Our society teach us how to reach glory, success, performance, perfection, making it complicated, whilst we are struggling to simplifiy that path and make it more human. After all we just want to be happy.  Such a conclusion, as simple as it is, can be complicated to execute. Instead of focussing on our inner goals, we tend to please others, to the point where we forget ourselves. How comes  is inner peace so hard to find, sometimes at the cost of an entire lifetime of pain and struggle? 

For an analytic warrior in duality mode, the purpose of life is to reach glory. For a synthetic artist, the goal of life is consecration. For an accomplished and balanced person, a goal is to reach success, and for the most evolved ones, self realization. But bottom line, the common and unanimous goal to reach for everyone is happiness and well-being. This article assesses some of the pits we are prone to fall in on the path toward the self.

Glory and perfection

We say glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever, and it’s important to understand what glory is. When we triumph over adversity, we gain a moment of glory. But because everything is cyclic, we must do battle again and again to feel that fleeting moment of glory once more. Sooner or later, we come up against our nemesis and must surrender. Even the greatest warriors, undefeated or not, wind up in a dual where they finally lose for good. That’s the nature of duality. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

The counterpart of this concept is that winning without risk is a triumph without glory. Either by going to war in duality or in separation from the oneness, or either trying to make one through the conquest of the self , in both cases one must assume the potential risk and stress that comprises such a path. The stress can be positive if you know how to trust your higher self and perceive pitfalls as experimentation and preparation, not as misfortune. Because everything happens for a reason, what looks like an obstacle ends up being a learning curve, a test or even a blessing—a gift offered by the higher self and the law of attraction .

The glory attached to conquering and defeating never lasts, though, success through self-realization will shine on you for the rest of your existence. Glory is not given to anyone. One must be privileged to overtake everybody else and be the survivor. Yet that moment of ego apotheosis vanishes and finally, we realized all the sacrifices and battles we came through during all those years was useless.

Then why do we persist on following standards that were not defined in our interest? Perfectionism is an obsession that repulses employers and creates derivate feelings such as expectation, irritation, frustration, an increased focus toward the mask we wear in society and worst, more power under ego control.

Success and fame

As a teenager, you must have had that uncle or aunt who had tons of advises to provide you about a successful life, beginning by chosing prestigious study field, stay focus on a well planned and controlled life. Of course, you to wish your life be so straightforward, but the gap between your dear family member and your soul’s desires is probably as wide as an ocean, so you feel torn apart between bringing satisfaction to those who you love and that weird feeling inside of  »that’s not really what I want », but you don’t dare say a word because you don’t want to disappoint. And if you have the balls to tell your uncle to take care of his own business, now will can you display as much courage toward the entire society… What is the summum for your that uncle and a standard for society may be just a painful feeling for your gut. Getting satisfying academic results is just bottom line. You have your attention on your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend  or that trip with a group from school at the end of the year. In short, you want to live like a human, but the response from your reality is we expect you to become a machine. Once again, because every individual perceives things differently, we must be careful not to let our five senses dictate our perception of reality.

Unconscious fears of failing or offending others could surface. When fear from a blockage is consciously recognized, the best therapy is to face it. We will realize every time that our fear was over something negligible. If we do not overcome a fear and confront it the first time, there will always be a second chance. Eventually, a convinced, determined and tenacious human being will overcome the fears and challenges that prevent him from fulfilling its potential, as long as that potential is in harmony with the divine essence. False idealization and perception of our own capacities and limits can play nasty tricks, such as the importance of experimentation in life when we are young and have enough energy to bounce back easily. People that readily test their capacities and learn to recover following a painful experience develop the skill to draw energy from within like magic when all energy should have already been spent.

What is perceived as failure from the past, but should be called experiments, is a necessary element of the road to success. Those who do not experience failure early in life always end up hitting bottom one day. How do we get back to the surface when we have not learned to swim, when we have always had a boat to carry us?

A painful experience is always a success, because it is a learning. The only setback is remaining in your comfort zone and resisting the call to change.

What is the goal in life?

Do you ask yourself the following questions on a regular basis: a) Who am-I? b) Why am-I in this world? c) What’s my ultimate goal in this lifetime?

One thing is for sure, we must exercise the often-neglected right brain, exploit the full potential of your holistic heart, and improve the mediumnic state of trance all advanced artist experience when in expressive or inspiration mode. It is as if a supreme conductor were guiding their arms and fingers as they write, paint or play an instrument. By daring to exercise the right brain outside of your comfort zone, you will discover skills and abilities that you did not know you had. You will then be better fit to face that fascinating universe in which we experience life.

Make your life a masterpiece. It’s never too late to begin. Imagine your craziest dreams. Be hyper-ambitious, without feeding expectations higher than your ambitions. Expectations are a trap to be avoided as they often originate in the left-brain. If you realize 1% of your craziest dreams, you will succeed in life. And, as the path to personal realization brings you closer to knowing your divine essence, that proportion increases. 10% of my craziest dreams? Wow!

In theory, if you are your pure higher self, you would fulfill 100% of your wildest dreams. In practice, reaching the self is an illusion, which is the beauty of life. It keeps us pushing our personal limits and boundaries.


Happiness is a state of gratitude. It is not a state of glory or success. Appreciating what we have is not a given for everyone. If you are in a constant state of discontent, you may be better off working on yourself now, because there is a long way to go before reaching happiness.

We all want to be happy, yet we need to be thankful, but not passive and masochist . We must stand up, shoulder the responsibility of self-realization and be proud at all times of taking part in the process. Nobody will do it for us. If we are on the way to success and self-realization, the pride we feel could be enough to drag happiness into the present moment, and to each instant all along that inner journey to the self. Seeing small moments of happiness pass is a guarantee of success. Reaching the goals you set out at the beginning has no importance anymore, because you now know how to be yourself and are comfortable in your skin. There you go! You have already accomplished what the large majority of human beings fail to acquire in their lifetimes: self-love.

Aspiring to who we are

Because life is a process of evolution, we also aspire to a certain level of life. Take note that the further you are from your divine essence when you decide to engage the process, the greater effort you will need to initiate momentum. You must also make sure you do not go too far to fulfill your wildest dreams. 10% should be enough, especially if you descended far into the trench of delinquency during your lifetime. The amount of energy required should decrease as you get closer to your divine essence. You must take advantage of the network effect and dispatch your tasks to take advantage of the strength in numbers. If you work increasingly harder to maintain the setup designed to live from your passion, there is a problem. Towards the end, you must spend most of your energy on your passion itself and on your loved ones.

Identifying aspirations is not an easy task because it relies on us knowing ourselves.

Do you know yourself well as a person, as a human being?

If you are not able to write a few pages describing who you are, you may not be ready for the greatest initiation. The most difficult, but also the most rewarding that you can offer to your being: knowing, realizing, finding the self.

By: Christian Theberge

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