Here is one of my favorite topics. Everybody knows what I’m going to talk about: money. Financial professionals will tell you  »ah! money is easy, it’s just something rational. That is true, when money is confined and controlled by an hyperrational digital information system, it has no other choice than to obey to the restricting logic. However, in a free market economy, money behave like quantum energy. Money is just that, a fluid of exchange between different agents. Money is neither rational or irrational, but just following the flow regardless of the system it is regulated by.

In the actual economic system, money serves bankers interest and disadvantages populations. If we could bring back the current financial and fiscal monetary (logical) system or at least its politics toward a market economy (quantum) freed from the debt spiral we’re in, then money would serve populations. How is money behaving like in a free system? Like enery!

This article revisit money in its primitive state, when it’s still energy-like. Even if  acces to money has become complicated, basic principles remain the same. Networking is a key in business development.


Classic physics, from Newton to Einstein, manages to rationally demonstrate the mathematical link between many laws from several disciplines: astrophysics, mechanics, electromagnetic field, wave optics and thermodynamics.

Everything worked well together until quantum physics arrived on the scene. Planck’s quanta theory was created to explain the behaviour of atoms and gave birth to a completely separate and legitimate science. Quantum physics shocked scientists by exposing classic theories applied to the living world and plasma surfaces. With quantum physics we can only conclude that there is not only a deterministic influence, but also a universal consciousness, in everything, especially in the living world. The mathematical conversion of natural quantum behaviour is extremely complex.

Until today, the quantum world was the exclusive domain of the physics arena. But for a few years now, thinkers from all spheres are paying increasing attention to quantum theories. The time when science was the only belief system to explain and integrate quantum theories is now gone. Philosophy, science fiction, psychology and spirituality are all in the mix.

Orgone and subtle energies

In the 1950s , Wilhelm Reich worked on several projects demonstrating that a theoretical element called orgone, which could be measured by electroscopy, had enormous reach and impacted a wide variety of areas. Every living being resides in a bioelectric universe. The Tesla coil was designed to collect this energy from the air. The energy surrounds living beings, but under a more stable immaterial version forming a layer over the physical body.

Every human being possesses their own bioelectric «aura», called orgone by Occidentals and chi by Orientals, a well from which they can draw. That vital energy exists in high concentration in seeds, fruits, eggs and babies . While growing, living beings squander their reservoirs while learning how to replenish their bioenergetic body from the air around them. People in harmony with their existential universe may have a superior predisposition to live consciously in the present and improve their capacity to collect and optimize use of this subtle energy. Ascetics have been able to survive years without eating food, getting nourishment only from microcosm ic subtle energy intake.

A complex energy and privilege called ”Money”

For thousands of years, we have adapted to a world, or ecosystem, where we are forced to depend on complex energies from coins and paper money to debt products, as well as derivatives and digital currency. In a complicated jungle where debit and credit are controlled by corporations, separate agents from the human race, this complex energy called money can be difficult to manage. Saving-debt equilibrium becomes harder and harder to maintain in a world where debt is easily obtained and almost inevitable. Happily, subtle energies (orgone) and basic physical energies (fuel, wood, food, water) are still available and always will be.

A well-trained left brain is useful for tallying someone’s assets. But creating assets requires energy, and it is the right brain that plays this role. Work is a form of energy performed in exchange for remuneration. But most of the time, work is underestimated, undervalued and underpaid by those who control profit for their own benefit. Investment has become a necessary route for those who plan retirement or a better future. We can invest in the stock market or safe financial products that have a lower risk, but this results in lower profit. There are always winners and losers. Investment in a business, market development and entrepreneurship can be a secondary activity that works for some and can bring a standard of living that otherwise would not be possible with a single profession or job. However, businesses do not always work on the first try and the significant risk of failure has a cooling down effect on most of us.

Is there a way to guarantee success in investment or in business? No, but the best idea is to always invest in what we know and understand. What do we know best? Our own self…

The power of networking

We can’t say it often enough: successful business relies on networks. The first idea that comes in mind when we talk about network is potential access to a significant pool of money. Well, begging passionately for money among our network relationships can kill the network. The network’s first role must be to interconnect all contacts so as to reach a few potential partners in several ways. Our partners may attract the funds eventually if they believe in your project and you don’t burn the steps . If you are lucky, from the start there will be affluent people or financial angels in your network and that is great. But most of the time things do not happen that way.

A human being is like a program or an application. You must perform updates on a regular basis to avoid glitches and that is done through relationships with others. By body fields quantum exchange , human connections open portals to other space-time continuums that are closer to the divine essence than the one preceding the relationship. If you are in unity and harmony with your existential universe, a beneficial change in reality will occur every time a new being enters your existence. Depending on your degree of open-mindedness, you will feel a renewal with each new relationship you establish.

By: Christian Theberge

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