Our World is currently suffering from multiple problems created by the left brain dominance over the right brain. These problems are often studied by incompletely by mainstream science or reported in falsely in mass media versions. In this series of articles, we will list these problems, but we will also revisit them from an unseen perspective.

Because it’s easy to complain, rarely we see denunciators providing also concrete solutions. Let’s look at 20 of these main problems today’s World is facing, and let’s elaborate the proper right brain solution required for each one. Here they are listed in increasing importance. In this article, we cover problems 10 to 6.

10- The global warming scam and the ecologic lobby… Is there anybobody questioning Al Gore’s  »The Inconvenient Truth » Hoax?

Carbon gas emissions are supposedly causing a global warming. That’s what we are told by a bunch of that PTW (Power That Was) members, where Al Gore is the main speaker. Folks, water represent 85% of greenhouse gas effect on the atmosphere, methane 12% and carbon, barely 2%. Why don’t they blame water instead of carbon? Because there is too much free water around us, so they can’t control the input and output. Everybody can find free water: ground, rain, etc. So then why don’t they blame methane either? We heard that cattle emit methane when passing gas, but neglectably compare to methane emissions from subpolar peat bug marshes in northern Russia and Canada. Also, they need the natural gas industry (shale gas) to keep their economic agenda ongoing. What’s left is carbon gaz. If they convince the population that carbon is dangerous, people will pay more taxes, commute in collective transportation, and live in cities, because restricted masses are much easier to control than disseminated free human beings. Let’s make it clear, I believe we should reduce car emissions and Industrial atmospheric pollutants rejection, but please, let’s not buy that nonsense theory anymore. There is no global warming. Period. The oceans level have not been rising for the last 6000 years and the climate was much warmer than today, between 1500 and 1700. It has been proven that during the past interglacials, North Pole was warming constantly, while South Pole was accumulating ice. During the Copenhagen Summit in 2010, where nations were supposed to adopt the carbon tax cap and trade system, hackers have been able to expose 30000 fraudulent emails proving the collaboration of 10 000 scientists from IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in falsifying research data in favor of the global warming theory. After been debunked, mass medias changed their so called  »global warming » for  »global change », maintaining the renamed spectrum, necessary for their globalistic agenda. In October 2015, PTW orchestrated Paris attacks a few days before the summit in order to take absolute control of the city, hoping to avoid manifestation and mostly interference from hackers. Still, no more States are buying this joke anymore.


Forcing people to take trains and buses is to reduce their displacement capability, not at all to improve our world. You and I are free as bird. No one has the right to restrict our movements and travelling capacity in the name of an  »ecological footprint ». Remove that mental implant. Yes we need ecologic effort, but to protect wildlife, not to attack the human race. Let’s be easy on ecologism. Let’s keep saving whales and what remain from Amazonian rainforest. However, we must stop promoting fuels and other  »green » energies that are just as entropic in nature. Let’s release the so hidden free energy once for all.

9- Mass media propaganda and social engineering… Zombifying!

The PTW (Power That Was) will survive as long as it controls two main essential substance: energy (also money form) and information. PTW collapse is slow because it still controls the mass media system. Back in the days, the press industry had barely any alternatives. The few who would try to denounce the manipulation would be demonized publicly or simply killed. The freedom of press has been a long battle. In many countries in many countries, journalists who criticize the power in place end up in jail or literally murdered, sending a message to the other one to toe the line. With internet and the blogging community, the tide has turned. There simply too much information in circulation for the masses to remain ignorant. Of course, people who watch strictly mainstream news may miss key information to really understand what’s going on in the world. However, with social medias, the less curious ones are now exposed to alternate information anyway. It is almost impossible in 2016 to ignore of what’s going on behind the scenes. Hardcore mass media watchers are now a minority. Anyhow, the industry is still doing well despite the erosion of its audience. Thanks to the money in publicity from big sponsors and governments. Mass medias has now a total lack of international news coverage and maintain a narrow mind depiction of reality. TV is a social engineering tool and a weapon of mass destruction against society. TV shows and commercials are designed specifically to dumbify viewers. Internet has been flooded by still omnipresent pornography and gambling in its early stage, but now that everyone has access to easy-to-use website creation platforms, the amount of interesting content has diluted pervert and pervasive content, as well as mass medias themselves.


Quit watching TV, or reduce it to a bare minimum. Keep your children away from TV. Teach them how to use internet properly. Have them go play outside. Don’t sit them in front of a DVD player when you travel. Interact with them. Teach them socialisation instead that we are losing these days. Teach them how to think.  Medias in general just want you to bite in their depiction of the world without any reflection from you. They present partially true facts and lies, pitching real data to look credible and at the end they slip their pseudo-truth in their reports, after having destabilized you with a lot of negative emotion. Learn how to question everything they tell us. Use bidirectional medias where you can express yourself. Let’s restablish the good old peer to peer communication method. If we discuss on the virtuality rather than the reality, at least we step up our collective thought process.

8- Gold & silver metals undervaluation fraud and confiscation… Unbelievable!

You may ask yourself what is gold and silver doing in the top-10 list of the worst problems of the world. Historically, money was made of gold and silver. These precious metals are chemically stable and do not corrode. The money minted by kingdoms has always been made of gold and silver until the last 150 years, when they have been replaced by paper contract or  »bill ». Because the world was getting richer and there was not enough precious metal available to back up the cash in circulation, instead of rising the value of gold, bankers decided to print paper that guaranty the ownership of a certain amount of gold or silver, hoping that the consumers would never claim the physical metal. It worked until the Great Depression. Gold was confiscated in the US and the Federal Reserved got privatized, issuing bills that would no longer represent gold or silver, but oil. The petrodollar economy and the exclusive unlimited power of printing money allowed United States to become the most powerful world empire to ever exist. Other nations did not have that privilege. Bankers realized that gold was breaking their oligopolistic expansion, so they decided to suppress the value of gold. They stole China’s gold with help from general Chiang Kai-Chek during WWII and created central banks in every country, to prevent China to rise up as a rival empire. Central Banks under control of Rothschild families are faked false gold reports in their vaults. Vast quantities of gold have vanished from the surface of this planet. Under the name of terrorism, nations who tried to establish a gold standard market have been attacked, like Libya. The price set by London Gold Exchange has never reflected the real value of gold. Today’s gold should worth 64000$/oz according to Bloomberg. Considering worthless gold certificates to be leveraged by 250 times the amount of gold in circulation, the real value is much higher. And silver’s undervaluation is worst than gold. Since China announced a gold back Yuan for April 2016, the shift in financial power is gradually tilting toward Eastern countries. Gold and US dollar have always been fluctuating in opposite directions, except over the last few months, a sign that something big is happening. The monetary Third World War is raging and coming to its final stages.


How is China serious in reinstating gold standard remain to be seen, but a money you can print indefinitely like the US Dollar makes no sense for other countries. Gold and silver have always had good value and still do. It is a refuge when stock markets are plunging. Gold may not necessarily make you rich, but will protect against asset devaluation. But you need to hold the physical metal, not their certificates of ownership that may become obsolete under an asset-based financial new system. Make sure you have goods and products in your possession rather than digital money in your bank account. You could wake up one day with all your capital evaporated. Unless the monatary war rages for a few more years, bringing Western Civilisation in total collapse and depression, where holding precious metals would then be a dangerous game, you should diversify your portfolio. Have your goods and properties in hand, then liquid cash for emergencies, then physical precious metals to keep your purchase power when the shift occurs. It is not a matter of is, but when, the world will return to an asset-based financial system. The actual digital fiat currency system is doomed and we, Westerners, have been living artificially overvalued for so long that our life will drastically change when the financial power shifts.

7- Deliberate contamination of food and water supply in the name of safety… Hello-oooo?!

The Flint scandal is just the tiny litty bitty tip of the iceberg. What we want to emphasize on is the fluoride added to drinking waters, as well as other chemical compounds, such as chlorine, and last but not the least, radioactive wastes. Do I really need to try to convince you that these substance are dangerous? Yet, we drink them on daily basis. Fluoride blocks the pituitary gland or hypophysis, referred as the third eye. In other words, those who deliberately put fluoride in drinking waters do not want the masses to wake up. They want us all to die before the age of retirement, because they know the money will not be there in the future to support all the retired ones. Also, the entire hydrosphere is suffering from acidification. We noticed coral reefs receding in most part of the world. Since our body is made of water and an acidic body is more aggressive and less healthy, here is another tool to eliminate unproductive human beings.


Do not drink tap water unless it is filtered and alkalised. You can buy a very good water filtering system for an affordable price. Also, avoid water in plastic bottle since it the plastic chemicals enter in reaction with water. Water is life, so make sure you drink pure or healthy water.

6- There are still international wars and military conflicts in 2015… Come oooon!

I don’t think we need to spend too much time to explain what we mean here. Any four years old child understands the stupidity of war, while many adult cannot. Go figure why… Wars that are taking place at thousands of miles from home may nott affect us dirrectly, but eventually, the bad vibes will reach us. We are living in a global village and are all interrelated. If there is not much we can do about wars raging far away, we can prevent wars to erupt in our countries.


Bodies of children refugees washing ashore of a beach after their boat people sank in the sea, that’s a sad pictures to watch, but we need to focus on what we control. Now that we see a lot of refugees coming from countries in war, we also feel the low vibrations they are somtimes bringing with them. It’s easy to bite into intolerance and feel in duality with the differences. Perhaps we should not judge individuals by their origin, skin, hairs, ethnic background, religions. Instead, we need to appreciate an individual for who he is not what he is. Let’s not generalize. You would be surprised how you can find common grounds even in the cultural difference. Judge after you know the person. If you don’t like the person or you have a bad feeling, fine, but at least try to learn about the individual, not his shell. Teach your children to be tolerant and open to differences. We live in times when the world is easlily inflammable. Tipping on the conflictual side takes a few seconds. Repair that momentary damage takes years. Let’s face the reality, some of the refugees do not deserve the privilege that some western developed countries offer them. Isolated individuals may persecute the population despite our hospitality, but let’s go case by case.

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