What is the difference between a true dream and a false dream? It’s easy to get derailed by our ego’s desire. Today’s materialistic world offers so much artificial information that many of us will be mislead by the mirage of consumption, duality, violence and emptiness. The present guide is designed and has been simplified to help you to figure out if you are on the right path of a fulfilled life, or not.

The process

A purpose driven life is to reach goals. Absence of goals in life will lead you nowhere, maybe to death. So settings goals help you to stay motivated. A common unanimous goal everyone shares is to be happy. In order to succeed, you need to be aligned with your higher self. Not only do you have to know yourself, but you have to be yourself. That can only be obtained by going through a diversity and a certain amount of life experience. Here is the process:

Know yourself → Express yourself → Be yourself → Set goals → Move ahead → Experience happiness

So how do we know if we are on the right path to happiness?

Do you know what your ultimate goal in life is? Close your eyes for a minute and imagine how you would feel when your goal has been accomplished. Does that make you feel happy?

A) Write down your CURRENT ultimate goal in life. Try to draw a global portrait of how your life will look like once this current goal is achieved. If you have not just one goal but many, you can write down a different goal for each main area of life (health, wealth, career, couple & family, relationships). Make sure you come up with a clear vision of each one before going to the next step. Don’t jump to step B until you have done all the work. The more you take this step seriously, the more this guide will work for you. Take a few hours or days if necessary.

B) Without taking a look at step C yet, in the table right below, chose the most significant emotion felt while perceiving your future main goal or for each area of life:

Powerfulness Unworthiness Joy Relief Optimism
Sadness Acceptance Trust Submission Hopefulness
Terror Contentment Love Fear Annoyance
Passion Negativism Satisfaction Helplessness Appreciation
Jealousy Frustration Enthusiasm Freedom Worrying


C) The list below shows you how much each emotion ranks. Calculate the points for the five ones you’ve picked:

0 pt        Terror

0 pt        Fear

0 pt        Sadness

0 pt        Helplessness

0 pt        Submission

1 pt        Unworthiness

1 pt        Negativism

1 pt        Frustration

1 pt        Jealousy

1 pt        Worrying

2 pts      Relief

2 pts      Contentment

2 pts      Acceptance

2 pts      Satisfaction

2 pts      Annoyance

5 pts      Hopefulness

5 pts      Trust

5 pts      Optimism

5 pts      Enthusiasm

5 pts      Passion

10 pts    Appreciation

10 pts    Joy

10 pts    Freedom

10 pts    Love

10 pts    Powerfulness

D) Look at your score through the chart below. You may recognize symptomatic pattern or trends in your life right now and you will find out what type of dreamer you are:

0-10 pts Addiction, desperation, depression, suicide ideas Illusion dreamer
11-20 pts Stress, anxiety, desire of change for much better Fantasy dreamer
21-30 pts Comfort zone, self protection, conform to norm Expectation dreamer
31-40 pts Momentum, empowerment, willingness for more Aspiration dreamer
41-50 pts Self-accomplishment and goals overachievement Crazy dreamer

E) Based on your type of dreamer you are right now, check the chart below to identify a problem associated with your life patterns and what solution you need to apply:

Illusion dreamer Sabotage of your life, lost the fight Start fighting for your life
Fantasy dreamer Dissatisfaction with current reality Change your attitude
Expectation dreamer Mislead by ideals, others or society Get out of your comfort zone
Aspiration dreamer Break transgenerational spasm, achieve destiny, but can do more Step up your game
Crazy dreamer Go crazy on goals, overachieve life, have no problem with life outcome Wow! You know how to make a dream come true


Here are a few tips to help you along your way:

– Reality is better than fiction. Don’t be held by your limiting beliefs. Go crazy on your dreams.

– Life is too short. There is so many happy moments to enjoy. Do not hesitate in chasing your dreams.

– Follow your heart. Your gut feeling will tell you what you truly want from this life.

– Realize just 10% of all your craziest dreams and you will have a happy life ending.

(La liste des émotions est adaptée de l’échelle des émotions d’Abraham-Hicks)

Références: http://www.ecoreality.org/wiki/Emotional_guidance_scale

By: Christian Theberge

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