Technologies create headaches especially to users who begin. But even when you are a savvy advanced user or even an experimented IT (information technology) professional, technologies are sometimes challenging.  For right brainers, old technologies were quite difficult to assimilate. Today’s machine and operating systems on mobiles are so user friendly that even an average person learn quickly how to operate it. However, there is always a learning curve for each apps. You still need to go through an adaptation period for each one. They are so numerous that when you sum up all the learning curve periods, you invest significant amount of time and energy. Here are different ways you need to integrate in your approach with the machine if you want to optimize your learning efforts and merge with it.

1- Partnership

The machine is a friend, a partner. Believe in it!

2- Dedication

An operating system or a specialized software take time to be mastered. The more you learn different operating systems or programs, the more you become savvy, the easier it gets to learn new ones.

3- Stay Calm

Don’t be frustrated when you cannot figure out a problem. Try over again, do your best. Ask for help or call to a the product support team if you are really stock.

4- Observe Geeks

Watch them using their computer, you will learn tricks

5- English

Make sure you are very good with English. If you’re not, make sure to accelerate your training as soon as possible. English is the business and technology international language. IT is a wonderful environment to practice your English or to get better at it.

6- Create Backups

Save your work in several copies, in different storage location. Use the classic hard drive, floppy USB key. Nowadays, we  use public free space like email storage, social medias and the cloud. Nothing is more frustrating than losing your personal data. It takes time to remove the anger and to fall in love again with IT when that happens.

7- Video Games

When you play video games at an early age, you create an edge between you and the average user. Your brain connect the dots faster and you pre-empt your IT skills and abilities for when you career starts.

8- Google It!

You need to find a procedure, a fix, an update, troubleshoot tricks on geek’s blog/forum, specs for an upcoming new machine purchase? Use Google or any search engine to get tons of information. Even if what you are looking for is very specific, odds are you will find it if you use the right key words.

9- Beware Of Defects

We tend to believe that machines are perfect, only users make mistakes. That is true almost every time, but technologies are not infallible. Actually, while hardware equipments are pretty reliable in general, software and applications are regularly flawed. Bugs are common and that’s what updates are for: to fix them. Unfortunately, even updates can sometimes worsen the problem. So use creativity instead of spending your energy blaming the universe when you face defectiveness. Nothing is perfect in the IT World.

10- The machine Is Alive

The machine seems alive sometimes. At least, it is in the quantum realm. It really interacts and connects with you. Geeks especially can testify about a kind of relationship, a symbiosis between them and the machine. The more you love the machine, the more it makes miracle for you and make you look good at it. The more you hate it, the more unexplainable machine bad behaviors occur, often the case with beginners.

11- Think Out Of The Box

You are knowledgeable in IT, but you are ripping off you hairs on a problem you cannot figure out? Think out of the box. Sometimes, solutions are surprisingly simple. Just rebooting the machine sometimes makes miracles.

12- Give It A Rest

Most people keep their machine turning 24 on 24, 7 on 7, 365 on 365. Give your machine a rest once in a while. Also, make sure there are no object obstructing the heat outlet. At least reboot your machine at times so you can recover some processing speed and run through mandatory updates. Sometimes, viruses are fixed just by running an update. Your machine was slow since several months for no reason, then it runs like a brand new after the update.

By: Christian Theberge

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