Today’s Halloween celebration is a cultural event where house owners decorate entry and drive ways with pumpkins and lanterns inviting the ritual to take place with kids dressed of horror figure costumes (ghosts, witches, vampires, zombies, monsters) going from house to house doors playing trick or treat to get candy in return from protection against other monsters.

Halloween — or Hall Hallow Eves used to be the eve of All Saints Day — was the remembrance of all the martyr saints. It is said that this celebration has root with older Eurasian paganism, such as Celtic harvest festivals and Gaelic festival Samhain. Nonetheless, that cultural happening is tainted with darkness and ritual of death. The sinister nature of the characters our kids will be dressing like tomorrow night may raise concerns for some parents. Why do we celebrate death and darkness and why do we let our kids play such a feast. A lot of parents may not even care about Halloween’s purpose, because they are fascinated and bewitched by the frenzy or they just don’t believe in darkness existence.

However, many of us are sensitive to darkness signs or literally came across dark entities manifestation in their life. We are not alone. Stop looking for extraterrestrial invasion or disclosure from officials. We are experiencing invasion on a daily basis. 90% of the population suffer from dark entities subtle energy stealing. We are just unaware of. They feed from our negative energy. The more down or bad we are, the easier it is for them to feed from our disturbed subtle body fields. On the physical plane, we are the dominant specie. But on the lower astral realm, that’s a different story. Here are proofs and facts about their existence:

1- Halloween

Although the biggest threat to our children that night may be to have their candies stolen by bullies, Halloween’s nature in itself is enough to raise questions. How comes masses are so hypnotised and hyped by death. In North America, Halloween is now an industry of billions of dollars. Why is it getting bigger and bigger? Are we fooled by some dark forces here?

2- Ghost, residual haunting & shapeshifting

You have to live out of this planet not to have heard about real ghost stories or testimonies. Everyone knows a haunted house in their neighborhood or an urban legend of somebody or some beast shapeshifting into another physical form. Although the last one is harder to believe in, history is filled with reports of people from high class or nobility shapeshifting into a reptilian scary being.

3- Negative energy feeling

When we are in conflict with someone else, or when we are involved in a conflict with a lot of other individuals, it seems like sometimes we are trapped into a vortex of negative energy. We shout nasty speeches not resonating with who we are. Our actions or reactions seem not to emanate from our being, but from monstrous outer force. When the dust settle, we regret what we did and we are seeking for explanation about that unusually bad temper act. That’s exactly what dark entities are looking for, a storm of fury where they can manipulate each human’s field of energy to steal from it.

4- Depression & anxiety

The more we are down or the more we are stressed, the harder it is to overturn the trend. It seems like an external force is pushing against us so we stay in hell. Our brain wants to feel better, but our heart has such a hard time to change our attitude, as if we did not have control. Something else is working to maintain the painful state.

5- Addictions

When we are down, we have a propensity to be looking for low energy intake or behavior. The feeling of emptiness is a sign of energy stolen from our body that we need to replenish somewhere. Unfortunately, easy access to addictive substances such as drugs, alcohol, but mostly addictive behaviors and patterns like violence, deviant sexuality, gambling, and other compulsive habits are the result of a low vibe energy state acceptance the subconscious tolerance of alienation and the inability to understand and recover from the problem. For the young ones, addiction is the result of curiosity and will to experiment something new, and then they get trapped in the vicious cycle.

6- Demon possessions

In the past, societies from around the world used to believe in demons and devils. Poltergeist, exorcism and demonic possession were part of our cultures. The suppression and denial of such phenomenon occurred over  the last 150 years. Nowadays, we believe that possessed people are crazy, so we interned in hospices. There is a lot of documented evidence from the past, of people been under control of demonic entities. Today, the ones who escaped from possession stay quiet because they don’t want to be ridiculed or to return in an environment of possession in psychiatric cares.

7- Voices & disturbances

Before to be possessed, or before they sign pact with their invader, people will hear voices. Dark entities are testing them to see if they will respond positively to the call of possession or simply to test the person’s sensorial receptivity at early stage. Also, it is said we are all carrying a few dark entities on our back. They are attached to the root chakra. Their presence can induce pain and headaches and many other physical pain forms.

8- Ego driven power structures

Dark entities are egocentric in nature. The most powerful individuals of this world are working hard to maintain their privileged status. By operating the power structures scheme, they push masses down and collaborate with dark forces to keep the human species servile and submissive. Dark entities are just that, self-centered, and they keep fighting and plundering with each other during human prey fest. Perhaps, they have an absolute obedience to hierarchy in order to maintain their structure. The best picture to illustrate the way they behave is a pack of wolves.

9- Collective need to worship egocentric deities

Human beings are either master of their destiny or they’re mastered by powers. Dark entities and powerful peoples are aware of the pyramidal hierarchic structure secrecy to maintain the civilisation pillars intact. One of the main foundations of a  »civilisation » is the existence of a speculative belief system where the mastered ones put their faith and souls in the hands of operative authorities. For some reason, the human race needs some supernatural power to find hope in their fate. Yet, self empowerment has shown just the opposite. Luckily, more and more individuals are awakening these days and we have reached critical mass, so the secret will be unveiled eventually.

Despite its dark nature, we can perceive Halloween in a positive way. Let’s celebrate dualistic darkness role, which is to maintain the consciousness of oneness. Oneness cannot exist without cycles of light and darkness. In that regards, we can be thankful to darkness’s existence and celebrate Halloween without remorse, guilt and fear to encourage dark entities influence and proliferation.

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By: Christian Theberge

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