The duality — or separation from oneness — darkness’s scheme of control lies on six (6) pillars. Without one of the six pillars working on a human being, the scheme fall apart and the person is in the way to be freed from darkness. Right brainers are sensitive to the extrasensory nature of dark entities and are particularly vulnerable to darkness control.

A person that escapes dark entities influence is not yet completely free. Darkness still operates a control even when a human being refuses to bow down and obey. Resistance is fought hard by dark entities. That’s where the earth battlefield takes place. The soul sellout comes up in two main forms: possession and subornation, as well as addiction. In this series, we explore the possession and subornation form, with the solution to get out of it.

Why to talk about such a delicate topic? Because the majority of human beings on this planet suffer from dark entity control under various forms ignoring the existence of it, or are too afraid of embracing their dark side and address this issue that threatens their life and prevent them from evolving to their full potential. The denial of the fact leads the person to remain unconsciously the slave of an invisible empire. When conscious of dark entities existence, without the right solution to deal and escape from them, the cleansing process can be long and demoralizing.

Possession and subornation

 When one human being acknowledge darkness forces to take over its body field of energies and thoughts, the yielding is called  »possession ». The human being consciously accept to donate full control of its physical counterpart to maleficent entities. The human being remain conscious the entire period of its possession, but may experience total loss of self control at times. The feeling is of being remotely controlled by forces from out of this world. When possessed, the person belongs to one demonic entity.

These forces will let the human being going through its daily life, but must takeover when necessary. They could go as far as exercising control all the time. Usually, the person will be able to maintain a normal life in the eyes of others, such no one even have a clue of what’s going on. Dark entities usually use the physical vehicle to perform their acts of malevolence. As long as the victim give them complete freedom and trust, they will perform their nasty rituals such as conspiracy toward low level of power individuals, or worst animal or weak human sacrifice.

The person eventually realizes how far this experience can go and could decides soon or late to end it. Perhaps, to free the self from demon influence is a difficult task. They read through your mind and have millions and millions of years of experience at operating their dirty tricks. If the possessed person does not evolve quickly, the turnover could be dangerous. When they feel losing control over their slave, dark entities can literally trigger their life sabotage. They will use the last ounces of control they have forcing the person to commit a crime in the face of witnesses, or in leaving clear traces leading to accusation. The person must have a strong mind and counteract the signals that dark entities send to the body to perform the criminal act. The state of subornation is painful to experience since, the person is pushed by outer minds to execute evil actions against its will. We must not stay for too long under subordination because dark entities may fail many attempts, but may succeed once the victim began to express signs of discouragement.


When a person is unaware of dark entities presence, or when a person is on the path to freedom from dark forces, they face the lower levels of the darkness pyramid, composed of numerous legions of dark spirits. The closer we are from freedom and recovery, the harder they fight to maintain us down. That’s why a lot of truth seekers and light children are on the verge of liberation, but are under constant attack by hordes of invisible pernicious enemies, trapped under the influence.

The fact is that darkness civilisation consider the human species their property. Like cattle in a field, we are not allowed to run freely. The weaker negative beings have the dirty task to keep human beings in slavery state. Their favorite gimmick is called  »addiction ». They are able to maintain human’s vibrational state by stimulating them to develop compulsive behaviors or rituals. They are able to trigger endorphin dose the first time we try a substance or compulsory habit through doorway or breach in the person’s bioelectric field.

When the person has developed a  »Pavlov’s dog » like reflex, they reduce the endorphin secretion. To respond to the deprivation state, the person will perform the addiction ritual over and over again in hope of the original wellbeing artificial sensation. Dark entities will give the original dose only if the person aggravates the addiction’s behavior to a more pervasive state. Once they judge the person is completely deviant and hijacked, they will manifest their reverse speech astral voices. When unable to get rid of their dark influence, people can commit suicide.

6 secret pillars of control

How comes the dark side control work so well? That’s a common trait among dark entities or human shape entities working for darkness in that they obey and put their faith and soul in the structure. They don’t even have to push it. A negative attitude naturally feeds the pyramid. But there’s more. The action taking place behind the scenes on the physical realm is so well orchestrated that a bunch of illuminated human beings alone cannot come up with such nefarious but imaginative agenda. One must conclude that rogue artificial intelligence runs the show, in complete blindness on many levels of operation. Here are the 6 pillars of control the invisible aliens don’t want you to know, otherwise they are unmasked:

1) Subtle Energies food

Dark entities feed from astral negative energy and astral human body parts. Invisible energy food ensures them they don’t have to show up in our eyes. They live as parasites and have no ability whatsoever to generate their own energy field like we do. For that they need us as their prey, so we live with them in a form of symbiosis. In exchange of their obedience and successful order execution, some human individuals who work in concert with them, betraying the entire human nature, receive privilege position and protection, while the rest of humanity crumbles under their relentless attack and insatiable appetite. In heritage, the mass receive a civilisation, from which the average civilian and its descendants have no benefit whatsoever. Rather, civilian lifestyle is designed so the large majority get exploited. Even the powerful ones get sometimes sacrificed. Power never remain forever in the hands of the same gang. Goodwill always comes back but just for a while until the next dynasty settles. The constant battle between light and darkness support the cycle of life in the matrix.

2) Untouchable Archons And Their Chimera Hierarchy

At the top of the pyramid of all darkness levels dominates one race: the archons. Their invisible and subtle nature remain their strength. As we cannot perceive touch or harm our astral predator, but only escape from them. Archons cannot be detected either by the low and higher level races. They are the most subtle form of negative consciousness. They feed on all the lower levels. They engineered all the negative empire that contaminated several galaxies, including our. They would look like leeches. They feed and work to maintain the negative pyramid under control. They are so sneaky and intelligent that they fool the demons themselves.

At the top sit the Archons, but as we go deeper, we find a range of different alien forms, the first five are not physical:

  1. Archons
  2. Demons
  3. Dark spirit entities
  4. Dark ET’s (Reptilians, Dark Grays, EBE, etc.)
  5. Dead’s spirits who chosed to work with darkness instead of passing away
  6. Alien incarnated in human elite (shapeshifters)
  7. Clones
  8. Robots

3) Hordes Of Minions

A pyramidal hierarchy needs legions of minions to maintain itself in motion. Archons divide the levels below them putting demons at the top of each faction. Even Archons themselves have hierarchic structures. Usually, one or two factions controls planet earth at the time, but will also use different sub-factions fighting each other for control. Division between the faction ensures constant negative energy vortex. The power scheme is designed to shovel down hard work to lower levels. The top level ripe the fest, while the lower levels fight hard to keep up with their disadvantaged position. The lower levels are always where hard work and dirty job is executed. Curiously enough, negative minded entities or beings will rarely rebel against the unjust concept of hierarchy and will rather fight hard to climb up or just to maintain their rank. Ideally, a higher level always wish to have  »yes man » robotic executers. They don’t want aspirants to their position. They want minions that are happy or indifferent, and trustful.

4) Human Hybrid Race

The human being is the crossbreed of a gene pool and a soul incarnation field for various races belonging to galaxy factions and competing with each other for the planet Earth control or peace. It’s unclear why the human species was implanted on Earth, but has obviously been mutated by DNA experiment along with subtle energy manipulation and conscious information field access restriction. Trapped in the five senses reality realm, we are serving outer forces, but not only the dark ones.

That multiple origin makes the human race particular in regards to darkness and light cooperation with both at the same time. We are benevolent in nature, but we have chosen earth incarnation to experiment the darkness and it’s duality nature. It is almost impossible to completely prevent the curiosity of innocent human beings in front of darkness. It’s part of the learning process. Our race is still very young and many of our genes are dormant. Although nowadays there is a lot of light workers present on the planet to take over the darkness imbalance, we are still suffering from darkness influence more than never before.

As a hybrid race between duality and oneness races, the human being is still vulnerable to negative superior races. It is most likely that dark forces attack will continue for another age. Yet we are collectively awaking, but the power structures are still in place and the physical tools that maintain the schemes into place (military, money, etc.) are reinforced so the power stay away from the people. The New Age Movement proposes avenues to face darkness, but trap the mass consciousness into a materialistic exterior point of view, therefore many light workers fight on the material reality, rather than improving their interior being spirituality. The five senses illusion is easily maintained by darkness and that delays a so wanted  Golden Age of peace and stability for the planet and for each of one of us.

5) Minor Chakras

There are 7 major chakras or positive chakras, which are energetic fields into the human subtle body. They are located along the spine. Also, there are 7 minor chakras, or negative chakras, located along the legs for the most part, as well as to the liver and the spleen section. They must not be confound with subpersonal chakras which are 4 positive chakras in resonance with the earth.

When awaken, minor chakras are doorways to basic animal instinct. They are linked with the reptilian brain. Each minor chakra energetic field relates somewhat to the deadly sins. When activated, the person experiences a propensity to exaggerate negative feelings of been afraid, angered, jealous, confused, selfish, blinded or vicious & malicious. The drama or the scene is so amplified that it’s clearly not the victim expressing feelings, but instead some invisible parasite entity abducting that person’s body and using it as a vehicle to discharge negative energy.

Dark entities are master at negative energetic body field manipulation. They are looking for an individual with a doorway open, or an self inflicted injury, like a severe blame or resentment. By lowering the energy field vortex and removing the protection, parasite entities can anchor in the body and send fake death urgency signal to the person’s heart, who will respond disproportionately from the unjustified adrenaline push. The emotional surcharge will be interpreted as a threat by other human beings of low vibe around. Their reaction will trigger doorways to open and then parasite dark entities will use the low energy vortex from the dispute to jump on each lowered individuals and steal the bioelectric energy.

6) Information And Energy Graal

The control of Humanity rely on the absolute control of the two main resources: information and energy. Religion is people’s opium, said Karl Marx. Give me the control of one nation’s money and I care less who make its laws, said Baron M. A. Rothschild. A nation that liberates from religion and nationalize its money is mostly free from darkness power.

The same principles apply at the individual scale. When you free yourself from a belief system, you start questioning and criticize everything, thinking for yourself, and when you can heal yourself from control of your energy body field, you are in for complete freedom and then you start creating a reality aligned with your aspirations.

Negative entities are fully aware of the threat that poses freedom to their survival. One single free and awaken human being have a contagious effect on the masses and the critical mass required for global awakening is not so large. Monkey see monkey do. The hundredth monkey effect is dark entities empire’s worst nightmare. Once humans mental implants are reverse, revolution can happen at any time.  Just imagine (visualize) like John Lennon’s song «Imagine», and that’s enough for change to manifest in your reality.

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By: Christian Theberge

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