Here is a superficial portrait of how a predominantly right brained person thinks, behaves, perceives, and creates its daily existential reality. Of course,  just as nothing is totally black or white, nobody fits solely into the right brain or left brain predominance portrait. We are all somewhat part of both extremes, sometimes we are well balanced. The goal is to reach balance in life. But naturally, one side dominates. Let’s find out what the right brainer characteristics are.

1- Thought process: INTUITION, INDUCTION

Right brainers feel instead of reason. They have that sixth sense not everybody taps into. It may be hard for the majority to understand or accept, but a significant proportion of the population do not process information using the left brain. They scan it with their heart. That leads to miscommunication and misinterpretation between friends, in love, or professional relationships. People of different predominance may have a hard time understanding each other during the beginning of their relationships. The left brain partner asks for facts to explain why the right brain partner’s feelings were hurt. Unfortunately, the pain cannot be expressed and fixed with intellect, but rather empathy.

Right brainers induce, while left brainers deduce. Inductive reasoning uses the creativity and/or intuition process to propose possible explanations for the outcome. A scientist is trained to go through a methodological process in order to generate information, which is called deduction, this is the norm in the left brain world. Naturally predominant right brainers have to work hard to close the intellectual gap, but it pays off in the end.  Important discoveries and inventions are made by right brainers who have enough talent and determination to evolve through science, along with left brained scientists who can connect with audiences while speaking. Right brainers come up with the answer first, then they track down the rational investigation that leads to the answers. Pure left brainers are mind boggled in face of a right brain processes that successfully demonstrate evidence of a new theory.

Predominantly left brain person’s thought process: LOGIC, DEDUCTION

2- Knowledge acquisition: FAITH, ANTICIPATION, CHANNELLING

Right brainers have to believe in something. You cannot try to convince them. They will resonate or not with what you are trying to sell, and they will chose to buy it or not. They foresee and predict the future, sometimes with surprising accuracy. This may sound strange, but they have the ability to create their reality in favor of their prediction. They can expand their aura and be in full control of their destiny. You don’t teach them things; you catch their attention. They know!  From the bottom of their heart, they vibrate with an idea. If you ask them to debate with you, they can come up with a shocking statement that originates from out of the blue. They don’t get writer’s block. They are inspired!

Predominantly left brain person’s knowledge acquisition: INFORMATION RECALL, OBSERVATION, ANALYSIS

3- Action: FREE WILL

Right brainers tend to dislike supervision. They want to be their own boss. If you drown them with excessive micromanagement, overwhelm them with too many policies, point your finger at them if they don’t tow the company line, they will quickly slam the door, regardless of their paycheck. If they are smart, they will generally leave on good terms, start their own business, return knocking at your door, offer you a contract where they take care of their previous job’s tasks while implementing new ideas. All this happens even before you have had time to find someone to replace them. Their offer stipulates that they work from home, charge you more, work less, and guarantee supreme quality work. In the end, you benefit from their proposition. Chances are, if you accept their deal, they will succeed and surpass expectations, and you will get your money’s worth. In general, predominantly right brain people need to express their true nature and will not comply to a suffocating relationship, household, job or society. If they cannot escape, be ready to hear their protests. In their perfect world, they will give you a lot, more than you have ever expected, without asking for more.

Predominantly left brain person’s action: NEED DIRECTION, GUIDELINES

4- Environmental preference: FREEDOM, AUTONOMY, COMMON SENSE

Like we just said earlier, right brainers need space and your trust. They don’t appreciate Big Brother watching over their shoulder. They will tolerate to be monitored if it is just for passive data collection. Do not force them to follow your rigid way, or they will take the highway. Leave them alone. Report their mistakes in passing, and they will adjust. Their creative ideas contribute to your organisation. In relationships, you have close right brain friends or a right brain partner because they are everything but boring. If you can weather some tumultuous storms, especially at the beginning of a partnership, you’re in for a ride with an exciting, generous and easy going ally, as long as you show respect in return.

Predominantly left brain person’s environmental preference: STRUCTURE, RULES, LAWS


Right brainers tend to go with the flow. They dislike control freaks, because they embrace their existence with an open mind. They will accept a lesser outcome, if they can still enjoy themselves. Success is about the journey, more than the result. They will first make sure everybody on board is happy enjoying the ride as well. Ensuring that everyone on board is on duty ranks second. If their preferred scenario doesn’t come to fruition, they can be satisfied with another one if they see positivity and potential. They don’t mind being destabilized and thrown into the action. Life sometimes gives you signs, but you need awareness to detect them. Right brainers like unexpected signs they can rely on to check if they are on the right track, not the usual dashboard report or GPS.

Predominantly left brain person’s planning strategy: LOOK FOR OPTIMAL SCENARIO

6- Organisation: SPATIAL (CIRCULAR)

You may have heard  »order emerges from chaos ». You may know people whose house is upside down or a colleague whose desk is a mess with paper randomly piled here and there. Yet, when they are looking for something in all that disorder, they find it… Right brainers tend to be disorganized, at least in the eye of a predominantly left brained person. But as everything is relative, a so-called  »mess » makes perfect sense for right brainers. When you execute a choreography or you play a piece of music, you need to have trained your left brain very well in order to perform successfully. Jammers, jazz players and street dancers, all have disordered minds. However, they improvise just perfectly…

Predominantly left brain person’s organisation: SEQUENTIAL (LINEAR)

7- Perception/ point of view: BIG PICTURE

Right brained people do not tend to fool around with details, as a balanced person with plenty of time or a perfectionist left brainer would do. Right brainers need to know what’s going on before executing a simple job, otherwise the task will make no sense. They need to have an idea of the whole project in order for their contribution to fit in. They will work like a monk, paying attention to details if and when they find a passion or connection for their duty. Then they create masterpieces. The dominant right brain tendency is to step back when it’s time to execute work as a team where they don’t know anyone and they have to find their spot under pressure. Feeling at ease in a new role takes some times and self awareness. But if they know their capacities and limits very well, they can jump in with two feet and make a excellent and respected leader. They know where they are going in life, so they show a sense of direction, because they have that capacity of seeing clearly what’s going on. They perceive the big picture naturally, and that’s what matters the most. As long as the final result makes sense and works well, they can live with minor defects.

Predominantly left brain person’s perception/ point of view: ORIENTED TO DETAILS

8- Expression: SPONTANEITY

Right brainers tend to have integrity, to be transparent and honest with themselves. These are highly regarded qualities, but they do have their downside and can be easily fooled and manipulated if they are not well balanced from their left brain side. On another hand, they are direct, firm, and sometimes lack diplomacy. This is irritating for pure left brainers. To protect themselves, predominant right brainers have to think twice before reacting or directing their actions. This can take several years of training. Right brainer’s professional careers or domestic lives are sometimes delayed compared to the majority, due to that lack of self control, viewed as immaturity. They can even be mistakenly labelled with mental disease by the medical system, such as ADHD or bipolar disorder. They have to program their brain to think and behave like a left  brained person, not to act like a fool. Their excess of energy needs to be redirected in their favor, not for their self-destruction.

Predominantly left brain person’s expression: MANNER, MORAL, ETHIC CODE

9- Relationship/networking: CONNECTION, DEDICATION

Like we said earlier, you cannot convince pure right brainers. They will resonate or not with what you are trying to sell to them. They will choose. Since they tend to believe in themselves, rather than put their faith and trust in a belief system, they are in tune with their higher self. The center of their universe is inside. They give without counting, so they expect the same from you. If you gave them a favor expecting one in return, right brainers will see you as a manipulator. The first impression is important for them. But if you twist your personality to seduce them at first encounter, they will eventually figure it out and drop the relationship with you. They start relationships based on affinities, not on personal interest.

Predominantly left brain person’s relationship/networking: AGREEMENT, COMMITMENT


Passion and emotion are part of a right brainer’s daily life, they are two different feelings, but they each have the same energy. They are driven and their ego can sometimes be big and loud. Predominant right brained persons know how to leave their footprint in your memories, so you will never forget them. Once you know a right brained person, they will influence your life forever. As extroverts, they have lots of charisma. As introverts, the secrets lying inside will amaze you if you dare take time to discover the mysterious human being behind the shell. Right brainers tend not to follow the mainstream movements. They like alternative movements. Hippies, goths, punk, grunge, and other similar communities are mostly composed of rebel predominant right brainers. They want their voice to be heard and to make sure they will avoid being suppressed. If they are too shy or disempowered to speak out loud, they will use other shocking and effective ways to be noticed. They know how to express themselves with fashion, to say the least.

Predominantly left brain person’s philosophy: CONVICTION, PERSUASION, CONFORMITY


Right brainers are not comfortable in routine. Although schedules simplify life, it is important to diversify life experiences and right brainers are pretty good at walking outside the beaten track, and even tend to enjoy being stalled in the mud. Many of them attract major problems early in life. Curiously, they almost always manage to get out fine, ending up with an exciting life and overall, having lots of interesting memories to share. That tendency to explore the unknown and mysteries is part of their life’s destiny. They were born to discover and grow out of pain. As difficult as their life path can sometimes seem, it is very rewarding for those who make it through. Predominant right brainers are great life masters and coaches.

Predominantly left brain person’s exploration: COMFORT ZONE, SECURITY, STATUS QUO


Finally, the main characteristic that distinguishes predominant right brainers from left brainers is their unique abilities. While left brainers view credibility in school diplomas and certification, right brainers find true expertise in experience. They were either born with talent or went through lots of life lessons to develop extraordinary capacities. Lots, of healers and athletes were born with amazing skills. As well, artists and inventors endured a long training period before displaying tremendous creative abilities. It is likely that each person has a gift to show to the World. You have to be exposed to a diversity of people and situations in this life to find what you resonate with. One must accept to stand up for himself, follow the inner voice and trust it. Right brainers, pure or predominant, are excellent at figuring out what their life mission is and will manage to express their gift, sooner or later.

Predominantly left brain person’s skills: ANALYSIS, MENTAL ABILITIES (5 SENSES)

Again, keep in mind that we are all using a bit of both brain sides and predominance is just a general tendency. You may be a natural right brainer, but behaving like a left brainer. Each individual person has its particularities.

Submitted by: Christian Theberge

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