Our World is currently suffering from multiple problems created by the left brain dominance. These problems are often studied by incomplete main stream science or reported in false mass media versions. In this series of articles, we will review some of these problems, but we will also revisit these ones from an unseen perspective.

Because it’s easy to complain, rarely we see denunciators providing also concrete solutions. Let’s look at 20 of these main problems today’s World is facing, and let’s elaborate the proper right brain solution required for each one. Here they are listed in increasing importance. In today’s article, we cover problems 15 to 11.

15- Way too many laws… Ridiculous!

Like it or not, every single lawyer have to take oath and serve the Law itself and of course money on the side, never the truthful side best interest. You need to be devoted of empathy or at least been mentally strong enough to brush it up if you want to survive in that practice. Law is probably one of the most unethical profession still untouchable to this day. There is so much power game and corruption involving big law firms and cabinets that it is surprising how very few dare to speak against the law system. One of the main reason why this system is still standing while the rest of the matrix is falling apart, that’s because law is our civilisation’s pillar. The temple can shake, but only the roof collapses. Most pillars remain intact. Laws are easy to adopt, but hard to retrieve. There are so many regulations and civil laws that no one can really defend himself unless you spend 7 days on 7 a week just to keep up with all you need to know. Very few take a chance to defend themselves in front of a judge. Court is intimidating because it is such a extreme left brain environment that it is destabilizing. And there is so much conflict in this saturated world that hiring a lawyer is way easier than trying to resolve an issue like mature adult should do between them.


Law is law. Don’t try to change the system. Change the masses and they will realize that separation from each other serve the actual law system interests. We don’t need to apply all those rules. Regulations must be used as a reference to apply good common sense, not to stab our enemies in the back. This world needs healers and creators, not destroyers. As this world will evolve, the importance of the current law system will slowly implode by itself and what will remain from its ashes will be just what we need.

14- Pharmaceutical industry selling toxic drugs, sometimes less effective than their placebo, plus vaccines causing autism… With our taxes on top of that… Disgusting!

Placebo effect is so effective compared most chemical medications and it is not dangerous. That fact alone would bankrupt the pharmaceutical industry if the public really knew about. Moreover, our corrupt governments push vaccine campaigns and force citizens to pay medication insurance in many countries. That poisoning industry is parasistic and unprofitable. It seem to be doing well due to the direct support by taxpayers. This is scandalous and a lot of pharmaceutical companies must be shut down right away. Many pharmaceutical research experts admit, they are paid to put their prestigious name on research to justify useless medications. Lately, flu vaccine campaigns have been proven responsible for thousands of autism declared cases. The list of absurd scandals is very long.


Shut down most of this industry, prohibit psychotropic, keep essentials only and emergency medicine remedies for urgentology, surgery and current cares. This world need grown up human beings, not labelled  »mentally ill » lost humans zombified by pills.

13- Evaporation of pension funds and delaying of retirement age. Retirement 55? Seriously…

In Canada, financial planning have been designed for a 65 years old retirement. Now the age is delayed to 67 years old. Knowing that the next stock market crash will be severe, the pension funds will erode even more and the retirement age will be pushed further in another few years. Eventually, the retirement age will exceed the lifespan. That’s already the case in many countries. The middle class of baby boomers have been screwed up and there is lesser chance of financial security left for the younger generations. Let’s be realistic, yet there are privileged individual who have the chance to retire with enough funds, but four active Canadians out of five will not be able to afford retirement, and it’s getting worst. If you also calculate inflation, today’s investment will worth a fraction tomorrow’s, since the cost of living is unstoppably growing and wages are not growing. This is  »if » the current economy survive the next stock market shock…


Younger generations understand that living the present moment is what counts. They know they have no chance to live like their predecessors. Let’s face the reality, we have to relearn how to live without retirement security, like before. We also need to empower individuals to be less dependent from a job income security. Entrepreneurship is a bright career avenue and the most profitable one. Fear feeds the financial security/insurance industry, but it also destroys life. Trust life, trust your inner voice, be yourself, let your right brain speak and enjoy your life experience rather than the money to afford it. Don’t secure your retirement future planning agency’s comfort. Secure and make your future work comfortable. Invest in yourself!

12- Internet addiction: people spend more time on the phone than for real human contact and to sleep. Yepp!

When it comes to addictions like hard drugs, gambling, etc. we all know the damage. But internet addiction is more pervasive, because almost everyone has a cell phone or a portable computer, so no one admit it is a problem. We all spend daily time on internet and most people spend hours on social medias. The good news is we are more and more interconnected. The bad news is we are not interacting as much since we are now missing the quantum energy field exchange we had before virtual reality existed. Human presence is necessary in  relationships, in order to exchange heart information, not just intellectual data. On top of that, we are exposing ourselves to more and more electromagnetic waves that are not in resonance with the body. So expect cancers to skyrockets in the future if we do not modify technologies or our habits. Futurologists are promoting the human-machine interface as to be futuristic. I am not sure about the future of the homo cyberneticus specie. I believe the ones with a bright future are those who will avoid isolation, have brain balance, spiritual awareness and less dependence to virtual and cybernetic technologies.


We have to come back to a balance in normal human relationships and social networking, between real and virtual communications. Also, we need to promote left-right brain balance & spiritual forms of communications.

11- Electromagnetic field exposure… It’s way worst than it seems like!

Like we just said, we are more and more exposed to electromagnetic fields. With the multiplication of telecommunication technologies and mobile devices over the last 20 years, we are entered in an era of remote gadgets interconnected by a network of electromagnetic emission centrals, satellites and towers. People living in metropolitan areas are extremely exposed. Moreover, WiFi have replaced cables for phone and internet connection. Pretty much every single house in developed countries is now transformed into a perpetual wave hatchery. People living in these houses are bathing in carcinogenic electromagnetism almost 24 on 24. That’s a disaster and considering the exposure lag before cancer emerge, we’re in for a monumental epidemic in a few years. Young children are particularly vulnerable, since they’re more sensitive to exposure, plus parents expose them more and more to tablets, pad and cell phones. We are not yet talking about the brainwashing social engineering display behind the content of subliminal messages, that is another issue in itself. That should be enough to reform telecom companies, but obviously, almost everyone rely on internet and the matrix to stay connected to the world and accept the situation as is.


Since we cannot function anymore without internet, let’s keep at least children under 12 away from mobile devices, ban WiFi and re-introduce cables. We should strictly prohibit mobile devices in schools. And we should retire the microwave oven from our houses. There is a bright future for remote technologies that will connect users to internet without electromagnetic reception-transmission exposition. Who discover a way to transmit signal in a harmless manner will become famous.

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By: Christian Theberge

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