Living with a predominant right brained person is not always simple, but it could be very exciting. After all, the heart speaks truth and right brainers are looking just for co-creating and expressing their individuality with another being sharing the same ultimate goal.

Love partnership is one of the best therapy to learn how to confine your ego to the strict role of survival instinct, challenge you to raise your vibe and tune up your frequencies to a better equilibrium. Right brained persons are excellent teachers at that.

This article was written as if you are a female reader and you have a male partner. However, the content of this article works the other way around too if you are a man. And if you are homosexual, man or woman, that article content works for you either.

1- Be aware he’s a predominant right brainer

Understanding the brain lateralization theory helps explaining why a significant portion of the population suffers trying to integrate the left brained society system. A lot of individuals managed to make it through, but when partners are from different predominant hemisphere, they spend years and years trying to understand each other without finding an explanation frame.

2- Make sure he’s aware of his right brain predominance

Your partner may be aware he’s a right brainer, but if you don’t let him know that, it will just widen the gap of awareness between you and him, not helping your couple at all. Make sure you and him are on the same page. Even if he disagree with the left-right brain theory, at least make sure he knows what you think.

3- Be prepared for rollercoaster

Left brained people have a much easier tendency to comply with the average class lifestyle model  »study-work-marriage-house-family-career-success-retirement » promoted by society then right brained ones. Although many right brainers also succeeded in that lifestyle model, the large majority of them will suffer or simply won’t make it at all. As steady and consistent in that goal left brainers tend to be, as unpredictable right brainers life can is, making it tough to do both, to satisfy the society system and to listen to their feelings. Right brainers will always follow their heart, even when it is contracdictory to society’s advice. That never pays off well in terms of money on the short term. Perhaps, that pays up in experience and we mostly see right brainer’s metamorphosis later in life. In the meantime, you will have to support their tumultuous life adventure. They are in search of their true self and the quest is not easy. They will drag you in an exciting journey if you can see it this way.

4- Don’t take your relationship too seriously

Life is a game, a reality show in the real world. Since your love story is also a game, don’t take it too seriously. What’s important is to participate and have fun. If a left brained person goal in life is to succeed, a right brained person’s goal is to chill. In life, right brainers have strong impact on their close circle. The heart always prevail over the intellect at the end.

5- Don’t take anything for granted

Since you don’t know what to expect from your relationship with your right brained partner, it’s better not to know it, because you would be scared. As you grow up and evolve, what’s ahead becomes easier to deal with. At some point, if you transcend your own barriers, life becomes easy not matter what happens. A right brain partner will teach you this: to be happy in the present moment!

6- Make sure you love him (and yourself) unconditionally

Sometimes you may ask yourself why you ended up with a right brained person. Unconsciously, that’s what you wanted and needed. Since everything happens for a reason, that reason might be that you listened to your soul call, which is to opt over evolution over stagnation. After all, your life would have been stable but maybe boring living with a classic left brainer. Don’t question the heart. As long as there is spark between you and him, that love relationship is still for you. Just be thankful to him. Love him unconditionally. Smile and enjoy the ride!

7- Understand that school of life is the real one

You went far into the school system? He did not? Don’t use this as an excuse to make you right most of the time. Odds are he went to school of life more intensively than you did. Do not neglect the power of experience. If he has luck in social game to the point here that frustrates you, he may be a master with the invisible.

8- Believe in the invisible, energy forces and beyond

Usually, he’s attracted by the invisibe. He probably was at an early age. He may have discovered some psychic power and you will testify sooner than later. Don’t take it bad if he’s gifted and you’re not as much. Just learn from him. You do have power in yourself too. All you need is to express yourself, discover your own skills and fine tune it. He will help you doing that.

9- Be ready to deal with weird mental stuff

One thing that is particular with right brainers, is they live in several parallel space time realities of different vibration levels simultaneously. That’s how they pull trigger of psi stuff when their consciousness is focussed on the higher reality. But it can also create them problem when their vibratory rate is low, such as misunderstanding. They experience a different realities than ours. In your reality, your right brained partner get caught doing something wrong, but not in his. To protect yourself, you show them the tape. If you have no proof, they will argue until their side wins. That’s often the result of conflict and miscommunication. Protect your couple by ensuring you chose a right brained partner that vibrates highly.

10- Do not criticize him for not reaching your expectations

Right brainers are prone to concrete experiment, not to theoritical stuff. They make lots of mistakes. That’s normal, it’s the learning process when using experience. You make mistakes too. What matters is to make sure nobody is controlling your partner’s life. He is looking for joyful accomplishment and individuality expression, not to sacrifice its own self for the sake of household stability. Don’t have too many expectations, otherwise your ego will be whipped.

11- Be easy going

Ego battle is a huge factor in a love relationship. Ego taming is one of the main keys along with communication and self love in a successful sentimental life. If your ego is too strong, his own ego will rise up soon or late to bring you down. Do not underestimate the dormant volcano within, even if he’s a calm person. Instead, work on yourself to become an easy going partner that follow the flow. That will also help in every aspect of your life.

12- Be yourself

He’s genuine. He expects the same from you. He can also read mind easily. If you are playing a game, he will figure it out soon or late. If you are generally a fake person, you won’t even make it to the beginning of a relationship with a strong right brainer. He will size you right away and you’ll be discarded automatically. That rules goes on all along the relationship. Always be yourself.

13- Be patient

Right brainers are engaged in a lifelong mission: to find their true self. They take an entire life to do so. Some of them enjoy their journey. Unfortunately, most others have a hard time to find happiness and self-love. That’s their business. Be patient. You may wait decades before the perl in the shell shows up, but it will be worth it, it’s a promise.

14- Trust him

Sadly, many predominant right brained persons end up being a lost case and die without finding and express their true mission of life. When that’s the case they’re easy to identify. They have so many personal problems that you have already ran away. Stable right brainers are on their way to reach their full potential and they mostly will. You can make sure a steady partner will eventually become an amazing person. The rough diamond in becoming needs your trust. Living life with a right brainer is a long term investment.

15- Encourage him when he feels tired and take him out of his low vibe state

A right brainer’s roller coaster life is not always easy to experience. Many of them have faced their inner demons and are still fighting with them once in a while. When up, they are wonderful human beings. When they’re in a down, low vibe invisible entities are trying to drag them down. They need to get out of that vibratory state. Please do not blame your partner for being down, or the situation will be aggravated. Encourage your partner to get out of the depressive state and do something fun to drag him out of the low vibe vortex he was stuck in.

16- Give him space and talk when necessary

If your right brained partner does not listen to you anymore, maybe that’s because you talk too much. Communication is important, but that’s not just a verbal thing, especially if your partner is visual or telepathic and you are auditive. He can get tired of that. When he shows sign of desperation about you, give him space and silence. Do not apologize so he forget your talking excess, allowing you to start the ball again later. Instead, learn how to communicate differently, or at least learn to manage a healthy communication environment for your sensitive lover.

17- Demonstrate your point concretely

If you are a predominantly left brained person, you may have to be convinced so you adopt new knowledge. Legitimately, you think everybody else needs to be convinced too. Not your right brained partner. He knows right away what’s right or wrong for him. If you are right, don’t waste energy explaining your point of view. Just demonstrate it. He will quickly change his mind.

18- Be prepared to change your conceptions

Do not assume mainstream lifestyle is the right one just because it provides stability and security. He will prove you that life is’nt just that. If that’s how you see life, you better be prepared mentally to change your conceptions because you will have to… or you will break up.

By: Christian Theberge

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