Hugh Everett, in the years 1960, has emitted the theory where universe (as well as the observer himself) forks at each linear superposition of quantum state without fundamental laws have been changed (Wikipedia).

In other words, existence splits in different courses where possibilities are infinite, at each instant, without been noticed by the observer’s five senses. The human being thus lives in an infinity of possibilities, like in a video game where the script is of an absolute complexity and possibilities are infinite. Life may be nothing else than a game, a reality show, a virtual reality, a reality… (Theberge, 2013).

In this article, we will link irrational experiences one may come across in the daily life with a theory in physics that is growing in popularity. By default, our civilisation take for granted that classic laws of physics hold this world under control, and everything can be explained through mathematical equations. However, since science began to explore the quantum counterpart of the Universe, that dual nature of our world opens reality to an infinity of possibilities.

When someone report coming across a paranormal vivid experience, culturally we would joke making that person feel like a fool by saying the weed was good, thinking this was just hallucination. More politely, we would believe the person and be solitary with her by coming up with a rational scientific explanation to save her face.  Most people would do everything to avoid facing the fact that there is an extra-sensorial reality that is amazingly intelligent. We all experience these intriguing quantum phenomenon such as  synchronicity, also called serendipity, or  »déjà vu » feeling. We are not crazy. They happen every day, but we just don’t pay attention, or we suppress them since they do not belong to the logical left brain side: the intellect. Here are proofs they exist and we live in a parallel multiple universe:

1- Your Present Moment Is The Only Real Experience.

Everything else than your own self experience is illusion. We are not saying it does not exist, but rather the existential universe can be influenced. Even more, everything related to past and future are also illusion, reflecting what we are in this present moment reality. Yet, we do experience the time chronological linearity, but eventually, everything vanishes from our memories and get replaced by new ones, more in tune with our current self.

2- Future Can Be Shaped At Will.

That one is pretty obvious. Everyone is aware of its power to create its future. Although it is hard sometimes to make it so our future become what we desired in the present moment, yet it is possible. It’s also easy to conceive that future does not exist. It is just a thought. Vision, anticipation, envy, fantasies, these are all illusions we create to maintain to keep in motion the process of constant creation in the present.

3- Past Can Be Altered.

That’s a bit harder to believe, but past can be modified. It is not exactly changed in a way where we take it and replace it with a better version, because we record memories from certain a trajectory in the past. Some mistakes we made in the past leads to supposedly irreversible consequences the future. However, these consequences no longer affect  the present because we evolved enough since then to manifest a new reality no longer reflecting that past. By example, you commit a crime. Your sentence is severe and you are behind bars for several years.  You tend to think the whole world will be upset toward you for the rest of your life. Then things get better, you mature inside, make peace with you and that past, the sentenced is shortened, so you get out of jail early. Everybody is happy to see you again, and it’s almost as if you never did anything wrong in the past. The same happen when you fight with a friend. The explanation lies in the new positive reality you created for yourself now allows the past influence to be wiped away. The memories persist, but the new reality, of a higher energetic frequency, makes it so they no longer affects you.

4- The Universe Is Multidimensional or Multi-density

It happens sometimes people feel their mind detaching from their physical body, while still walking or sleeping. If that happened to you in the past, you have experienced astral projection or astral travel. Astral matter is not composed of gas, liquid and solid, but rather a soup of etheric energies of a lighter density or  »dimension », than physical matter. We are not talking about the mathematical Euclidian dimensions of space, although they are somewhat related. Our consciousness is naturally tuned in the 3D or the three dimensional space. But we also experience from 1D to 12D all simultaneously. Our five base senses will perceive the material world and the 4D or present moment non linear time can be felt with the heart. Our extra senses need to be trained so we can perceive other dimensions. Each dimension vibrate at a different frequency. The higher our body vibes, the higher dimension our mind is conscious of. In the 5D, space is folded on itself and space-time travel between two star system then takes a few minutes, much faster than going B-line to the next star. The same applies in reality manifestation from the mind. In 5D, parallel realities are folded on each other and it is faster and faster to create a reality where life is easier and more favorable. That is even more reinforced in 6D, etc.

5- Glitches Into Reality.

We interact with objects. It is uncomfortable to come across defectiveness from an object when we need it the most. We hate it when the car breaks on a bridge during the rush hour, o the satellite dish blurs a TV show we purchased on Pay per view, etc. We always blame dysfunction on the object or the situation, but ourselves. When we have the ability to automatically look at ourselves first, instead of raging, we will realize that everything happens for a reason. We need to keep our calm and just do our best to resolve the defectiveness and fix the object. Later on we realize how much we appreciate it when our helpful objects are working properly. We realize how much our temper needed to be whipped sometimes so we could become that nice calm serene person now.

6- Glitches Into Interaction With Others.

Right brainers especially will experience a lot of situations in their life where the past is no longer what they recorded. That happens a lot during an argument where the frequency is low. By trying to resolve the conflict, the two person’s common frequency increase, so when the two persons are calmed down and listen to each other’s version, the predominant right brained ones do not have the same version than the other. Yet, our imagination wipes out the low frequency details, so we tend to come up with a sweetened version of the conflict trigger. Left brainers will call it lack of communication. On a right brain point of view, this is quantum reality manipulation. Left brainers are better at stabilizing themselves and remembering a version close to the parallel reality during the trigger. On their side, because they swap parallel realities more easily, the right brainer’s memory suppress the low vibe from the trigger’s reality and create immediately a new one merging with its interlocutor’s one, and the result is a misinterpretation of the situation, and sometimes a denial from the right brainer. When the trigger’s reality is videotaped, the right brainer caught in the act is trapped in a lower frequency reality than the one is vibrating now. The solution is to rise the body’s frequency with deep breathing, enough so the new reality can even nullify the videotape effect. The videotape will become defective for no reason, absolving the right brainer of its guilt. Perhaps, one has to be totally aligned with its higher self to escape with impunity. That’s master level.

7- DNA & Hand Lines Can Be Changed Through (Linear) Time.

Mainstream science believes that we are born with an immutable genetic code that will not change of our current life. Well, radioactivity exposure can alter the integrity of the genetic code. The opposite is true, where exposure to a high frequency field can heal genetic anomalies. As well, genetic code can positively repair from self-inducted holistic change. Body higher frequencies can be maintained and increased from disciplines such as regular meditation, yoga, exercise, proper diet, and music listening. Drastic positive change in life philosophy or constant effort to become a better person, with concrete result, will have a strong positive impact as well on the genetics. The entire body will heal and clean itself up. Perhaps, the most significant improvement among all so called static is on the palm prints. The main beliefs in chiromancy is a logical one, which is to alert the person of destiny threats and call that person to change. A positive change in life will redesign hand lines in the palm.

8- We Can Make Choices.

Our ability to chose is undoubtedly the most significant sign that we live in a fork like pattern parallel reality universe. Destiny is a vague concept. In oriental traditions, there is widespread belief that someone’s existence is set in stone, at least in regards to cast, gender, etc. Yet, a young female born from a poor cast in India, married before the age of 16, still have the possibility to reverse her destiny. It is all about the mind. When you want break your karmic cycle, you can. A desire for such a change will manifest it in the curse of your life. We don’t have to go to such extremes to realize the power of our will in life creation. We can create a powerful reality of self-accomplishment simply by setting conditions for such a change to happen and to accept every single daily situation as they are. You are where you’re supposed to be. No matter what, we are on constant choice mode and anything is possible.

9- We Can Reset Our Life

We are flabbergasted when Universe conspire in our favor and send us an unexpected fortunate help, like a sudden income or job when we are at the verge of financial collapse, a sign when we ask a Superior force to guide us, or help from a stranger who appears in our life and vanish after we are secured, like a guardian angel. The Universe, as quiet it can be for a long period, can demonstrate ability to manifest situation that are near to impossible, as if there was a portal with an elevator dumping a load of luck in return of all the effort we’ve done to survive for a while. Like a wormhole, high vibe from another reality is merging with our current one. Even stronger, our mind gets hijacked by these feeling of  »seen before » or déjà vu. Although we feel like we’ve been in that situation in the past, it never happened. What to believe then? Maybe it happened in the present moment in another parallel reality, but we can only experiment one of the many reality we perceive simultaneously at once. So not only do we chose, but we can also redirect our life in one single event, at a crossroads implemented by the Universe. Yes, we can reset our life for the better.

By: Christian Theberge

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