When it comes to creativity, most people suffer from blank page syndrome. They have an inability to start something. Others have plenty full of ideas, but are unable to achieve business and crumbles under piles of drafts. The rest just never find the spark to start a piece of creation, nor the flame to complete a project.

Nowadays, pretty much everybody see creativity as a critical skill to succeed in this lifetime, to the point where a lack of creativity can trigger anxiety. Academic studies is no longer a guarantee of success in life. You have to think out of the box and create something impressing so that the distinction will make you unique.

We are all creative to a certain extent, but some of us are creative enough to make a decent living from their creativity, while the large majority wont. What is the distinction between a master living from its renown and those who try hard unsuccessfully? There is only one key word here: inspiration!

Ask the question to 100 individuals if they are creative, probably 90% will believe they are. But over that 90%, how many amaze us by their talent? Only 5% will marvel. How do they manage to attain that level of inspiration? Are they connected to a pipeline of ideas? Are they possessed by powerful entities explaining why they display such a dexterity and natural easiness in complexity? The answer would be: a bit of both. Therefore, what should we do to reach such a level of inspiration and fame?

Here are 12 characteristics we find in common among highly inspired persons. When you  are inspired, you…

1- Have no fear, nor any boundaries

2- Explore & satisfy your curiosity

3- Spend time alone with yourself

4- Create space and time in your life for creativity

5- Feel for expressing yourself all the time

6- Put passion in everything you do

7- Live in the present moment

8- Display uniqueness, do things differently

9- Do the right thing at the right moment

10- Manifest your thoughts

11- Feel you are remotely controlled by outer force from universe

12- Credit your higher self for your successful creations, not your ego

Accomplished artists have all this feeling of been guided remotely by external influence, such as a medium reading future through a crystal ball from pure intuition. Modestly, they admit being just an intermediary between the real world and some high consciousness influence. They explain their amazing abilities by the close connection between them and oneness, with the whole universe and to pursue their identity, to play the predetermined role of their mission of life in this lifetime. After all, they learned to connect to the source, that quantum information field wrapping each human body, and to connect with the collective quantum field, while maintaining harmony between themselves and the universe. By becoming who they are in their divine essence, everything sets into place around them, as if by magic. To complete this article, here is a quote that sums it all:

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”  Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Thus, the secret to inspiration is somewhat by loving yourself enormously…

By: Christian Theberge

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