Since we were young we’ve been surrounded and programmed to think and behave a certain way. Although mentalities tend to change these days, most people we were surrounded by promoted such a lifestyle. For them, it’s all about money, results, a certain perception of success, etc. People like that make noise, believing that’s how it is and it should be. They have a disgust for failure, multiple attempts, utopia, crazy dream, etc. They either avoid what they consider taboos or they literally try to suppress the learning process experience or the  »gentle » way to be and think, because we have to be fit, strong and competitive. Of course, right brainers are not noisy when it comes to talk about their episodes in the learning process. Yet, right brainers shall not be shameful of thinking differently.

Again nobody completely charts in one side of the brain. We usually express ourselves with a mix of both.

Here are 8 lifestyle philosophies where the right brain way will be beneficial over the left brain perception:

1- Obey to rules and social norm → Obey to the self, question social norm

Right brainers must follow their gut feeling first. Of course, we don’t want to mess with authorities and law Court, so we must comply with civil rules. However, they are not designed for self empowerment. The most powerful people usually bypass many laws, while the average citizen conform and get restricted. Power means to obey to your own rules first.

2- Go to school to get a job → Get a job to go to school of life

For a long time, successful long studies were a guarantee of professional success. Well educated human labor was a rarity. Today, developed countries are populated with many overeducated immigrants. The intellectual labor exceeds the demand. Employers are looking for individuals with human qualities, and just enough of intellectual skills. You will learn human and emotional intelligence at school of life, not so much in universities.

3- Work to make money → Work to express the self and contribute to society

We say, in America, where churches are business, God is Money. We worship money. Ask a lot of people now what is their goal in life, the answer is often to  »make lots of money ». Our moral values have been twisted. Money should not be a destination, but a tool for more. Work provide so much more than the paycheck. We spend average 8 hours a day at work. We sleep less than that. Most of our active adult life experience is learned at work. Thanks to all those workers from around the world who dedicate their heart in their job. Our world would not run without them.

4- Attend religious and social obligations → Explore your inner temple, make few but real friends.

What’s the point of having many friends that we don’t even like, to who we can’t say  »no » by obligation. It’s fine to spend each Sunday at church or an hour a day at the mosque, but what’s the point if we never devote time alone for ourselves? Oops! That is a widespread plague. Humans are afraid of facing their own being. They rather worship an outer God than helping themselves. They will ask their priest, rabbi or imam instead of asking their friends for guidance.

5- Accept the fate of modern civilisation → Desire the world to change

We say: you cannot change the world, you can only change yourself. True! Perhaps, if you change yourself, you will notice the world changing around you. We have the ability to shape our reality. Wow! So when you hear  »you must stop dreaming », don’t even listen…

6- Faith and trust in institutions → Self confidence and trust in life

Institutions are not persons, they are corporate moral persons, or numbers. Although they are administered and operated by human beings, they are machines. Do you want a machine to dictate your life? Obviously, we rather want to dictate our life. Remember, during a crisis, your government will take a long time before to help you, if it will… Now you know. Only you can empower and protect yourself!

7- Exercise and eat well to lose weight → Exercise and eat well to feel great

So many ones are using the mirror and the scale to judge their well being. Is happiness for you a number on the scale or a 3D object in the mirror? We want to look good too, but happiness must be to feel healthy and to be in great shape. Not to look like something or somebody.

8- What count is the result → What count is the journey

The philosophy of least minimal effort in order to achieve goals in life, that is a spiritual law of the Universe. But generate attraction it is also another important law of Universe. In order to create a new state of reality, a change, you must dedicate time and energy to setup your inner and outer structure to successfully welcome that new reality. Initiate change and master the life game is a long learning process. It is tempting to take shortcuts, but at the end, when you build it all yourself, you will have learned a lot and deserved the fruit of your efforts.

By: Christian Theberge

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