In this series of 4 articles, we will cover the essentials of a successful career change using the right brain. In this fist article, we discuss about the alerting signs you could notice in your professional life. Since 80% of people are unhappy at work, it may be a good idea to follow up on the next three articles to come seeing you experience one of the following sings below.

1- Lack Of Interest

You are bored or just sick and tired of performing repetitive tasks. You are looking for more challenge, but obviously your curriculum or the perception of your bosses is such that they disregard you as a potential prospect for a stimulating position, or simply your good ideas are brushed away for multiple reasons. You show up at work for the paycheck only. You are overqualified or overeducated for the position you occupy, no matter who your employer would be. You realize that most employers are simply stultifying and you have enough of the current job market? Well, you are due for reorientation.

2- Lack Of Flexibility

You work in a supply chain running 24 on 24, or a call center? Odds are your bosses are threatening their employees with a three strikes out  rule if they show up late of just a few minutes. You have to punch in or log in to prove your punctuality. Maybe you get sometimes sidetracked by colleagues or thoughts at your arrival at work and you forget. They don’t care about the difficulties you are coping with in your personal life. They don’t want you. They want a robot. If on top you are working rotating shifts, your body will show exhaustion after a while. That situation may be a blessing when you start your career, or you get your first job landing in a new country, but don’t stick there for too long if you love yourself.

3- Insufficient Income

Money speaks. Of course, there is many more aspects to evaluate when you apply for a job, but what’s the sense of working when you know you cannot cover your minimal expenses, especially when you have a family to support. Make sure you are paid for what your true value is. Make it clear at the interview when the recruiter ask how much you want. Provide an interval with your target somewhere in the lower half. Your potential future employer will make you a favor by refusing your candidacy for a salary discord. Life is expensive. Do not neglect the salary factor since it is an important one.

4- Envy Of Other’s Job/Position/Career Path

The grass is always greener on the other side. Obviously, you will always find someone to be jealous of if that’s what you are looking for. If you are humble, but your heart is still telling you that somebody else’s professional situation is what you wish, maybe that needs to be taken into consideration. Perhaps, that may not yet be a sign of imminent career change. Indeed, even being thankful for what you have, if day after day a lot of people you cross instill in yourself that wind of change, now you need a career re-evaluation.

5- Consistent Obsession For Work

We say you must leave work behind every end of the day when you step outside. It is especially true when you go on vacation, when unplugging everything is must do. If you cannot do that, but instead you bring your task at home and work overnight, no extra time charged, after kids are in bed, you may realize how drowned up you are. If you constantly dream about work problem at night, even when you have a few years of experience, reconsider your slave status. We should work for our best interest at least as much as our employer’s ones. Been workaholic means you escape from something and hide deeper problems.

6- Stress Worsening

When you notice a continual atmosphere deterioration at work, it may be time to think about leaving the sinking ship. But before to do so, try to get the big picture, because there are usually many reasons to explain tension around. Take a look at your employer’s financial situation. If the company is still making profits, maybe the owner is filling is pocket and the higher management is abusing of that situation by shovelling the pressure on the lower levels of the hierarchy. If you have noticed a few individuals trash talking and gossiping, there may be some rotten apples in the basket responsible for the tension in the air. No matter what the reason is, you cannot change an organisation if you are not in a high position. You don’t have to undergo sufferance for too long. You don’t see any possible change in a near future? Look for something else. That may be a good opportunity to study a profitable career change while you are still able to stay a little bit longer.

7- Sickness And Regular Absence

You are in a recognized stressful profession? I hope you were aware when you first started. If you are missing work on a regular basis due to illness, think health first. Staying there because you need an income does not help you at all. Worse, you are sacrificing your health for  your agony. Soon or late your body will collapse and it will be too late to avoid hell. It’s not worth it to stay in a governmental or any other secured position in the private sector just because you want to reach retirement and pension. What’s the sense of life when you are not happy? Working for the system, or working for your happiness? Most of the time, you cannot have both. You have to make a choice.

8- Chest Disgust Feeling

When you enter at your employer’s parking lot or get through the entrance and you feel like throwing up, feeling an intense energetic sensation of choking at the chest section, pay great attention to that sign. You may express fear toward a boss, or a colleague, or even to the entire organisation. Overall, you may be at the end of that chapter of your career. Usually, many different aspects are mixing up, but that is a global sign that you need a complete career redirection, sooner than later. Don’t mess with that one. Turn the page. Obey to that strong sign as soon as possible. Leave and go for the next chapter.

9- Irritability & Unjustified Anger

When their professional life is not satisfying, right brained individuals with a big ego tend to react spontaneously at first, then display pessimism and eventually react with anger. Their heart speak, unfortunately too strong. They must consider taking a step back to work on their attitude, just in case it would come from their ego instead of their heart. Often, ego and heart are both screaming together. Yet, right brainer’s heart speaks louder than their mind and the lack of emotional intelligence could re-burst. It is recommanded to get counselling from a career orientation professional, but most resources are designed for predominant left brain professionals. Working on the mind only with an intellectual approach is not enough. One must evaluate its entire holistic state, when a career is on the verge of collapse. The person’s identity is at stake. A career therapy is then necessary.

Even when there is no career issue, it is suggested to take some time to re-evaluate your professional goals. There is no sense of waiting for urgency in order to react. Be in tune with your own being. Be proactive!

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By: Christian Theberge

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