People go to school to get prepared for today’s left brain designed labour market. Right brained people understand perfectly well what acting like a left brain is all about. On the other hand, people with left brain predominance have a harder time thinking like a right brainer. Why? Because left brainers have a technocratic perception of the working environment and life in general. They consider academic and curricular backgrounds as very valuable, while right brainers recognize experience. Firstly, training the right brain is not done at school, but rather at the school of life. Right brainers are more often fit for micromanagement and networking positions due to the quantum nature of their behavior and coordination skills when it comes to chaos. It can be frustrating for an experienced left brainer to see a  »not so competent » right brainer being promoted. Professionalism and interpersonal skills attained by self-taught methods and a variety of experiences count for something too. Employers and society in general are looking more and more for individuals with both curricular qualifications and extracurricular abilities. Here are a few tips for left brainers to enhance and expand right brain skills.

1- Get out of your comfort zone and learn how to enjoy it.

You don’t want to try something because you are not good at it? That’s why you need to try. Do not stay into your trenches. Nobody notices that you exist when you stay silent in your corner. You have to surpass yourself to expand and get better. You don’t have to be the best. Participation is enough. You are only competing against yourself and your limited beliefs. Take some time in your life to have fun, and share exciting moments with others.

2- Try as many arts, sports and social activities as possible.

You never practiced artistic activities and sports? Never participated in door to door or public fundraising campaigns? It’s about time you do it. Intellectual activities must be for work and rainy days. Go out, mix it up with people, but at the very top, exercise your creativity, compassion and intuition.

3- Find the one discipline you like the most and dedicate yourself to it.

Among all activities you try outside of your regular schedule, pick a hobby.  If you chose 2, that’s even better. It could be a visual art, a performing art, a sport, a marketing sideline or volunteering. Spend at least 10 hours a week doing it. If you’re looking to get healthy or lose weight, then practice a sport, or go to the gym. If you are wealthy and lonely, help others. If you occupying an annoying solitary visual intellectual job, go with performing arts. If your work takes place in a cacophonous environment, go with visual arts. As long as your hobby is in contrast to your main occupation, it will be highly beneficial.

4- Connect with right brainers and hang out with them.

Look for an activity where nobody is a master of it. Do it in groups with people who have never done it before either, like rafting, skydiving, etc. You will create connections with people on your team and you will notice some loud joyful individuals having a blast more than others. Connect with them. When you go out with people, a friend and his best buddy you don’t know personally, try to have a good time with these right brainers and hang out with them again. Right brainers are usually not selective and very social. You will learn a lot from them.

5- Learn another language

It has been proven scientifically that people who speak more than one language are more intelligent. Language and communications stimulate new synapse connections in the brain. When language barriers are falling, networking becomes easier.  To maximize this multilinguistic benefit, try to learn languages that are very different from your mother tongue if possible.

6- Connect with nature.

In nature, element and features are randomly spread out. Noises are pure and in tone with universal harmony. It is very relieving and revitalizing to spend time outside, especially in the wilderness. Just enjoying the wind and seeing the trees or clouds is enough. Ideally, citizens must spend most of their weekend in the country. Right brain and countryside make one.

7- Grow your own food and cook each meal yourself.

It’s easy to order food when you don’t know what to cook at night, but pushing yourself to cook even when the fridge is half empty will force you to create and come up with new recipes from out of the blue. That’s an excellent way to teach yourself resourcefulness. Growing your own food is even better. Gardening will ground you with the earth’s energies. Farming full time keeps your right brain awaken by bathing in nature permanently and connecting with animals.

8- Visualize your heart and try to listen to what it has to tell you.

Your heart is constantly speaking. In left brain mode, we tend not to listen to it when we have an unbalanced personality. Some occupations require left brain attention, keeping us away from the heart, such as working, driving or supervising children. Use moments at work to have fun with colleagues, create an environment where you feel at home, decorate your desk so it reflects you, express your own original way of doing things, etc. While driving, turn up good music, speak to yourself positively. When supervising children, try to integrate cool stuff like crafting, drawing, singing, so not only they but you too can express your right brain. Meditate and visualize how your heart looks, make it so your heart is big, shiny and radiating love for you and others.

9- Help others with your skills for free.

When you help someone, you create a heart connection. That’s a good practice to enhance your networking abilities. Try not to care for the helpless ones only, help empowered people get better if you can. They will be tremendous assets for your relationship network.

10- Smile when catching people’s eyes.

Basically, each morning when we wake up, we should start by expressing thankfulness for the new day. Next, we should make sure to tune into our heart so you have a genuine smile on your face. You don’t have to display a smile 100% of the time, but when you and someone else’s eyes cross take that split second to smile with your heart. You will notice most people are not in smile mode, but you get a smile back once in a while. Keep spreading that good vibe without expecting anything in return.

By: Christian Theberge

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