The reason why addiction (disambiguation) exist is a mystery for almost everybody, including therapists themselves. When you don’t know the source of a problem, fixing it is virtually impossible. Most mainstream explanations generally promote the psychoanalysis point of view, where addiction is the mechanism of a compulsory behavior, triggered by a reward process. Today’s scientists are going a bit further exploring the idea that heredity could explain some dependences such as alcohol. However, that does not help addicted individuals at all.

No matter what you chose to believe, The Power Of The Right Brain promotes a point of view that is supported by many truth seekers, light workers, alternative doctors and holistic therapists. Because addictions can be treated and cured, the debate around its origin is not as important as the consensus on how to help victims to recover.

The Power Of The Right Brain believes the problem is an energetic one, therefore the solution to fix the addiction problem is all about energy. In this article, we consider addiction as a psychological state where a person is losing control over the compulsive behavior resulting from a bad habits, whereas dependence is the physical loss of control due a substance, inducing biological damage.

Right brainers are not necessarily more inclined to addiction. They are just more exposed to the low vibration addictions, the most pervasive ones, the perceptible ones. Nobody cares about TV addiction, but we do when it comes to drugs or alcohol. This article explains the origins and dynamics where addiction and dependence emerge, and set the table for solutions in the next articles of this series.

Human body field

Everyone is aware of its physical body, the one perceived by our five senses. The human bodies are composed of layers such as the physical one, but there are also several more energetic layers. The outer we go, the more subtle and sparse the body is. Right over the physical body layer, the human being and all life forms possess a bioelectric body. As the compulsion takes place, the victim feel exhaustion due to its bioelectric field depletion. Breach open up in the bioelectric or etheric field of energy, and then that layer’s energy is evacuated through a black hole. Addictions are simply designed to make us obey to an outer control force. The person believe to be responsible for her addiction, since the signal to maintain and execute the bad habit over and over again seem to come from her body.

However, when suffering from addiction, we are misled to believe we sent that signal to ourselves. We tend to believe the signal emanates from our heart. We are paralyzed and tear apart since a force pushes so we satisfy the need in one hand and remorse if we take action. If we resist, soon or late inner the envy resurfaces, and down we go again. The conflict between what seem to be our heart begging for more and the mind who knows the destruction if we continue that way, raises a key question:

What or who is really sending this constant invitation for our self destruction?

Origins of addiction

For those who have awaken extrasensory perception and abilities, it is obvious that the human being deals with an intelligence from another realm that mimic the human mind. Our gremlins assail us constantly while playing the  »I creating my own problems » card. They hide in the immaterial plane that we access only partially, knowing they can harm most of us without a shadow of a doubt that they exist. Let’s be honest for what they are:  »parasites », as simple as that. They feed from us. Those we call dark entities are fooling us in the invisible so we cannot refuse and fight back their relentless attacks. That barrier between our two different plane of existence is playing on their side.  There is nothing we can do physically to stop their aggression on us.

However, we can learn how to handle our bio-energy or astral body field. They live in the low astral, so if we can higher our vibration, we can escape from their influence. The problem is to maintain high vibrations in permanence. That can take decades of training and a lot of dedication. Very few have the chance to master their human life to that point. It would takes several average human lives back to back to become efficient in learning how to master our energetic subtle bodies.

5 inner wounds

So looking at our destiny and fate on a chronological time perspective, one must feel a great deception. However, living in the present moment makes energy easier to handle. When we can enjoy ourselves and embrace happiness in the present moment. That’s all it takes to get away from dark entities. But how comes they come back with so much effectiveness? How comes as soon as we dive back in our daily routine, most of us feel down again right away?

What if chronological time is an illusion, a matrix, «the Matrix» they need so bad to operate their survival? Is it possible that we live not only one life, but many lives in parallel, so each time we make a choice, we shift to a different one?

The synchronicity phenomenon suggest we live in a multiverse, a reality composed of several parallel universes we chose to explore at will. Would it be also possible that we live many successive lives? Reincarnation cycle suggest we do so. Of course, you need to believe in it, but testimony of children remembering their past life aggressor and details about the scene of the crime again make it seem very possible and true.  Many mediums and even hypnotists are able to look at our past lives. The problems we carry in this life origin from our previous ones.

Lise Bourbeau wrote a book about the 5 main inner wounds. Before, she wrote several books about the psychosomatic origins of disease aches and accidents. In that book she explains that our interior struggle, or wounds, in this life are in fact of a spiritual origin. There are  five possible wounds: rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal and injustice. Apparently, we suffer from at least two of the wounds. These wounds can be inflicted by others or self inflicted. The Power Of The Right Brain promotes the idea that we are born with those wounds. Our soul chose them before to incarnate in this life. They are not inflicted. We accept to let the wounds expel pain from past lives making our current life some sort of purgatory. Dark entities await patiently the moment we go through a passage where the wound can be exploited on behalf of a pain we just went through.

Let’s take the example of a student failing an admission test for an undergraduate program. By law of attraction, the person attract reprimand or get ridiculed by its entourage during a family gathering for that failure. The student will suffer of humiliation for most part of its life and may never again attempt a second chance to pass the admission exam again. The person always make the choice of suffering or not, but in the backstage, dark entities are cheering for sufferance and push it so the person may tend to cede under the triggered internal pression to suffer instead of staying strong et disregard what would just be an anodyne test from life.

7 main chakras and their role in addiction

Our energetic ether (bio-electricity) body field is complex. Hindus know about the multiple small body fields along the spine since almost 6000 years. They call them chakras. There are  seven main chakras disposed along the spine. The root chakra relates to basic needs and necessities. Just above, the sacrum chakra express sexuality, reproduction, comfort and basic relationships. The solar plexus chakra corresponds to power and affirmation and work. The heart chakra just above creates love, self-love, affection and sympathy. Above is the throat chakra for self-expression and communication. Then there is third eye chakra for wisdom, self direction,  and comprehension. Finally, the crown chakra relates to the higher self and consciousness.

Root and sacred chakras are named lower chakras, for they vibrate at a lower frequency. They are usually more active among left brained people. Solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown are the higher chakras, usually more active with predominant right brainers.

Chakras & addictions

As we can see, right brainers are vulnerable to low level frequencies addictions. The risk of criminality increase as we go down the vibrational body level. That’s what dark entity wants. All  right brainers consciously awaken already. They must be taken down by the lower chakras and been put out of harm’s way from darkness actions and be prevented to work for the light. When overactive, the crown chakra tend to lead right brainers to addictions as well, so conscious right brainers get a double take of addiction risk.

A chakra can be dormant or active. Usually, predominant left brainers have lower chakras awaken and higher chakras dormant or inactive. As their risk of addiction concerns higher chakras and less destructive bad habits, the large majority of left brainers keep up with their addictions and manage to go through a stable life with not so many swirl and worry. For their part, right brainers must learn how to secure their low frequency needs and balance their energy centers if they want to succeed in their mission of life. They must learn how to play with vibrational states and protect themselves against dark entities influence.

As nothing is perfect in this world, the reality is more complex than this model. Bear in mind each single person use its own chakras differently. So a predominant right brained person could suffer from higher chakras inactivity, getting exposed to addictions. Vice versa, a predominant left brain person can also be affected by addiction, such as sex, pornography, gambling, excessive consumption, alcohol, smoking, food disorders, and thievery, although they are typically right brain addictions.

Basically,  to receive the proper treatment or prescription, we recommend everyone to try the following chakra test, in order to identify unbalanced chakras that need to be either deactivated or activated. According to that test a score of 50% is perfect chakra balance. Each chakra must rank between 25% and 75%. Beyond or below, the extreme unbalance can lead to severe addiction or dependence to a substance. Here is the test link: chakra test

What needs to be remembered from this article is that dark entities are masters at lowering the human body vibrational frequency. Everyone is responsible for its own body field and must ensure not to let them dictate our mood and feelings, otherwise they will steal our energy. Everybody is potentially subject to addiction. By fine tuning the right frequencies, we can heal addiction. In the next articles of this series, we will explain how to heal addictions with frequencies and various therapies.

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By: Christian Theberge

Illustration: The Power Of The Right Brain

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