Our World is currently suffering from multiple problems created by the left brain dominance over the right brain. These problems are often studied incompletely by mainstream science or reported falsely in mass media versions. In this series of articles, we’ll list these problems, but we’ll also revisit them from an unseen perspective.

Because it’s easy to complain, rarely we see denunciators providing also concrete solutions. Let’s look at 20 of these main problems today’s World is facing, and elaborate the proper right brain solution required for each one. Here they are listed in increasing importance. In this article, we cover problems 5 to 1.

5- Agriland sacrifice… Cheap meat, corn fuel, glyphosate, commodity speculation… Whaaat?

It takes 10 times more water, agricultural surface and energy to produce a pound of beef than to produce a pound of vegetable, and they’re the same price at grocery store. This make absolutely no rational sense. O blood type populations are natural meat eaters and is the fastest growing blood type population. O blood type people are mostly coming from Africa and Latin America.

Meat consumption has always been survival food in the wild or celebration food, until the  1700 years. When europeans colonized western North America, they had access to 200 Millions wild buffalo pack and billions of big passenger pigeons, now an exinct species. Since then, Americans have perpetuated a traditional bovine meat consumption on a daily basis, passing that lifestyle to future generations. Poor pastoral life became profitable ranching after buffalo population got decimated. Beef cattle is now one of the strongest lobby on the planet.

As a result, the agricultural industry is heavily subsidized, and also controlled by the same main food corporations (Cargill, Coca-Cola, ConAgra, Danone, Del Monte, General Mills, Kellogg, Kraft, Mars, McCain, Nestlé, Ocean Spray, RedBull). The founding corporations of that oligarchy created an entity called Monsanto, to research and develop plants that will take over the agricultural industry, leaving no room nor any legal chance for original organic plants, peasant farming or domestic gardening.

Seeing they were not reaching their agenda fast enough, these corporations accelerated the process creating partnership with the energy oil industry lobby, promoting ethanol, a fuel made from genetically engineered corn. By grabbing most productive lands for fueling cars for the rich instead of feeding a growing hungry world population we’ve created a massive imbalance. By providing unequal privilege to beef and porc production over vegetal and crops, we’ve created a monster. Carneans and meat producers are ferociously defending their positions. In the process, we’ve let Monsanto polluting our underground waters worldwide. It is proven that discarding intensive chemical agriculture and reintroducing more traditional practice, that brings back land productivity in empoverished soils after a while. Some countries are waking up and kicked Monsanto out (Russia, Hungary, etc.)

Food should be a sacred resource, not an asset to trade back and forth on the commodity market. Also, agricultural lands must be used for growing food only, not for fueling cars or planting solar panels.


We need to rediscover the real food regime of the human species. That knowledge has been lost. We are somewhat omnivorous, but mostly vegetarian in nature. Blood type diversity makes it so there is no uniformity in how human beings eat. Every one react differently to each food. A debate rages among schools of thought. Looking at our teeth disposition, we should realize we are crudivorous. Our body is designed primarly for raw vegan food for fruit, vegetables and nuts. Surprisingly, we’re not eaters of grains (wheat, corn, rice) as much as we would thing. Also, we need to reconsider the 4 main groups philosophy, a tool to push the nutritionist profession, controlled by the World Health Organisation, to keep humans away from real dietary awareness. The nutritionist profession was created to promote main corporation foods. Nowadays, many nutritionists are embracing alternate fields such as nutraceutic, naturopathy and dietonics, so we are gradually rediscovering the original way we eat in the wild.

In regards to GMO food, we should ban them, since we do know enough of bad downsides to conclude that they are dangerous. There is a trend in organic food to buy local, to grow your own food, animals, and to watch for eco-certification. Although some countries are blocking their citizens to do so, enforcing laws that prohibit our self-sufficiency in favour of the corporate food model, we are collectively moving toward a more ecological and natural food consumption, with a lesser ecological footprint. Right brainers are always earth lovers and many of them are ready to conquer the land again and become that new peasant generation.

4- Young adults generation sacrifice & children forced workers or abused sex slaves… No comment!

In industrialised countries, baby-boomers had it somewhat easy, although they worked hard to gather wealth. Despite the injustice for other generations, they deserve it. Their generation’s mission was to pave the ground for a better world. Next generations mission is to occupy that ground. The problem is when generations XYZ feed their life hoping the same outcome, listening to the brainwash from mainstream career planning: get a job, stick to it, get married, found a family, buy a house with a 25-40 years mortgage, suck it up, making sure to save enough in RRSP  or 401k, retire at 55 if lucky, or retire at 65 if having no choice. Either way, gathering enough money to plan the next 25 years without any more income is today a huge challenge. Inflation is raging and salairies are have barely improved in the last 15 years, not to mention the unemployment increasing everywhere, especially for young adults. Retirement financial planning unfortunately works for a shrinking minority. As a young adult trying to start life, battering against hormones, society consuming, family desire and expectation, we get whipped as soon as we decide to follow our way. The first financial struggle is seen as failure by some. Today, education is no longer enough to survive. One must have strong mind and good connections to avoid personal insolvency. All this is when you are blessed of being born in a rich country, where you have the chance to experience youth and to feed with dreams.

In developing countries, there are no such a thing as financial planning and retirement for all. That’s a privilege reserved to just to a tiny minority. Most people struggle all their life without a possibility to rest. Young adults are grown to become labour and to die labour.

If you are even more unlucky, you may end up not going to school, find a pity job and make a few pennies to raise your brothers and sisters, because you lost your parents in war. In many countries, if you are girl, you are condemned from the day you are born. Your fate has already been decided and set in stone. You will be sold at the age of 10-12, forced to be married and lose your virginity with a husband you did not chose. You are not even a teenager yet, still a girl…  Endemic poverty is spreading across the world and is passed on generation to generation. Security and career free will is a right, but is instead perceived as a blessing, since so many do not have that chance to chose for themselves.

In a worst case scenario, a child is rape, ending up sex slave for pedophile networks and, sometimes, sacrificed during evil secret society rituals attended by some power elites.


Having access to three meals a day, elementary school, security, stability and love from parents, that should not be a privilege, but a right. There are a lot of international organisations working  to rescue children in deep needs. There is a lot of money involved in humanitarian help. Unfortunately, despite worker’s good intentions, a lot of money goes to pay salaries. The money is also used to bribe rebel ruling over misery lands, because some national armies are not cooperating. Let’s not forget that the bankers who own the central banks are the ones pushing banana republic dictatorships all over the Third World and they are also the one arming both sides, armies and rebels, so chaos persist and land resources become easier to steal. Chaotic countries with populations busy to survive are easy to exploit. Ground work is near to not effective in these circumstances. The effect would be multiplied exponentially if we could cut the private bank hydra’s heads. Network of professionals and the knowledge are more than sufficient to reverse the trend once we established a favourable political climate for cooperation and sustainable development in poor countries. Children are our future. We need to save them all!

3- Private international and central bank network dictating monetary game and bringing the bankruptcy of the World… OK! Enough is enough!

Who is the richest in the World? Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or Carlos Slim? No one of these guys. They each own around G$ 50-75 each. The Rothschild kingpins family’s fortune is estimated at 500 trillions of US dollars, by far the richest group of individuals on the planet. The Rockefeller family comes in with 11,48 trillions USD (1998 estimations). The Queen of England possess properties in Commonwaelth countries estimated at  25 trillions of USD. Vatican’s stock market values is estimated between 1,5 and 15 G$. However, an organisation that provides yearly around 135 G$ to its clerical activities has probably treasures or reserves of trillion of USD worth as well. In comparison, the World’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is 71 trillions of USD a year.

You get the picture, these few individuals are so uber rich that they can buy the entire rest of the World if they wanted to (they actually intend it). How comes we live in a world where there is such a concentration of wealth and power? To make a long story short, the PTW (Power That Was) is a mafia using corporation power, inhuman left brain entities to divert wealth from real human beings and ultimately from human activities. They think and act like machines with no soul or compassion. They deliberately serve a system designed to desintegrate the real economy and the human race. There is one collective mind, artificial soul, running the show, and hoping to replace sentient being souls by clones, robots and machines. The private banking system is just one step down the process. To give you an example, 90% of the stock market transactions are not anymore made by true people, but by algorithms set to concentrate money among corporate interest only. Bankers and their lackeys have created a parallel artificial economy called derivatives, worth quadrillion of collateral junk bonds. World banking regulation have allowed commercial banks to swap loans between each other and create teranormous amount of money, dwarfing the real economy. They were literally able to transfer wealth at will just by pressing buttons and punching numbers. That’s how powerful they were. up They lost access to collateral accounts a few years ago, thanks to hackers working for the goos side. They don’t punch numbers anymore, and are force to trade equally with the rest of the planet.

They have been forced to use drugs and oil smuggling through proxy armies in order to keep the bribery machine running, but they are clearly running out of cash. The only thing they can do at this point is to kick the can down the road, until running out, what United States has been doing for so long, then to force austerity measures or create more stimulus (quantitative easings, basic minimum garanteed income for all, other helicopter money), and finally to shut down and dried out.


It has been proven over and over again in history, when money control is dictated by private banking system, it always ends up in catastrophe. Money must be nationalised and controlled by the State, aka owned by the population. Money should not be owned and manipulated at will by private central and commercial banks as it is the case these days. We have to use electronic digital transaction system for information and data only, not as a financial tool to steal and control, despite the secure and quite peace such a system provides. It is a dangerous tool for powerful group to takeover, especially when they are malevolent. BRICS alliance wants to erase the artificial collateral economy and reinstate gold standard, so 100% of activities take place in the real economy in the future. One way or another, sooner or later, debts will have to be forgiven and the system reset, because this system is not sustainable anymore. The way indebtedness is spiralling right now is bringing the whole planet in hell. That mathematical certainty will not be stopped unless we erase all debt or replace the current corrupt economy framework from A to Z.

2- The ego cult and the low energy vibration… Oh my God!

The artificial rogue soulless intelligence of fallen angels and archons trying to takeover life on this planet is dualistic and feeds from destruction. Its polarity is of male energy (Yang) andis egocentric by definition. Human males have dominated and  tortured women for so long that they became ignorant of the importance of balance between male and female energy in the universe. They turned masochist, pervert and deviant, trying to exclude the woman from being considered a person. In some countries, the imbalance is such that woman are tortured for not being virgin anymore or simply just to be a woman, for the pleasure of toturing and increasing hate toward women.

Ego misuse leads to selfishness, fear, paranoia and eventually destruction. The male ego has exagerated, and that can be seen in the hierarchy structure. Only big egos are at the top. The elite establishment of this World have been ruling, mastering and controlling human species energy at different level of vibration, always trying to lower it down:

– spiritual, magic, psi, extrasensory abilities

– information

– money

– fuel

– food

The scheme used by our elite class is always the same:

To not let masses be aware of the extrasensory nature of things perceived by the right brain. Masses must have access only to 5 senses perception. Everything else must be discredited. This way they will never access their higher self or tap to their soul. Provide them left brain rational information, control the money currency and the fuel tap, then starve them so they will beg for food and do whatever you ask them to do in order to survive. Place them in a position where the State is everything and they are nothing.

Unfortunately, masses are waking up. We have access to spiritual forces and alternative news. We will make it through.


We need to regain the control of money, release free energy to stop environmental destruction. We also have to stop disinformation organisation, denounce monotheistic religion behavior excess toward women, expose secret society rites and arrest members who perpetrated criminal and murderous activities in those close circles, in the name of an oath and secret law. We need to force these members to surrender and cooperate in tearing apart their organisation, or else been jailed. We need to flatten the pyramidal society structure, working as team. We must report publicly the atrocities committed over centuries by empires and their secret organisations. We need to stop enslavement of masses, by restoring Charter of Rights and Freedoms and to apply it.

1- Lack of heart and left-right brain imbalance; global scale frequency issue and Humanity disharmony… This is it!

Everything that is not in resonance or in harmony with this planet and its inhabitant must be taken down, otherwise the world will blow up as it is growing. This blog is dedicated to expose the lack of right brain usage and to teach new avenues of looking at the brain hemispheres lateralization theory.


Subscribe to that blog and follow carefully publication of articles to promote a culture pushing the importance right hemisphere of the brain. Some new revelation are about to come very soon!

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By: Christian Theberge

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