In previous articles from the same series, we have seen the cause of addiction but also the way to heal them. We also covered the seven major chakras imbalance, the effect of their dormancy (underactivity), as well the predisposition of human being to dark entities attack and takeover on the mind when underactive. Now what happens when major chakras are overactive?

Instead of looking for an outer source of negative energy to supply what is stolen from dark entities, a person’s chakra overactivity leads to excess opposed to the typical addiction of the same chakra. Fortunately, excesses are easier to fix than lacks of something felt when addicted. The problem is the individual insistence to stick to the power, refusing to concede and balancing out. The solution is simply consciousness and confession of the problem, followed by resignation and the let go of power excess. Somewhat, excess is also another form of addiction, when the person steals energy from others, more in a disturbing way than in a harsh destructive form. Here only the main chakras are involved. Dark entities have few or no influence here. It is only the individual’s will that needs to be tampered. Let’s see what theses excess behaviors are:

1- Atheism (overactive root chakra)

When the root chakra is overactive, one lives locked in the five senses universe stand point and either cannot perceive or denies the perception of extrasensory dimensions usually felt within. The person categorically refuse to admit the possibility of  »another realm ». A typical atheist portrait is a highly skilled intellectual person, with low natural extrasensory perception abilities. Atheist create a landlocked around its array of perception, and may participate to skeptical movement, even be looking to stigmatize conspiracy theorists and alternative healers, doing everything they can to protect their status of power provided by their intellectual conformity. They usually act together. They see alcoholism, smoking and food disorder as repudiating weaknesses. When pursuing their battle alone against spirituality and paranormal, they have very few effect and are powerless.

Solution: Let go the fear of being perceived inferior and look at the complementarity of mainstream and alternative visions. One responds to the needs another cannot provide. Consciousness expansion is what they should aim at.

2- Hedonism (overactive sacrum chakra)

On one side, conviviality is a quality in many cultures around the world. At the other extreme, epicurism is the excess of joie de vivre where overconsumption and vices takeover personal qualities. Hedonistic ones will invite their friends at luxurious parties and somptuous ball or buffet and even orgies. They don’t perceive their excess as detrimental and think that everyone see their habits as normal. They like to be surrounded by people with sharing the same philosophy. Like the atheist, they are very materialistic. They are looking for five senses gratification. They attract beauty and quantity in their life. Unlike those who are addicted to pornography and virtual sex fantasies, they have a very satisfying sexual life in the real world and attract people who also have a sexual drive and seduction. They have plenty of money, so they don’t waste their time gambling.

Solution: They need to recognize their excess of luxury and sometimes wastefulness. Also, they have to moderate their habits and use their excess of energy to help those who don’t have as much. Volunteering is their salvation.

3- Selfishness (overactive solar plexus chakra)

Selfish people are perceived as immature, since they did not grew up and remained childish in their behavior. The problem goes from immaturity to narcissism, where a narcissistic person pass is own interests first and often neglect to take in consideration the other’s interest. The result will be an isolated person, one way or another, sooner or later in life. Selfishness is maintained late in life when a person is born strong or sits in a power position for long. They tend to be hyper-active and the last thing they need is a coffee in the morning. A perfect example is the Napoleon complex affecting a lot of world leaders. They are completely unaware of their population reality, while been busy to accomplish an agenda that promotes their grandeur.

Solution: Listen to others needs and signs. Mentoring, giving their time and energy for free, is their way to counterbalance their power excess.

4- Impatience (overactive heart chakra)

People with too much heart devote themselves too much in helping others that they may fall in the trap of expectation. When they help, they expect their care to give result as soon as possible, so they can feel peaceful, then pass to the next mission. They do not accept misery and complacency in misfortune. Any sufferance need to be fixed. They feel threatened when they see someone suffering without fixing the pain despite efforts and steps taken to remedy the situation. They carry the world’s responsibility on their shoulders.

Solution: To take it easy, break away from other’s sufferance, express empathy rather than sympathy. Being responsible for themselves only. How people will improve from their help is no longer their business.

5- Intolerance (overactive throat chakra)

Most people in this world grow up having their speech and opinion unconsciously suppressed by themselves, in responds to society conformism, political correctness and false image of seemliness contamination. Men shall not cry. We shake hands asking  »how do you do » but we have to answer  »good you » even when life is not so good, otherwise that creates discomfort. Yet, everyone goes through bad days or hard times. Still, it’s seems like we are not allowed to express it, in the name of positivity. We need to go see a psychologist to allow us the right to express pain. A plague in this world is fear of dealing with personal issue and conflicts. It is a natural growing process, but the pressure of showing toughness and success in these harsh economic days makes people shutting up and smile. Lack of communication is now the number one reason why more than 50% of couples are splitting. Those who are prime to express their emotions are seen as unstable, however they are often the healthiest ones. The spectrum of intolerance to ourselves, and therefore to others, has spread across the world. One need to accept the self and tolerate everyone’s different nature.

Solution: Singing is the best therapy for throat chakra balancing, whether there is excess or addiction associated with the throat chakra. Also, any creativity passion and artistic hobby will help a lot to balance out and get out of the mental box this world has become. Basically embracing diversity is the key.

6- Intellectualism (overactive third eye chakra)

When thoughts flood the mind going to bed at night, that is usually a sign of overactivity from the sixth chakra. The result is insomnia. But the root cause of that problem relates to natural intellectual skills that need stimulations. On the opposite, video gaming and hallucinogenic drugs addictions lead to absence of intellectualism. Non intellectual and people who lack craving for information will drawn into a sterile and artificial mental environment where they don’t have to think. They become obsessed with reflex thinking rather than critical thinking. Because they are critical, intellectuals will view this as weakness. But in fact, thinking too much can also lead to misdirection. Intellectual ego is the one of somebody who does not want to be fooled or lose a battle and is looking for strategies to defeat a non existant fictive enemy.

Solution: Stop paranoia and live in the present moment, this way reality will be clear and concrete. Also, to act instead of speaking and pretending to be good. Lead by example and show wisdom.

7- Addiction (overactive crown chakra)

Because they are born with consciousness natural abilities, unlike the people who have chakra inactivity, some individuals are born with naturally high chakra activity in general, especially the starseed and light workers. That’s why a lot of indigo, crystal and rainbow children are predisposed to addictions of the lower chakras and excess of the higher chakras. Their mission of life will take place in the concrete world. Their extrasensory abilities and gifts will be useless if they remain distached from reality. That’s what addiction is for, to ground them.

Solution: Deal with the addiction the way prescribed in the 3 articles of this series, especially made for them. Being aware of our true nature and reason to be: change the world. Accept that we are not alone as a species, we are sharing this world with dark entities. Accept darkness to be part of oneness and use it as reason to wake up and act instead of staying entrenched in our corner suffering. Heal from addictions, let go fear, raise up, sacrifice, evolve and become yourself. Overall, be more practical in the way you spread your consciousness to the down to earth ones. They will have more ability to connect and resonate with you. This way, your presence in this world will have more effect. Just be!

A note on workaholics:

Workaholism, the excess of professional work, is a reflex from your ego to urge and push accomplishment in the chronological time. The fix is simply and easy: live in the present moment.

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By: Christian Theberge

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