You may have already asked yourself why some people are so lucky. Everything seems to go well for them, while others seem to be just bad luck magnets. And worse, why people afflicted by misfortune are often the nicest ones and the first ones to fall in battle. This article will try to clarify that paradigm opposing chance, the left brain predominance percetion, to synchronicity, perceived from a predominant right brain perspective.


We say you make your own luck. That means everyone is responsible for their own destiny, and you create your luck, good or bad. So chance is not random. Is it as easy as just deciding to be lucky? Almost.

We have to understand that chance perceived by the ego is different than chance coming from the higher self. The ego wants to keep control. Reason, emotion and passion are powerful instruments that the ego knows how to use to its own advantage. Ego wants specific short-term results and to maintain a spectrum of fear to avoid failure and suffering. Egocentric beings separated from, and in confrontation with, their reality will see enemies everywhere, will be in perpetual war against their own existence and will unfortunately develop bad habits, such as manipulation and anger. Chance can materialize tangibly in a context of insanity because it was desired so strongly. It may bring short-term satisfaction, but will also plunge people deeper into their toxic reality in the long term. People who put down others to feel stronger will end up isolated. Because these people are never satisfied with their reality, their lives are never good enough. They will become frustrated and, sooner or later, misfortune will prevail. They will be clueless and have no solution for the impasse facing them. Then the slope to climb will be very steep.

On the other hand, a profile of lucky and happy people exists. They may make mistakes, but they are living in harmony and unity with their existential universe, and they are so well connected with their higher self that they interpret what seems a misfortune to some as a blessing. They know how to turn fate to their favor. These people are often perceived as underdogs, but every time we observe their cursed life, we see they have progressed and reached further stages in their march toward self-realisation. The closer we examine them and see who they really are, the more their resourcefulness is revealed and the more what we call chance seems to smile on them.

How do we reach that stage where everything seems to fall perfectly into place?

Inner reflection

When body and spirit are in harmony, a holistically healthy being will be vigorous and full of energy. When the same beings reach equilibrium—when both brain hemispheres are balanced and connected in a full state of conciousness—the existential universe manifested by their higher selves will be as harmonious as the harmony they carry within.

The Mayas had an expression, In lak’ech Ala K’in, which means «the other is the reflection of me». This greeting reflects our inner peace or our inner fears, but our whole existential universe does as well. Pay attention to signs from your loved ones. They are closer to us and so bring a more significant exchange of feelings.

Those who touch our hearstrings or hurt our feelings may not do it intentionnally. They expose our weaknesses and what we need to work on within ourselves. Personal issues challenge us and call up open-mindedness, a thirst for knowledge and the perpetual questionning of our abilities to become reflexes. Our higher self tells us to break the ego’s resistance in order to let go of our fears. Once that step is behind us, we are on the way to self realisation.


When the quest for our higher self has begun in full-heart mode, happy unexpected phenomena come about. The probability of these events ocurring is close to zero, yet they jump in our faces with growing frequency as we grow up. One example of such an event is what we call the time prompt phenomenon, when we spontaneously look at the time on a digital clock to see repeated numerals (e.g. 11:11). But there are many more. These beacons are telling us that we are on the right track.

In the English world, we call them serendipities. The Three Princes of Serendip (Ceylon, now Sri Lanka) by Horace Walpole , is a tale of three little princes who always end up finding a happy way to escape misfortune.

Internationally we call it synchronicity. Synchronicity is a serious subject of study in Jungian psychology. Synchronicity makes you feel a specialness when experiencing the unusual that baffle the laws of probality. Your first thoughts are, “Unbelievable,” “I can’t believe it,” “How could that happen,” “That’s impossible,” “Wow!” We are stunned by the unforgettable that is synchronicity. Right after a synchronicity, we feel special reassuring emotions. That’s exactly what synchronicity is all about. Your higher self is sending you a message:

“The path you have chosen is the right one. Here is my blessing. Keep walking this way.”


To better understand synchronicity, the intellect must admit that the answer lies somewhere other than in logic. The opposite of logic is . . . quantum.

The left brain is used to rationnally understand what is complex using sequential simplification. The right brain is used to understand complexity and make something magnificent out of simplicity. In spirit quantum, energy seems chaotic, but what seems to be disorder is, in fact, a totally conscious force driving everything harmoniously. The living world is quantum by nature. Living beings come and go, pulsating in union with nature, as if everything were orchestrated behind the scenes.

Synchronisation of events in a particular reality of time and space creates scenarios that will shape the life-course of the person or organisation that experiences them, what is called “timing.”

What seems to be chance is nothing but the divine manifestation of good timing. What was originally a true desire in harmony with a person’s identity has been transformed into reality by an integration process designed to change the person’s manifestation of their existential universe, along with realities of others involved in a broader reality.

And we must remember to distinguish ritual timing from spiritual timing. The ego directs the reinforcement of anchored rituals to be increasingly effective in the absolute emptiness of satisfying egocentric or inferior self-desires. The higher self invites the expression of desires that are in harmony with the being’s essence.

Do you fervently desire good timing to manifest in your life?

Your higher self is begging you to. You must listen to it.!

By: Christian Theberge

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