Despite their abilities and skills, right brainers are vulnerable. Today’s world exposes human beings to a lot of challenges. Some challenges are triggered by the person, others are man-made. There are 10 behaviors right brainers have to avoid at all costs, otherwise they may experience periods of difficulty in their lifetime.

1- Being Overly Nice

People who are too gentle are actually hiding problems. They can’t stand up for themselves and are afraid of conflict or domination, therefore they train their personality to be so gentle and innocent that they think they can’t be harmed by merciless individuals, otherwise their friends will rescue. Law of attraction is such that soon or late they will be crushed. Nice guys finish last. Lion heart survive, lamb heart dies.

2- Conformity

Conforming is a left brainer characteristic. A right brainer who conforms to society rules, decorum and unwritten laws, loses its genuineness and individuality. The soul access to higher self is then broken. The predominant right brain person then have lost its ability to create and expand. Perhaps, that is easily reversible.

3- Lack Of Faith

Right brainers need to believe in something, especially themselves. When they lose hope and do not have trust in their capacities, they get derailed from their life path and destiny. Then they become very anxious. Believe in yourself!

4- Anxiety

For left brainers, when the person goes through a general life deception, that symptom is called depression, a melancholy or a non acceptance to live in the present moment and a desire to  return in the past. For right brainers, that symptom is called anxiety, a stress of not having expectations fulfilled and a tendency to pessimism, or a desire to be in the future already, in order to escape the present moment. Right brainers must be optimist and happy in the present moment for what they have and for who they are.

5- Shortage Of Time & Indebtedness

The more we embrace the modern civilisation system, the more we bog down into a downwind spiral or vortex. Both duty and debt enslave us into an artificial matrix reality where it seems like there is no escape. Kicking the can down the road is not an exit. You need to change the paradigm. You have to stop running and get rid of all superficial things and debt responsible for stress and headache. The present is the real experience. Past and future only exist in your mind, so don’t give them too much attention. Keep your life as easy as possible. Live with simplicity and enjoy the present moment..

6- Solitude

Solitude is sometimes necessary when we feel overwhelmed by daily life stress, but we just need a 15 to 30 minutes break every day to maintain our personal balance. It’s even better when you can spend hours alone, but it is not necessary to live like an hermit. It is actually worse to be alone with yourself for a long period of time. Deliberate self isolation leads to paranoia and delusion. We need other’s presence to update our information energy field. We are made to co-create the world. Hiding means fear of showing your true self and a refusal of Oneness.

7- Too Big of an Ego

As opposed to a gentle person, an ego too big will attract conflict in that person’s life. The loved ones will certainly challenge that person by their contrasting nature, meant and designed to force the big ego to bow down and eventually soften. If the egocentric person does not bow down a bit to others, the Universe will take care and it will be ugly. Overly egocentric left brainers appear as manipulative and may last long in their trench game before they are forced to change. Overly egocentric right brainers appear as aggressive, over reactive, and will have to change very early in life, otherwise they get into deep trouble. When their ego is deflated, these left brainers are still loud but joyful and fun to be with.

8- Not Enough Self Love

Self-love is a necessary starting point for any growth. When the awakening process seem to fail or stall in some aspects, one must have to go back to its core and find out where the lack of self acceptance is. If you do not accept yourself as you are, you will play someone else’s game, not yours. Then you end up mislead in life, becoming a mere reflection of your true nature, and you risk to commit self-sabotage. Worst, you could commit suicide, the worst act of destruction. The right brain minority is usually less prone to please others early in life and have to survive judgements. It’s important for right brainers to accept their true nature and their difference.

9- Addictions

Left brainers usually have strong mental. When they have a conviction in mind, they will listen to it. Unfortunately, right brainer in general have a much weaker mental. When they are victim of a temptation, it is very difficult for them to resist. They like to experiment new things, even when it is well known to be painful. When right brainers realize the danger and want to stop, they have a hard time conditioning themselves. If the bad habit last despite signs of distress from their body or relatives, we call it an addiction. Getting rid of an addiction will demand time, love, energy, desire, many attempts to stop and will probably require external help.

10- Possession By Dark Entities

The human race believe it is the most powerful creature on this planet. Yet, that’s true on the physical dimension, but what about other realms? Archons and their chimera dark entity hierarchy of slaves are fallen angels and they exist as a very ancient race of non physical aliens, living in the low astral realm, unlike ghosts and haunting spirits, who are deceased human beings. We are spirits as well, but we just have a body and a 5 senses perception trapping our conscious in the material world. Dark entities take on weak mental right brainers to steal their subtle energies. Right brained persons are vulnerable because their sensitivity leads them to listen to their inner voice, not often the case with left brainers.  Dark entities are masters at mingling inner voice and tricking human beings so they commit low frequency rituals. Dark entities need to steal their food from us: negative astral energy, such as fear. When the right brainer consciously allow the invasive presence and influence of a dark entity or demon, under a pact, we call it possession. The person is no longer in control of its own actions and serve as a vehicle for another entity’s will. Unbalanced right brainers are perfect fit for satanic ritual ceremony leaders and dark entity channelling.

By: Christian Theberge

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