Cannabis or hemp is one of the strongest medicinal plant on the planet. Unfortunately, authorities have fought hardly against the proliferation of that miraculous plant. Also known as marijuana, the drug is prohibited in almost any country in the world. However, many scientific studies suggest the benefits exceed by far inconvenience the consumption could trigger. Due to some significant side effects, the legalization process is slowly but surely taking place. The war on drugs has shown evidence of failure to eradicate the plant. The plant is one of the worst oncology enemies, because it is effective against cancer. Since its usage is so popular the Pharmaceutical cartel is trying to grab control over the plant commercialisation. The demand is so robust on the black market that it’s a lost battle for the drug industry. Governments have no choice but to legalize the plant consumption once for all. Holding on its prohibition just feed organized crime activities.

The plant was used in Ayurvedic and ancient traditional Chinese medicines since 5000 years. The indian variety contains a drug called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). That plant’s psychotropic properties have drastically increased over the last few decades by criminal activity efforts due to demand. THC concentrations are much higher than the original strains and some derivative products can be found easily on the street.

In regards to a right brain perspective, the plant present interesting properties that need to be considered in fighting stress and labelled mental diseases. If its usage is carefully done, ingestion of small intake doses can increase the body energetic field frequency and generate other appreciable benefits. Here are 12 of these benefits:

1- Reduces metabolic acidity.

Cannabis and its food derivatives possesses properties lowering pH levels or acidity in the body. Acidity  is directly related to energy field vibrational frequency. The lower is the metabolic acidity, the higher is the frequency.

2- Fights cancer.

It is proven nowadays that cannabis oil kills cancer cells and even entire tumors. There’s many viral stories on internet of patients in cancer final phase recovered completely after trying oil as last resort.

3- Release stress, nervousness and anxiety.

Smoking marijuana is well known for its relaxing properties. It is especially recommended for people suffering from excessive stress and anxiety. But don’t smoke THC more than 7 days in a row. Also, don’t forget that smoke is not good for lungs, so inhalation must moderated.

4- Prevents depression.

Anxiety occurs when an individual focus too much on the future. Depression is when an individual thinks too much about its past. In both case, smoking weed brings back the person in the present moment.

5- Reduces insomnia.

By reducing stress, the plant also reduces mental hyperactivity and then insomnia. Calm in the mind is a requirement for a fast nap and a good rest.

6- Stimulates digestion and increase appetite.

Hemp food will make you salivate. Its sweet aftertaste stimulates digestion and increases appetite.

7- Hydrates skins and hair.

People with dry skin must rub with hemp oil. The oil prevents eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies and wrinkles.

8- Decreases pain.

Oil also reduces back ache, rheumatism and joint pain.

9- Removes many syndromes effects and convulsions.

It can also effectively reduces and sometimes removes syndromes such as epilepsy, Tourette and ADHD/ADD.

10- Protects against coronary diseases.

Consuming cannabis oil or chewing its leaves can have significant benefit on an array of heart and coronary problems such as  blood pressure, reduces blood fat and cholesterol, as well as blood sugar.

11- Favors blood circulation.

Cannabis oil also regulates blood pressure.

12- Gives food rich in proteins.

Hemp is a nutritive food and must be considered in many diet programs. Hemp protein and derivative products is legal food on the market. It’s an excellent source of protein that lowers the body acidity. Athletes can try the Hemp powder for their shake.

This article does not promote any movement for legalization. We simply want to educate you about the benefit of that traditional plant. Before opting for illegal form, we advise you to consider legal avenues first. Also remember that addiction is one of the side effect of marijuana. Like for any other addictive substance, moderation is needed. Over a certain threshold of intake, which is different for each person, benefits are overtaken by inconvenience.

By: Christian Theberge

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