Happiness can be found in contentment, but also in ambition. Very ambitious dreams, or craziest dreams, can be interpreted as the sign of a big ego, but if the realisation process is made in a positive way, life becomes filled with pride, glee, bloom and achievement. The we say life is fulfilled.

To make crazy dreams come true, one needs to master the self and some spiritual laws of Universe, such as the law of attraction. Here is a 9 steps process leading to the materialisation of any dream in resonance with the soul.

1- Be conscious of your identity

Everyone is unique. We all have our own personality. Why is this so important? What we call individuality or essence is your identity. A principle of the Creation is to create every single biological life form distinct from any other individual of the same species. In other words. There is no replica. We are all equals in the eye of the universe. We are all cocreating a whole. The way we find our place in that whole is by expressing our individuality.

2- Have a desire for something, an intention to experience it

Uniqueness leads to self expression. Each individual’s role in this Creation lies in the collective information field. Our subconscious constantly communicates with the information field and receive instructions through DNA. Then the signal is processed through the heart by resonance, then sent to the brain, where thoughts become consciousness. Our inspiration dictated by the collective information field through becomes a push to achieve a mission in this life or an intention.

3- Generate creative thoughts

Gradually, we become aware of a mission our universe is calling our individuality to manifest. Since we are still young and inexperienced in life when we receive our first signs, we may waive the call to satisfy our short term ego requests. Eventually, the calling becomes stronger as we grow up into a mature adult being. We need to listen to these wake up signals and begin to work on ourselves. Bit by bit, we began thinking about these dreams who are becoming obsessing, that we can no longer ignore because they clarify as we accept to embrace them. We desire so much to experience our goals the we try to recreate the fulfillment by any mean. Thoughts is the only access right now.

4- Visualize

Once we have a pretty good idea of what our dreams are and that we are convicted to achieve them, the next step is to have a vision of what our life may look like when we reach fulfillment. Thoughts of what is ahead of us are crystal clear. Now it’s time to forecast the manifestation and to come up with a game plan. The more we visualize it correctly, the more vivid it feels like, the closer we get to the manifestation.

5- Let go fears

We are living this life to experience our dreams. We are fully aware of being in that mission. We would like to fulfill our dreams now, but obviously that’s not even close from happening because there are still some obstacles paving the way. We need to work on mastering the self. One of the toughest step is to let go the blockages that prevent us from evolving and as well the limiting beliefs. We need to step out of our comfort zone and reprogram our brain so we detach ourselves from the belief system and the matrix that enslaved each of us. We need a purification.

6- Take a direction

To become ourselves, we need to stand up and walk. Most of the time, we don’t know which direction to take. That does not really matter. Everything happens for a reason no matter what we do. We are where we are supposed to be, as long as we listen to our heart first. Everything will eventually sets into place.

7- Gain momentum

Once we’ve figured out the direction we need to take in order to achieve our goals, we need to step up our game and become a better person. To do that, we need to increase our vibration, in other words to rise up our frequency. How does that work? By having a positive attitude, by taking care of ourselves and by learning how to master the universal laws and ourselves.

8- Reach the proper vibration level

You have the feeling to be a master of life, but you are still awaiting for your dream to manifest? Then it’s is not about effort anymore, but about adjustment. Instead of chasing your dreams, let them come to you. In the meantime, have fun enjoy life and just do what you have to do. Don’t forget that everyone’s destiny is different. Some dreams require a long gestation period. Sometimes an entire lifetime. Act as if the dream was already there. Do not forget to remind the universe of your dreams request. Be precise in the manifestation form you are looking for, but stay open not to miss the opportunity.

9- Keep your state until your dream manifests

Dreams will eventually come true, perhaps not necessarily as you have conceived them in the first place. Usually, universe knows what’s good for you. Your request may have been tainted with imperfection. What universe will send you will be amazingly perfect.

(Adaptation du processus de la maîtrise du timing, tiré du livre La maîtrise du timing, THÉBERGE , 2013)

By: Christian Theberge

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