic of the torment period. How long will it take you to reach some level of success in your adventure? For that we need to read at your destiny. We will see also how many attempts you may have to go through before you finally succeed, and once you succeed, what do you have to expect. Lire la suite


Another aspects of money making we tend to forget, we are part of a whole, of the Oneness in this Universe. Perhaps, our individuality is not the highest  »spiritual authority » in that oneness.

Yes, Universe will teach you what you need to learn in order to reach your full potential in this lifetime or in preparation for an even most promising life. In any case, you don’t have the big part of the stick and if you are trying to bully Universe with a bad attitude in order to get what you want, you will be disappointed.

Universe wants us to behave like grown up kids. We are expected to show a good attitude, to persevere, to love ourselves and to keep on learning at school of life so we can evolve and accomplish our destiny.

There are at least 22 universal laws involved in moneymaking and management, but we don’t need to learn them by heart. We just need to integrate in our daily life the main principles holding together all the spiritual laws. Just for your personal culture, here they are: Lire la suite


We have seen in the last article of this series that the first step in recovering from a bad financial or monetary situation is to cleanse the energetic body field from low vibrations related to fears. We have also seen that we need to reprogram the left brain to revert the effect of false believes and misconceptions. We have also seen one technique, called kairography, designed to identify our blockages cracking down our relationship to money. Finally, we saw that sometimes, the polarity needs to be shifted. If the polarity we’re in does not work, than we have to revert the way we approach our relationship to money. That last factor may not be neglected despite the few coverage. The current article will go deeper into polarity, our personal natural approach toward money.

Once we’re aware of the energetic nature of money and our being’s unique characteristics, then we’re ready to clean our energetic mind. We’re all different inside when it comes to money.

The people who get rich are usually good time managers, approach a win-win relationship to money and to energy in general. They also master some spiritual laws of the Universe, consciously or not. In order to become one of those great time and energy managers in a monetary context, we have to be aware of the impact of time limitation, make the right time decisions, know what kind of profile or type we are and what kind of correction we need to address.  Let’s see too how energy management looks like in a financial-monetary context. Lire la suite


In the last article, we have seen how dangerous the debt situation in this World. Perhaps we have seen that we don’t have to worry, because there are plenty of resources under material shape. There is a lot of gold hidden from public knowledge. Enough to repay and propel Humanity in the so eagerly awaited Golden Age that, desired impatiently by the large majority of us.

We have also seen in the second article, that there is a universe still to be discovered in the quantum field of the human mind. The economy will soon be moving to that unexplored area. The quantum economy is the next boom.

However, we’re still dealing with one or two dark elite factions who wants to enslave humanity for good. The system in place forces pretty much everybody to sink into debt. The middle class is eroded. Unless you had time to become rich earlier, today’s economic situation makes it more complicated for those who wants to improve their ability to generate wealth. Even in those trouble days, we’ll see in the next articles to come that there are solutions. Perhaps, one must first go through a cleansing therapy of the self and the mind.

Here is a crash course on how to stop the vortex of negative energy flow and reverse the trend for a positive state of being that will attract money, but also abundance in every aspect of your life. Let’s cover the three main energy components and the therapies we need to go through for healing ourselves and be ready for a money shift. Lire la suite


Abundance is everywhere for as long as we are open to it. Like we have seen in the previous article of this series, we can find abundance of energy in the present moment. By not depending on the linear timeline and the reality of cyclic seasons with the survival mindset of higher latitudes, we can negate the time effect by elevating our consciousness. The future of humanity lies inside each individual, not in cybernetic technologies or remedies from outside of us. We need to stop running like maniacs and belittle each other for pieces of power and peanuts. A solution to a finite prosperity so difficult to reach is to embrace meditation and mindfulness. That’s the way to reach infinite abundance. Instead of fighting for resources to repay a debt owned by an unidentified someone or something, let’s get out of that enslavement all together.

The goal of life is to find the self within, which helps to recreate a state where money energy flows. Yet, not only is possible, but it’s getting more and more popular, to the point where it will be mainstream soon. This 3rd article will convince the most rational minds that debt is useless and easy to get rid of. Lire la suite


This major series of articles about money comes up right on time with an epic battle raging between factions for the future of the economy of this planet. Are we going to suffer a complete economic collapse provoked by the debt bubble, or are we going to jump to the stage of consciousness (stage #9 in the first article of this series)? In the midst of a tumultuous financial season Fall 2016, let’s take this time to revisit the essence of money. This article is an essay for collective abundance. Lire la suite


In this very long but so important series, we rediscover money’s place into history, actuality and cosmogony. Since now a few millenniums, money has become a tool of power. We need to redirect our intentions toward money and enable the abundance spirit we all deserve.

We need to forgive our tormentors from the past and the present, but not before to realize full scope of the turmoil we have created for ourselves. The truth shall set you free, however truth has a different definition for each one and has variance in proximity to oneness. Let’s make each one of us who’s financial situation threatens personal realisation.

Before to dive in this sensitive and taboo topic, let’s begin by going down from the essence of money energy toward some infamous purposes duality forces are imposing on us all, against our will.

Because money is pure love energy. Debt is contempt for the ones who live for love. Debt is the opposite of money. It is money’s destructive counterpart. Debt is the reason why almost every single human being on this planet is suffering today from lack of abundance deprivation. Debt creation is satanic. Debt consumption is leading to death when it becomes an addiction. We have the right to chose between money or debt. Right now, we are forced into debt. We’ll discuss that issue all along this series.

For now, let’s begin by the beginning. We need to know where is money coming from and when, it appeared in time and when it’ll disappear. This first article aims at answering these 3 questions. Lire la suite


Our environment has tremendous impact on our energetic body. Our duty, as a conscious being, is to immerge ourselves into high vibrations and harmonious frequencies. Nature offers us a broad spectrum of vibrations and frequencies, as we have seen in the previous article in this series.

Besides environment, activities play also an enormous role in our energy balance. When we combine proper environmental influence and beneficial activities, we insure our energetic integrity . These activities we chose determine our energetic health. Also, we need to pay attention to the level of consciousness that inhabits our soul at the moment we chose and practice an activity, since consciousness can make a huge difference in the benefit we get.

Here are the most common activities we practice in nature and their benefit on the right brain. Lire la suite


Many of us show sensitivity to animals, plants or natural features, while others don’t. Right brainers are naturally attracted to nature at another level than just a contemplation of sensational landscape sceneries, the nurture of a vegetable plant garden, or giving food to a dog.

There is a connection at a deeper level, to a point where we feel what that dogs feels. We can almost walk in his skin. That’s why some people with telepathy abilities are called dog magnets. We can also want to hug trees for no particular reason, but the sympathetic purpose of sharing ground energies. We can also be bemused by a picturesque geographic location to an extend where we want to settle there and never leave that place anymore.

Humans establish relationship based on common grounds and mutual exchange. Natural companionship occurs when we connect at the source. Inspiration immediately build up. In our connection with nature, we find that timelessness and belonging spirit brings peace of heart. We wish to settle if we are sedentary.  We can fall in love with someone, but we can also find the same deep connection with a piece of nature. Instead, if we are that nomad type of person, we will catch the glimpse of inspiration for a shorter but more intense moment.

Navigators and land explorers from the Renaissance period used to live just for those new worlds to be discovered. They were addicted to that feeling of actualisation and consciousness expansion each time they got impregnated with new places recording in our individual and collective consciousness. Each landscape or view is tainted with its owns energy signature. Sacred geometry reminds us that Universe follow patterns. Left brainers view geometry as perfection while right brainers view a harmonious natural formation as divine and sacred.

This article aims at explaining the deeper connection where words become obsolete. Still, since words is our medium of communication, we will degrade the sacredness a little by describing the connection at a deeper level, from a right brainer’s feeling perspective. That’s why we will use much more images than usual, because a picture worth a thousand words. Lire la suite


We are living in a world where originally, scalar waves were everywhere. The quantum nature of life was dominant over radio frequencies and electromagnetic field. Today’s humanity ecosystem is so polluted by useless information reductive beliefs that we are no longer connecting ourselves into the collective consciousness of the Earth and the Universe.  The Law of One spirit is fading away. We are getting artificially disconnected from our true nature.

However, we can regain reconnection with our essence. Being aware of the dual nature of reality and the receptor-transmitter antenna that is our dual left-right brain can help a lot. Perhaps the conscious connection between the two brains needs to be fully activated. Our heart wants just that, to sparks out dormant full potential. In this article, we will overview fundamental principles that we need to integrate in a process of core alignment with the self. Lire la suite


After almost a year of providing articles on a weekly basis, I decided to take the summer off. Since I needed to transfer this blog into a different web plate-form and develop a software program at the same time as resting from all the projects I involved myself into, two months of rest was a well deserved break. Nevertheless, I kept spending 30 to 40 hours a week in my professional regular activities, plus 10 to 20 hours a week on my husband at home duties, while finding here and there holes in my schedule to spend time with the kids in order to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with.

Now that the children are back at school, I have more time for my readers. I am also replenished and inspired for more articles to come. Some of you may have noticed that a lot of change is going on around the world. Let’s retrospect all those changes wrapped into a 1500 words article, and how they relate to the right brain. Lire la suite


To illustrate this article’s topic, let’s take a simple example. When you have a precise opinion on a subject, then a person you share a lot in common with has the exact same opinion, then we say  »you are on the same wavelenght » as that person.  Most commonly you may heard the expression  »to be on the same frequency » as someone else. The  »same frequency », what does it mean?

You may have also heard  »someone may refocus himself ». In both cases, we are talking energetics. In healing therapy, frequency plays a different role than vibration. To follow up on a previous article HOW TO INCREASE YOUR VIBRATION, where we talked about the implications of the vibrational rate, we also introduced the concept of frequency, a different concept in energy matter. We can simplify saying vibration is somewhat the volume or quantity, while frequency is the density or quality of energy. But it is more complex. This article will try to give you the big picture of what energy frequency means and how we can use it for our benefit. Lire la suite


When we feel down or angry, we may be looking for a quick and easy fix to our mood. No pill no chemical remedy exist, which is a good thing, because we can naturally enhance our vibratory state with simple habits. We can teach ourselves how to trigger the proper vibratory state in order to feel better and to steadily maintain a good mood throughout the day.

There are numerous ways to help yourself feeling better. In this article, we will cover only what I consider the main ones. You do not need specific lifestyle, equipment nor anybody else than yourself alone to perform these easy exercises. If you are conscious and smart enough to read this article, you will be able to practice most of the tricks below. When there is nothing to make your day and smile, you got to be that thing to make your day. Here’s how to trigger a well being state. Lire la suite


Law Of Attraction has been popularized by the spiritual and personal development industry. Marketing is about creating needs and proving tools. Since more and more individuals are these days jumping out of the society standards ship, forcing the redefinition of each aspect of life, the ground iss set for a new approach in mastering life and becoming self.

Law Of Attraction operates in the quantum field, that subtle layer of our energetic body field just below the soul field. Law Of Attraction manifests itself through anything that is in resonance with the divine plan. To ensure Law of Attraction is playing on your side, you must surround yourself with genuine people, natural food, pure water, but also immerge yourself in a sane electromagnetic environment and in a harmonic information bath. Overall, the ultimate key is to be conscious of how everything come together.

The days are gone when humans were just looking for food, shelter and their offspring protection. These days are promising for those who want to accomplish their own mission of life and becoming themselves, as long as they consolidate their state in the most important aspect of their life. Here are 7 aspects of life and how to make Law Of Attraction operating for our benefit into each one of them. Lire la suite


These days, the large majority of workers do not like their job. They are not happy at work. It is sometimes easy to find signs in a professional environment making it more detrimental than beneficial.

However, most of the time, there are no specific sign. We only have a gut feeling of unhappiness, but it is unclear as of how and why we feel this way.

Worse, we know unconsciously that our job is not good for us, but the need of a paycheck takes over our personal integrity. Then we tend to bury sings of distress and we try to convince ourselves that we like our job. When our colleagues are asking if everything is okay, we always answer by an innocent YES! Politically correctness prevails.

If that is your case, you are an easy labor to manage. You know how to look emotionally intelligent. Although that attitude helps consolidating your position and gaining respect in corporate environments, beware of physical and mental collapse. Hiding feelings at work is a dangerous game for your health.

Even if it seems like you love your job, you should take some time to ask yourself a few questions that may reveal your job’s toxicity. In the absence of obvious insanity, a professional position environment offers only left brain hemisphere stimulation. Absence of room for self expression is a form of alienation. Automated work environment is the main cause of undetected and misunderstood psychological and emotional deterioration at work. Balance between left brain and right brain is more important than ever in a period of history when people are waking up to personal development and when the main goal in life is no longer to toe the line (education, job, household, retirement), but self actualisation.

This article suggests you a few questions to ask yourself in regards to left-right brain balance at work. These questions are designed to evaluate if your right brain side is considered by your employer’s activity for your benefit and if your position really allows you to stimulate it. Lire la suite


Animals are like humans, they are beings with a soul, emotions, sensitivity and love capacity. They’re actually more in tune with their feelings than we humans are. For the most part this due to the fact that we are programmable beings and they’re not as much.

Our brain’s neocortex portion is very evolved. Therefore, we can potentially become as powerful as robots, if we are predominantly left brainers, and we can potentially become paranormal psychics when we are predominantly right brainers.

Animals don’t have superanimal abilities that we humans have, however, these adaptation skills sometimes reveal to be handicap for us. Animals can help us to recover our true nature and to retrieve connexion with Universe since they are themselves listening to their individual feelings and instinct. They don’t question themselves if they will be judged by acting in a certain manner. They just do what they feel. They know how to just be.

Also, animals don’t have as much tendency to lower vibration. They can be happy regardless their situational fate and as long as they have food and stimulus, they will enjoy themselves. Their ability to simply embrace life questions the human mind. Despite the fact that an animal was born among humans and grew with them, our influence remain slight unless we have trained the animal to obey in order to get a treat.

Pets are family members and should be treated as so. They all deserve our love and attention. We have been told that  »we are closer to God than animals are ». That is complete nonsense. We won’t dive in the controversial subject of what an egoistic God is in this article, however we will debate on the pertinence of our supremacy complex towards animal.

Animals are closer to nature and more in resonance with creation than we are. They are living in accordance with the divine plan. Humans are easily derailed from the divine plan. The large majority of us are just following perverted Society laws rather than Mother Nature rules or universal spiritual laws we aspire. Animals are just that: natural. They are honest and transparent, they show integrity and  love. In short, they are more human than we can be…

In this article, we enumerate five animal species living in coexistence with human beings since 10 000 years and more. We portray the relationship our species maintain together with them. We also explain the contribution and help humans are receiving from an animal, in regards to the right brain hemisphere benefit. Lire la suite


We all live in a common space-time continuum matrix where chronological time enslave us into a five senses perception of reality. That artificial matrix has been implemented by artificial dualistic forces from our universe. Although each of us have all the tools not to be bothered by dark entities archonic and chimeric interference, we are still prompted to fail to the temptation.

One of the tool they use to bemuse us, is by capturing instant in specific parallel space-time, using a device we call  »camera ». The problem with catching moments is we interfere with our destiny. In other words, we live in a multiverse, an infinity of possible life scenarios. That infinity recreates itself at every instant, allowing us to chose at will how individually and collectively we want to create and co-create our existential universe.

When we take a picture or a video of ourselves, we bring back souvenirs that are no longer in resonance with who we are becoming. The low vibration or dissonance can or influence us, or bring us back into the a state of being belonging to a different reality than the current space-time we’re in today.

Since we must live in the present moment, we have to be careful on how we manage our memories from the past so they don’t annihilate our efforts to become a better person, to become ourselves. That also applies on the collective level. Past residuals can trigger detrimental effect on our present. Here are 6 reasons why. Lire la suite


Some individuals have few concerns about this life outcome and just live the present moment. Others come in this life with this obsession for a mission of life and will do whatever it takes to appease that mindset. They will either negate the drive, refusing to respond to the call, or they strive to discover who they are and to make it the best. If the last resonates with you, you are in a mission: to fulfil your mission of life.

Depending on your beliefs, if you believe in reincarnation, you may perceive this call as a karmic cycle that needs to be broken, or else to  make this life a success at the end, if you believe in a fatalist conception. Either ways, all of our craziest dreams can be combined in one main life scenario pushing the self toward one main life goal that includes all others.

Here’s in this article an overview of the context in which a mission of life takes place. First, let’s begin by a few concepts, then we will presents the dream cycle and a chart to line them all towards an ultimate goal. Lire la suite


What is the difference between a true dream and a false dream? It’s easy to get derailed by our ego’s desire. Today’s materialistic world offers so much artificial information that many of us will be mislead by the mirage of consumption, duality, violence and emptiness. The present guide is designed and has been simplified to help you to figure out if you are on the right path of a fulfilled life, or not. Lire la suite


Happiness can be found in contentment, but also in ambition. Very ambitious dreams, or craziest dreams, can be interpreted as the sign of a big ego, but if the realisation process is made in a positive way, life becomes filled with pride, glee, bloom and achievement. The we say life is fulfilled.

To make crazy dreams come true, one needs to master the self and some spiritual laws of Universe, such as the law of attraction. Here is a 9 steps process leading to the materialisation of any dream in resonance with the soul. Lire la suite


We say 75% of employees who leave their job do so because of a boss or a superior. That was true in past decades. These same employees are easily identifiable since they often jump ship and go working for a concurrent or another employer in the same industry.

However, how comes these days we observe employees quitting completely their professional field, despite no job loss, injustice or difficult working conditions? Why an established employee who cumulates several years of experience in an organisation, would suddenly announce a career reorientation, despite enjoying stability, recognition, a great working environment, and enough money to retire in a few years?

We could understand a worker who does not succeed or monetize its job conveniently. But, when the same phenomenon spreads among employees who have no reason to complain or jump ship, questions arise about our society. That trend seem to be gaining in popularity. This article assess the question from a qualitative stand point. Lire la suite


Our society teach us how to reach glory, success, performance, perfection, making it complicated, whilst we are struggling to simplifiy that path and make it more human. After all we just want to be happy.  Such a conclusion, as simple as it is, can be complicated to execute. Instead of focussing on our inner goals, we tend to please others, to the point where we forget ourselves. How comes  is inner peace so hard to find, sometimes at the cost of an entire lifetime of pain and struggle? 

For an analytic warrior in duality mode, the purpose of life is to reach glory. For a synthetic artist, the goal of life is consecration. For an accomplished and balanced person, a goal is to reach success, and for the most evolved ones, self realization. But bottom line, the common and unanimous goal to reach for everyone is happiness and well-being. This article assesses some of the pits we are prone to fall in on the path toward the self. Lire la suite


Here is one of my favorite topics. Everybody knows what I’m going to talk about: money. Financial professionals will tell you  »ah! money is easy, it’s just something rational. That is true, when money is confined and controlled by an hyperrational digital information system, it has no other choice than to obey to the restricting logic. However, in a free market economy, money behave like quantum energy. Money is just that, a fluid of exchange between different agents. Money is neither rational or irrational, but just following the flow regardless of the system it is regulated by.

In the actual economic system, money serves bankers interest and disadvantages populations. If we could bring back the current financial and fiscal monetary (logical) system or at least its politics toward a market economy (quantum) freed from the debt spiral we’re in, then money would serve populations. How is money behaving like in a free system? Like enery!

This article revisit money in its primitive state, when it’s still energy-like. Even if  acces to money has become complicated, basic principles remain the same. Networking is a key in business development. Lire la suite


In psychology, the analytic-synthetic theory of cerebral asymmetry states that both brain hemispheres play a capital role in the life reality perception. Each of us is either left brained (analytic or logical-rational) or right brained (synthetic or intuitive and creative). In personal growth and well being field, the stimulus and equilibrium of both hemispheres is highly recommended. In spirituality some streams teach direct access to our soul or higher self. By connecting and releasing the hold on our dominant hemisphere and balance both, we can make direct connection with higher self. Lire la suite


You may have already asked yourself why some people are so lucky. Everything seems to go well for them, while others seem to be just bad luck magnets. And worse, why people afflicted by misfortune are often the nicest ones and the first ones to fall in battle. This article will try to clarify that paradigm opposing chance, the left brain predominance percetion, to synchronicity, perceived from a predominant right brain perspective.
Lire la suite


Living with a predominant right brained person is not always simple, but it could be very exciting. After all, the heart speaks truth and right brainers are looking just for co-creating and expressing their individuality with another being sharing the same ultimate goal.

Love partnership is one of the best therapy to learn how to confine your ego to the strict role of survival instinct, challenge you to raise your vibe and tune up your frequencies to a better equilibrium. Right brained persons are excellent teachers at that.

This article was written as if you are a female reader and you have a male partner. However, the content of this article works the other way around too if you are a man. And if you are homosexual, man or woman, that article content works for you either. Lire la suite


Our World is currently suffering from multiple problems created by the left brain dominance over the right brain. These problems are often studied incompletely by mainstream science or reported falsely in mass media versions. In this series of articles, we’ll list these problems, but we’ll also revisit them from an unseen perspective.

Because it’s easy to complain, rarely we see denunciators providing also concrete solutions. Let’s look at 20 of these main problems today’s World is facing, and elaborate the proper right brain solution required for each one. Here they are listed in increasing importance. In this article, we cover problems 5 to 1. Lire la suite


Our World is currently suffering from multiple problems created by the left brain dominance over the right brain. These problems are often studied by incompletely by mainstream science or reported in falsely in mass media versions. In this series of articles, we will list these problems, but we will also revisit them from an unseen perspective.

Because it’s easy to complain, rarely we see denunciators providing also concrete solutions. Let’s look at 20 of these main problems today’s World is facing, and let’s elaborate the proper right brain solution required for each one. Here they are listed in increasing importance. In this article, we cover problems 10 to 6. Lire la suite


Our World is currently suffering from multiple problems created by the left brain dominance. These problems are often studied by incomplete main stream science or reported in false mass media versions. In this series of articles, we will review some of these problems, but we will also revisit these ones from an unseen perspective.

Because it’s easy to complain, rarely we see denunciators providing also concrete solutions. Let’s look at 20 of these main problems today’s World is facing, and let’s elaborate the proper right brain solution required for each one. Here they are listed in increasing importance. In today’s article, we cover problems 15 to 11. Lire la suite


Conspiracy theorists are often critiqued for their non-conformist and paranoid mindset, but also for their fertile imagination. Indeed, they are often wrong about a lot of theories they are quick to adopt. Perhaps, let’s think about all the conspiracy warnings that became true like 911 or 2008 crash triggered by the mortgage crisis. Now, let’s think about all the conspiracy threats promoted by official authorities that have been proven a hoax, like the flu pandemic viral mutation that was supposed to wipe out 2/3 of the world population, or the 2000 bug.

When a threat is whistled out, the sudden collective consciousness expansion burst, operating through a basic Law Of Attraction principle:  »prepare for the worst case scenario and things will turn out just fine ». Conspiracy main role is not to prophesy successfully, but to defend humanity and our planet’s integrity, like watchdogs. This is why some dark forces try to discredit fomented plot watching, what actually proves conspiracy theorists are doing a great job in preventing some catastrophes to happen, by expanding the collective awareness just in time.

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If you are a predominant right brain person in the middle of a business start up, odds are you may come across difficult period when it’s hard to keep up with good mental. When money is rare and creditors are hounding you, when you feel like losing your friends one by one because you spend all your time and energy on your projects, when you do not resonate anymore with people ignoring what entrepreneurship spirit means, the adaptation process can be tough in transition mode toward your new life.

The sacrifice to become ourselves in a world of slaves, copy-pasters and societal lobotomized cyborgs, is not as easy as it seems. We have to deprogram ourselves from preconceptions and limiting beliefs we’ve been conditioned by. When we hear our old pals saying  »so, is your business making money now », or  »you’ve changed, what’s wrong with you », we need to step back and look at that situation with detachment.

We need to network and connect with other entrepreneurs who are in the same situation, with people who can share the same experience, or even better, to benefit from a business coach or a mentor advise. In the meantime, if you cannot afford the luxury of a professional to inspire you from its aura, you can rely on positive thoughts and quotes from famous authors and motivators. Here are a few right brain inspiring thoughts that will help you to keep up with success spirit. Lire la suite


Tattooing is a delicate, important topic of discussion in the right brain community. Predominantly right brained people are non conformist and express their original personnality through different fashions. Tattooing might be the most important one. There’s nobody tattooed the same way, therefore tattoo is a unicity icon. Before all, what counts for right brainers is the message, the feeling of belonging to a group that rejects conformity and the individuality resonating with specific symbols.

To those who planned to get their first tattoo, read carefully from number 4 to 14 before to make your mind, because these 10 reasons are largely ignored. If you are already tattooed and in peace with your decision, you may not consider these advises. However, if you are already tattooed and feel bad about it, you should pay attention and read carefully.

I have myself thought about getting tattooed. I hesitated. Today, I can say I resisted. I do not judge anyone who decides to get a tattoo. I believe we all have the right to express ourselves as we feel like. I just do not resonate with permanent marks and injuries since they are inconvenient, and mostly, I feel sad for all those who regret their decision.

To professional tattoo artist, I know reading this article may shock you. I hesitated for a long time before to discuss about such a delicate topic, but since I am doing it with the intentional purpose of informing, may you consider my message as advise.

Hopefully, you will continue practicing your art promoting temporary tattoos instead. Because temporary tattoos will eventually prevail. Here are 15 reasons to avoid permanent tattoo: Lire la suite


So far in this series, we’ve seen the classical mirror time prompt of the same number in the second article, and we’ve also seen the various combinations of the more unfamiliar mirror time prompt of different numbers in the third article of this series.

In this last article, we will cover the neglected but important time prompt of increasing and decreasing digits. Lastly, we will conclude this series on why and how to calculate any time prompt number that catches your attention. Lire la suite


A repetition of the same single digit number on the clock is stunning when we did not planned to watch time. It is even more surprising to stumble upon the exact same single digit mirror hour all the time.

In this article, we will cover another aspect of prompt time that astounds us almost as much: symmetry. In other words, when we unconsciously look at the clock and we see a reflection pattern in a 3 or 4 digits hour, that is also bemusing.

The quantum charge and the calling of a 12:21 may not be as strong as a 11:11, but here again Universe speaks rational, tricky enough so we notice an intention behind the message. Now what does such a message entails? Again, numerology will answer most of these questions. This article has been written to inform about other types of time prompt phenomenon that are rarely covered by literacy or on internet.

This article does not aim at providing you a medium interpretation of each number, but rather the essential energetic feeling about each specific time prompt, through their numerology essence. Lire la suite


Mirror hours appear in moments when we do not expect them, inducing a feeling of blessing, privilege, protection and trust in life. Mirror hours make us feel Universe conspires with ourselves. Many see repetitive mirror hours during the same day, for several consecutive days in a row.

Did you noticed if the first time you came across that phenomenon, the time displayed was 11:11? According to various sources, 11:11 contains a double signification. It is a double 11, but also number 1 calling four times stronger to initiate ultimate change in this life. It’s also the collective mind inviting us to join the planetary movement of awakening and consciousness elevation.

Like the millions around the world, you are now part of the community seeking service to the self and to others, rather than service to egocentric powers.
The multiple array of repeated numbers carry different signification. Let’s explore these different sets and their interpretation. Lire la suite


Do you wake up at night watching at the clock and you realize all numbers displayed are the same? You see these sequences at any moment of the day? Another sequence continuously repeats itself and appears in your daily life, day after day? Synchronicity related to chronological time is more and more frequent. Universe is talking to us through digital clock. We must listen, but for that we need to speak the language number.

What are numbers for? What do they represent? In this series of article, we will assess not only the signification, but also the impact of numbers in our daily life. Yet, we see numbers as unit of quantity measures, but they are much more than that, since they represent a universal language of consciousness. Moreover, they are symbols of numerology, geometry and they are information energy form.

Numerology is a non empirical science dedicated to the study and interpretation of number’s symbolism and synchronistic power, while geometry is more of the conceptual representation of the intuitive order in the Universe. In pure quantum terms, the flow of information is transferred from the source to the information cloud under symbols and concepts, then get processed, repackaged, and finally is redistributed with synchronicity  into geometry and numerology expression. Lire la suite


It’s not easy to talk in front of a crowd when you are shy by nature. It’s even harder to sing or dance. However, as opposed to common belief, been an extravert or introvert has nothing to do with self expression in public. Even the most extravert ones are sometimes afraid of looking like fool because of their big egos.

The key word here is FEAR. I have been DJ and animator in a night club. I was far from being as good as the master DJ there, but I could come up with compensation skills that helped me to perform. The whole experience boosted my self confidence so much.

When you show extreme confidence, your aura takes over the level of judgement from the crowd, even when you don’t know what you are doing. Just act as if everything is fine. My mixolgy skills were poor in terms of beat, but I was able to please the crowd using my repertory and my ability to merge similar sounds from different tunes. I listened so much DJ live shows at night that I was able recreate the animator’s feeling inside, so when I felt ready, I knew what I was doing when I threw myself in the lion’s dents. I was successful from the first night.

People will be just hypnotized by your aura of self-expression desire. Fearlessness is the secret. Jump first, stay happy no matter what, and you will see how magically the crowd will feed you back. Here are a few reminders on what you need to come across in order to prepare yourself for expression. Lire la suite


Our right brain hemisphere generates faculties that are often associated with creativity. Although they are related, they are not synonym of creativity. Inspiration may be a component of creativity, but creativity is a broader concept. Inspiration is the ability to come up with an idea emerging from out of the blue, an idea that may not have existed before and will impress the large majority. Inspiration is the ability to tap into the higher self for common good.

The same principle applies to imagination, where it is a component of creativity, but not the creativity itself. Imagination is the ability to generate a diversified range of ideas, regardless if they are relevant or not. Thus, imagination is a pure right brain faculty, one we tend to put aside for the sake of conformity and societal decorum. Fear of being judged or fear of irrelevance will deter many individuals and organisations to experiment brainstorming session on regular basis. It’s a pity, because brainstorming is a natural reflex and, as for meditation, we need more of that kind of exercise to balance out our brain hemispheres since we are almost all too much on the left brain mode.

Imagination may appear as a clear concept for most of us, especially those who are artistic in nature. However, making the distinction between inspiration and imagination may not be as easy. Let’s see what it is about. Here are 6 ways to distinguish imagination from inspiration: Lire la suite


When it comes to creativity, most people suffer from blank page syndrome. They have an inability to start something. Others have plenty full of ideas, but are unable to achieve business and crumbles under piles of drafts. The rest just never find the spark to start a piece of creation, nor the flame to complete a project.

Nowadays, pretty much everybody see creativity as a critical skill to succeed in this lifetime, to the point where a lack of creativity can trigger anxiety. Academic studies is no longer a guarantee of success in life. You have to think out of the box and create something impressing so that the distinction will make you unique.

We are all creative to a certain extent, but some of us are creative enough to make a decent living from their creativity, while the large majority wont. What is the distinction between a master living from its renown and those who try hard unsuccessfully? There is only one key word here: inspiration!

Ask the question to 100 individuals if they are creative, probably 90% will believe they are. But over that 90%, how many amaze us by their talent? Only 5% will marvel. How do they manage to attain that level of inspiration? Are they connected to a pipeline of ideas? Are they possessed by powerful entities explaining why they display such a dexterity and natural easiness in complexity? The answer would be: a bit of both. Therefore, what should we do to reach such a level of inspiration and fame?

Here are 12 characteristics we find in common among highly inspired persons. When you  are inspired, you… Lire la suite


In previous articles from the same series, we have seen the cause of addiction but also the way to heal them. We also covered the seven major chakras imbalance, the effect of their dormancy (underactivity), as well the predisposition of human being to dark entities attack and takeover on the mind when underactive. Now what happens when major chakras are overactive?

Instead of looking for an outer source of negative energy to supply what is stolen from dark entities, a person’s chakra overactivity leads to excess opposed to the typical addiction of the same chakra. Fortunately, excesses are easier to fix than lacks of something felt when addicted. The problem is the individual insistence to stick to the power, refusing to concede and balancing out. The solution is simply consciousness and confession of the problem, followed by resignation and the let go of power excess. Somewhat, excess is also another form of addiction, when the person steals energy from others, more in a disturbing way than in a harsh destructive form. Here only the main chakras are involved. Dark entities have few or no influence here. It is only the individual’s will that needs to be tampered. Let’s see what theses excess behaviors are: Lire la suite


As addictions and dependences are energetic problems, their cure and solution is also of energetic matter. However, fixing subtle energetic body problem is complicated when we are trapped in a five sense consciousness. We have to enhance our extrasensory abilities to measure the effect of a treatment or simply to sense our state of being. We know when there is something to fix inside of us just by the non verbal language of people around. So recognizing the problem is one thing. To fix it, that’s something else. In this article we will review the most common addiction and dependence therapies that can be done by ourselves at home, at a very low cost.
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The reason why addiction (disambiguation) exist is a mystery for almost everybody, including therapists themselves. When you don’t know the source of a problem, fixing it is virtually impossible. Most mainstream explanations generally promote the psychoanalysis point of view, where addiction is the mechanism of a compulsory behavior, triggered by a reward process. Today’s scientists are going a bit further exploring the idea that heredity could explain some dependences such as alcohol. However, that does not help addicted individuals at all.

No matter what you chose to believe, The Power Of The Right Brain promotes a point of view that is supported by many truth seekers, light workers, alternative doctors and holistic therapists. Because addictions can be treated and cured, the debate around its origin is not as important as the consensus on how to help victims to recover.

The Power Of The Right Brain believes the problem is an energetic one, therefore the solution to fix the addiction problem is all about energy. In this article, we consider addiction as a psychological state where a person is losing control over the compulsive behavior resulting from a bad habits, whereas dependence is the physical loss of control due a substance, inducing biological damage.

Right brainers are not necessarily more inclined to addiction. They are just more exposed to the low vibration addictions, the most pervasive ones, the perceptible ones. Nobody cares about TV addiction, but we do when it comes to drugs or alcohol. This article explains the origins and dynamics where addiction and dependence emerge, and set the table for solutions in the next articles of this series. Lire la suite


Cannabis or hemp is one of the strongest medicinal plant on the planet. Unfortunately, authorities have fought hardly against the proliferation of that miraculous plant. Also known as marijuana, the drug is prohibited in almost any country in the world. However, many scientific studies suggest the benefits exceed by far inconvenience the consumption could trigger. Due to some significant side effects, the legalization process is slowly but surely taking place. The war on drugs has shown evidence of failure to eradicate the plant. The plant is one of the worst oncology enemies, because it is effective against cancer. Since its usage is so popular the Pharmaceutical cartel is trying to grab control over the plant commercialisation. The demand is so robust on the black market that it’s a lost battle for the drug industry. Governments have no choice but to legalize the plant consumption once for all. Holding on its prohibition just feed organized crime activities.

The plant was used in Ayurvedic and ancient traditional Chinese medicines since 5000 years. The indian variety contains a drug called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). That plant’s psychotropic properties have drastically increased over the last few decades by criminal activity efforts due to demand. THC concentrations are much higher than the original strains and some derivative products can be found easily on the street.

In regards to a right brain perspective, the plant present interesting properties that need to be considered in fighting stress and labelled mental diseases. If its usage is carefully done, ingestion of small intake doses can increase the body energetic field frequency and generate other appreciable benefits. Here are 12 of these benefits: Lire la suite


One thing dark entities cannot stand: happiness. They are repulsed from high vibrational mood. So everything making you happy instantaneously will chase them away and along with their negative effect. We are not talking here about smoking a cigarette or driving your car fast and furious. That is dark entity manipulation, making you believe you feel better and it’s good for you. Higher your vibe may need a few minutes to completely clear the  adrenaline effect, but positivity will be felt right away. If you want to create a permanent state of positivity, here are a few practices to integrate in your daily life. Lire la suite


The duality — or separation from oneness — darkness’s scheme of control lies on six (6) pillars. Without one of the six pillars working on a human being, the scheme fall apart and the person is in the way to be freed from darkness. Right brainers are sensitive to the extrasensory nature of dark entities and are particularly vulnerable to darkness control.

A person that escapes dark entities influence is not yet completely free. Darkness still operates a control even when a human being refuses to bow down and obey. Resistance is fought hard by dark entities. That’s where the earth battlefield takes place. The soul sellout comes up in two main forms: possession and subornation, as well as addiction. In this series, we explore the possession and subornation form, with the solution to get out of it.

Why to talk about such a delicate topic? Because the majority of human beings on this planet suffer from dark entity control under various forms ignoring the existence of it, or are too afraid of embracing their dark side and address this issue that threatens their life and prevent them from evolving to their full potential. The denial of the fact leads the person to remain unconsciously the slave of an invisible empire. When conscious of dark entities existence, without the right solution to deal and escape from them, the cleansing process can be long and demoralizing. Lire la suite


Today’s Halloween celebration is a cultural event where house owners decorate entry and drive ways with pumpkins and lanterns inviting the ritual to take place with kids dressed of horror figure costumes (ghosts, witches, vampires, zombies, monsters) going from house to house doors playing trick or treat to get candy in return from protection against other monsters.

Halloween — or Hall Hallow Eves used to be the eve of All Saints Day — was the remembrance of all the martyr saints. It is said that this celebration has root with older Eurasian paganism, such as Celtic harvest festivals and Gaelic festival Samhain. Nonetheless, that cultural happening is tainted with darkness and ritual of death. The sinister nature of the characters our kids will be dressing like tomorrow night may raise concerns for some parents. Why do we celebrate death and darkness and why do we let our kids play such a feast. A lot of parents may not even care about Halloween’s purpose, because they are fascinated and bewitched by the frenzy or they just don’t believe in darkness existence.

However, many of us are sensitive to darkness signs or literally came across dark entities manifestation in their life. We are not alone. Stop looking for extraterrestrial invasion or disclosure from officials. We are experiencing invasion on a daily basis. 90% of the population suffer from dark entities subtle energy stealing. We are just unaware of. They feed from our negative energy. The more down or bad we are, the easier it is for them to feed from our disturbed subtle body fields. On the physical plane, we are the dominant specie. But on the lower astral realm, that’s a different story. Here are proofs and facts about their existence: Lire la suite


Since we were young we’ve been surrounded and programmed to think and behave a certain way. Although mentalities tend to change these days, most people we were surrounded by promoted such a lifestyle. For them, it’s all about money, results, a certain perception of success, etc. People like that make noise, believing that’s how it is and it should be. They have a disgust for failure, multiple attempts, utopia, crazy dream, etc. They either avoid what they consider taboos or they literally try to suppress the learning process experience or the  »gentle » way to be and think, because we have to be fit, strong and competitive. Of course, right brainers are not noisy when it comes to talk about their episodes in the learning process. Yet, right brainers shall not be shameful of thinking differently.

Again nobody completely charts in one side of the brain. We usually express ourselves with a mix of both.

Here are 8 lifestyle philosophies where the right brain way will be beneficial over the left brain perception: Lire la suite


We all know at least one family struggling with a problematic child behavior. Often diagnosed with either hyperactivity, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder or maniac-depressive illness, or narcissistic personality disorder, these children are more and more charted as abnormal and fall under unconformity label.

Rather than questioning life and their reality situation, the parents sweep away their responsibilities, wipe their hands and leave their child in the hand of a healthcare system completely sold to pharmaceutical industries. The child will most likely end up been drugged to suppress it’s unbalanced personality.

However, the holistic health movement is gaining in popularity, so more and more parents refuse to let the system decide for the fate of their child, accept to take the bull by the horn by taking care themselves of the child, ensuring him a future. Since all illness is psychosomatic and all misfortune is spiritual, the solution often lies in a human growth process.

The loved ones will always challenge us to become a better person, whether it is coming from the partner or the children. Using the child as a scapegoat and seeing him as a black sheep is a refusal to face the unbalance within ourselves. Giving medication to the child equals to the ostrich sticking its head in the sand: a blockage. Why not simply accept the fate and use it as a motivation to grow instead. A human problem will be solved by a human solution.

The following wisdoms will help all parents, since any kid passes naturally in a predominant right brain phase at some point of its childhood. For the parents who are trying to find the good recipe to raise their undisciplined child, the list of wisdoms below may not provide you everything you need to know, because each child is different, but will definitely be a good starting point. Lire la suite


Hugh Everett, in the years 1960, has emitted the theory where universe (as well as the observer himself) forks at each linear superposition of quantum state without fundamental laws have been changed (Wikipedia).

In other words, existence splits in different courses where possibilities are infinite, at each instant, without been noticed by the observer’s five senses. The human being thus lives in an infinity of possibilities, like in a video game where the script is of an absolute complexity and possibilities are infinite. Life may be nothing else than a game, a reality show, a virtual reality, a reality… (Theberge, 2013).

In this article, we will link irrational experiences one may come across in the daily life with a theory in physics that is growing in popularity. By default, our civilisation take for granted that classic laws of physics hold this world under control, and everything can be explained through mathematical equations. However, since science began to explore the quantum counterpart of the Universe, that dual nature of our world opens reality to an infinity of possibilities.

When someone report coming across a paranormal vivid experience, culturally we would joke making that person feel like a fool by saying the weed was good, thinking this was just hallucination. More politely, we would believe the person and be solitary with her by coming up with a rational scientific explanation to save her face.  Most people would do everything to avoid facing the fact that there is an extra-sensorial reality that is amazingly intelligent. We all experience these intriguing quantum phenomenon such as  synchronicity, also called serendipity, or  »déjà vu » feeling. We are not crazy. They happen every day, but we just don’t pay attention, or we suppress them since they do not belong to the logical left brain side: the intellect. Here are proofs they exist and we live in a parallel multiple universe: Lire la suite


Being an entrepreneur is the job of the future. Some may not consider this position a  »job » per say, but it really is the future of the job market. If we want to fight unemployment in  »service economy » advanced countries, where manufacturing delocalisation and commerce spread is prevalent, that is the avenue to embrace.

In this last fourth article of the career series for right brainers, we discuss about the most important professional avenue: business. Admissions in university business programs are in spike. There is a good reason why. Labors and workers are tired to be slaves of a merciless job market. They want to be autonomous and self empowered. Indeed, being his own employer is certainly an excellent choice.  Lire la suite


If you are looking for a job to make money, you need to consider the left brain way in your research. But if money is secondary and you are looking for a career where you will realise yourself, where you can fulfill your passion and where you will find happiness, you need to be aware of the current trends on the job market.

The number 3 article of this series is a list of the most popular right brain career path these days. Please note that we will simply list them. This article will be remade in an entire series later this fall. Here is that 30 jobs list: Lire la suite


In that second article in a set of four, we take a look at the different steps of a career transition to find a job that matches our aspirations. The 20 steps listed below are perfectly designed for a predominant right brain person facing lack of stability in employment, continually changing jobs, no matter what reason reality brings in that person’s life. Lire la suite


Technologies create headaches especially to users who begin. But even when you are a savvy advanced user or even an experimented IT (information technology) professional, technologies are sometimes challenging.  For right brainers, old technologies were quite difficult to assimilate. Today’s machine and operating systems on mobiles are so user friendly that even an average person learn quickly how to operate it. However, there is always a learning curve for each apps. You still need to go through an adaptation period for each one. They are so numerous that when you sum up all the learning curve periods, you invest significant amount of time and energy. Here are different ways you need to integrate in your approach with the machine if you want to optimize your learning efforts and merge with it. Lire la suite