It’s not easy to talk in front of a crowd when you are shy by nature. It’s even harder to sing or dance. However, as opposed to common belief, been an extravert or introvert has nothing to do with self expression in public. Even the most extravert ones are sometimes afraid of looking like fool because of their big egos.

The key word here is FEAR. I have been DJ and animator in a night club. I was far from being as good as the master DJ there, but I could come up with compensation skills that helped me to perform. The whole experience boosted my self confidence so much.

When you show extreme confidence, your aura takes over the level of judgement from the crowd, even when you don’t know what you are doing. Just act as if everything is fine. My mixolgy skills were poor in terms of beat, but I was able to please the crowd using my repertory and my ability to merge similar sounds from different tunes. I listened so much DJ live shows at night that I was able recreate the animator’s feeling inside, so when I felt ready, I knew what I was doing when I threw myself in the lion’s dents. I was successful from the first night.

People will be just hypnotized by your aura of self-expression desire. Fearlessness is the secret. Jump first, stay happy no matter what, and you will see how magically the crowd will feed you back. Here are a few reminders on what you need to come across in order to prepare yourself for expression.

1- Love yourself unconditionally

2- Don’t be afraid of yourself

3- Don’t be afraid of other’s perception of you

4- Do not care about other’s reactions

5- Take risk

6- Let you go

7- Connect with your inner self

8- Do never, ever, ever display sign of fear or doubt in yourself

9- Be surrounded by people you connect with and you trust (as much as you can)

Visualize yourself performing on stage. Watch videos of successful performers. Watch their body language. Feel inside what they may have felt during the performance. The more you test the waters, the more you connect  the dots. Eventually, you will know intuitively how to perform on stage when all the spotlights are on you only. The same reminders apply for expression in a solitary context. When you know how to recreate the proper inner feeling, and you never, ever, ever display sign of fear or doubt, you can mesmerise anybody, any crowd, while remaining yourself.

That’s one of the best therapy you can give to yourself, especially if you suffer from one of the  five wounds of the soul blocking you to be yourself (from Lise Bourbeau), which are rejetion, abandonment, humiliation,  treason and injustice.

By: Christian Theberge

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