One thing dark entities cannot stand: happiness. They are repulsed from high vibrational mood. So everything making you happy instantaneously will chase them away and along with their negative effect. We are not talking here about smoking a cigarette or driving your car fast and furious. That is dark entity manipulation, making you believe you feel better and it’s good for you. Higher your vibe may need a few minutes to completely clear the  adrenaline effect, but positivity will be felt right away. If you want to create a permanent state of positivity, here are a few practices to integrate in your daily life.

Kick them out and shift to the bright side

A parasite dictating your life against our will and driving your body is the last thing you need in this life. Reclaim your being’s sovereignty. Regardless of the degradation state of your life in the aftermath of their former control and reign, take a step to integrate happiness into your life right now. They cannot maintain their presence if you dictate the vibrational environment in which your life takes place. They are the masters at deception and manipulation. You are the master at happiness. Play your game. Do what you like, what you want, what makes you feel strong and happy. Live in the present moment. Higher your vibration state and make it a mission until positive reality sustain itself.

Raise your vibration

Remember the seven deadly sins: lust, greed, envy, gluttony, pride, sloth, wrath. Now these following sins are closely related and correspond to a minor chakra:




-mental confusion;



-malice & murder.

If you don’t have the ability to perceive an entity hijacking your energy field, you know damn well when you commit one or many of the precedent sins on a regular basis. If you tend to commit one of these faults, you are under control of dark entities without knowing it. That is enough to justify a life therapy.

Since you can’t grab them, raising vibration is the only way to get away from dark entities. Darkness healing works in accordance to law of attraction principles. It’s all about turning the tide. We make choice. Perpetuating sufferance is a choice. Healing is a choice too. The darker you feel, the more darkness you attract. The opposite is also true. The happier you are, the easier it is to attract more happiness. Now you know, it’s in your hands. Here are 20 ways you must integrate into your life in order to raise your vibration:

1- Smile

Simple, easy and free, develop the reflex to smile at each person you connect with from the heart through your day, even the people you don’t know that you cross in the street.

2- Singing

Singing from the throat may irritate it. Make sure you throw air out coming from around the stomach. The deeper the air is coming from, the most powerful is the sound and the more benefit it is for your state. Also, healing sounds like  »Shhhhh » freed anger from the liver area minor chakra, as well  »Hoooo » freed from anxiety lodged feeling from around the spleen minor chakra.

3- Listen to cool music

Listen to the music that makes you integrally happy. If you are not a music listener from the start, go on internet, like on Youtube and search there 432Hz music. The music industry promotes music founded on the 440Hz malefic frequency. The seventh crown chakra’s frequency (consciousness) is 432Hz. We need an awaken world. Please avoid 440Hz mainstream music as much as possible.

4- Go in nature

Nature makes you reconnect with the root chakra, the first chakra above the negative minor chakras. More concretely, looking at trees, forests, lakes, mountains and other natural fractal forms, hearing wind, sea waves and river flow, also smelling fresh pure air, all that will reestablish your entire body energy fields natural tuning.

5- Play with dogs

Dog is the most hearted animal. When you over stimulate your left brain and under use your right brain, it’s good to play with dogs. Their contagious happy behaviour will make you happy as well.

6- Be surrounded by children

Children, especially when they are young, have pure hearts and act in accordance to their energetic field in direct communication and harmony with Universe. It is resourcing to see them act innocently. Elders are healed in their presence and that is reciprocal. Elders, who try to regain that lost purity of heart after a long life of challenging mental experiences, understand children. They mutually help each other, which is good for children’s self-esteem.

7- Make new friends

New is always good when you know how to appreciate it and make it benefic for your reality. Making new relationship expand your consciousness and heart connection skills.

8- Connect with people of same affinities

Novelty is good, but old friends connection that are still working are even more important. Let,s maintain these priceless relationships. We never have too many true friends.

9- Meet lots of (true) people every day

Not only novelty and quality of friends are good, but quantity too. Perhaps, the numerous friends need to be true either, because if they are looking for expectations in return for the closeness in their relationship with you, and if they invade your life on a regular basis, or they carry some toxic influence, it’s better to let them go away.

10- Be in business

Succeeding in business is hard because it pushes you to be clean in any aspect of your life and any dimension of your being. By success, we do not refer to money essentially, but equally to self-actualisation, human-relationship abilities, physical-mental health, positive attitude, etc. Business is an experience, not really a societal hierarchic level.

11- Practice sports

Sports, mostly the cardio ones, are good for your physical health. However, don’t burn the steps hoping to come up with a beach body in a few weeks. You need to train your body gradually to adapt to new intensities. Doing so, you will also develop mental resilience and a self-empowerment sensation.

12- Create your own visual/drama art piece or music

Whatever your creation is like, when you channel new ideas from beyond and you are able to materialize your thoughts, it’s like alchemy. You add another major string to your bow. You can physically manifest your right brain thoughts. That’s a major expansion skill in life.

13- Realize your craziest dreams

The large majority of people on this planet fight for survival and when they reach stability, they do not push further their dreams. Most people are afraid to look at their dark side and take the risk to expandsion beyond the societal fate of conformity expected from them. Be from that heroic minority, but do it for yourself.

14- Improve your look

Common agreement is to accept yourself as you are, but that’s does not necessary mean to stay the way you look like. Yes you need self love, but if you are obese or very poor, you deserve more than your just fate. Give yourself the best treatment. Reward you for wanting more. Be ambitious without expectation excess.

15- Eat well, reduce metabolism acidity

Forget about the four nutrition groups and calories accounting. We mostly all eat too much calories, and… the bad ones. Focus on quality diet. Eat raw vegetables, reduce meat consumption, avoid GMOs, have low gluten and dairy/milk diet. We could write entire books here, but overall let’s focus on lowering your metabolism pH (acidity), because that favors dark entities invasion and hardens your happiness manifestation.

16- Drink alkaline water

As we just explained, avoid any substance intake that will acidify your body. That means to avoid pop/soda, beer, alcohol, industrially processed juice, etc. You should rather drink healthy water. Drinking 8 glass of water from the tap or plastic bottle will just harm you more than help you. Three or four glasses of filtrated alkaline water a day is enough.

17- Breathe deeply

Singing have the same effect, but if you insist on spearing us from your singer’s exceptionnal  talents, you can instead practice meditative respiration. Five very long, slow, deep respirations in the morning will keep you away from  dark entities for the rest of the day. It’s unnatural at the beginning, but we quickly get used to it.

18- Meditate

You don’t need to take yoga class for that. Everyone can do it at home. What we are looking for is to close your eyes, to let your fears going away, to let the mental flow of thoughts passing by without disturbing your focus on this mediation session goal, which is to love yourself, stare at a point inside your eyelid, and just be in the present moment, being thankful for all that to be.

19- Think positively

It’s easy to be influence by negativity and let yourself sinking in hell, but it’s much more fun to be happy and that’s worth the effort. Aggravating your case will just make it worst. Universe send you tests every days. Will you get upset every single time? Ensure law of attraction to be your best ally.

20- Be thankful

And be thankful for everything you have. There is always someone much worse than you. That alone should be enough to make you happy. Be thankful for every single things making you who you are and making your reality such a beautiful experience.

Do not raise your vibration level to get rid of dark entities influence once for good. They watch from far and will always come back when your minor chakra doorways are open. That’s going to happen again, but much less. Instead of going dualistic in your vibrational increase learning process, look for a lifestyle change and a positive justification for happy habits integration. Try to sharpen the reflex of elevating your vibe right away when needed and make it so it becomes natural.

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By: Christian Theberge

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