We all live in a common space-time continuum matrix where chronological time enslave us into a five senses perception of reality. That artificial matrix has been implemented by artificial dualistic forces from our universe. Although each of us have all the tools not to be bothered by dark entities archonic and chimeric interference, we are still prompted to fail to the temptation.

One of the tool they use to bemuse us, is by capturing instant in specific parallel space-time, using a device we call  »camera ». The problem with catching moments is we interfere with our destiny. In other words, we live in a multiverse, an infinity of possible life scenarios. That infinity recreates itself at every instant, allowing us to chose at will how individually and collectively we want to create and co-create our existential universe.

When we take a picture or a video of ourselves, we bring back souvenirs that are no longer in resonance with who we are becoming. The low vibration or dissonance can or influence us, or bring us back into the a state of being belonging to a different reality than the current space-time we’re in today.

Since we must live in the present moment, we have to be careful on how we manage our memories from the past so they don’t annihilate our efforts to become a better person, to become ourselves. That also applies on the collective level. Past residuals can trigger detrimental effect on our present. Here are 6 reasons why.

1-  »A picture can stealing your soul… »

In many cultures around the World, among Mayas, Incas and many more, there is a popular belief that if a tourist take a picture of your body, your soul will be stolen. Although a picture cannot take your soul away, some wise people may have understood consciously or unconsciously the danger related to the capture of a present moment in someone’s life. They must have known all the potential for negativity and darkness to exploit unawaken human beings, so they created a spectrum of fear around photography and cinematography revolving around the most important part of a human being in these culture: our soul. This way they were able to prevent their brothers and sisters to be exposed to that danger for a while.

Nowadays, camera device are everywhere and we use them on a daily basis for souvenirs with our beloved ones, but also for selfies and for proving our testimonies. We like to take a picture of ourselves alone or with friends when we line up for a special sale or when we sit in a famous restaurant, café, lounge or bar. The  »rubberneck mentality » is enhanced by the easy access to image capture device. When we take a selfie in an accident scene rather than helping victims, then we are losing our souls…

2- Timeline trap

Yet, these memories can help us in difficult moments in life when we remember these wonderful moments. However, we could also block ourselves from growing up and evolving toward our new inner self when we constantly go back to memories. Living in the past is not living in the present moment and therefore leads to melancholy and then depression, if we abuse of those others parallel space-time energies.

Today’s  modern cities security services have installed high resolution surveillance video camera everywhere. Your privacy no longer exist in public when you walk in downtown. Authorities vibrates at a certain rates and want to keep the population in a specific level of vibration so the governments and corparations they’re servings interests can keep on playing the control game. Above a certain vibration rate, civil populations are no longer victims of the secrecy, control and can create positive realities at will without any more low effect from those who are still grabbing on them.

Zbgniew Brzezinsky, one of the top elite world order executant state one day: «populations we are dealing with these days are politically awaken…» when addressing a speech to other elitocratic members of the shadow world. What he was referring to is the gradual consciousness expansion of the world’s populations and the necessity to impose an increasing control over populations until global enslavement, in order to maintain old world order scheme in place and establish their new world order.

One of the main tool is surveillance. When you watch an individual 24 hours on 24, that individual’s game is doomed if he remains at the same vibratory level as the authority game. If someone try to plea innocence about a committed crime, whether or not it’s true, the video camera taped proof goes against you and you have not a chance in the world to win. The only way out not necessarily to escape from city life, but more than ever to raise your vibratory rate on a permanent basis if you chose to live in a city.

Nowadays, a lot of employers have their workers under camera surveillance 24 on 24. They supposedly use videos for security and safety purpose, but when such a powerful tool is in the hands of control freak managers and directors, temptation is high to use a tape against an employee that needs to fired at any cost.

3- Pattern and loops

Photos and videos may also confuse weak persons. If a personality is a public figure and rely on its notoriety for career, prestige and lifestyle, when disgracious individuals want to damage that personality’s  reputation,  all they have to do is to spy that person and take photo or video of moment when that person spitted low vibe speech or deliberate action. Then the video is publicly released on TV, internet and magazines. That’s what paparazzi are for, creating breach in a famous person’s life to maintain her under low vibe influence and control.

That is also true when it comes to normal people. Instead of being under the influence of medias, dark entities are exploiting moments in our life when we did not like ourselves, or part of ourselves we still don’t like today. Thus, if we look at a photo or watch video of ourselves when we were teenager, in a period of our lifetime when we were struggling with our inner demons and difficulties to accept ourselves as who we were, dark entities surrounding us jump into our energy field any time we think of problems we struggled with and especially when we comment out loud how disgusted we were and still are on how we looked back then.

A person who is repeatedly looking at pictures of herself expressing inside or out loud the same bad vibe self-perception comments, that person locks herself into a spectrum of negativity. The vortex of negative energy is fed by the repetition of those thoughts and the person trap herself into a realm of low vibe space-time choices, far away from her highest potential in life.

4- Resonance with your past

Maintain a low or high vibe perception is one aspect. Perhaps, if we are naturally a positive person, we may maintain a high vibratory energy in regards to our souvenirs and memories.

However, if universe decides to lead us into a new life path direction, we should not look at pictures and videos of ourselves during our shifting period. We should keep our mind virgin from past influences and stay focussed on the present moment experiences and opportunities.

When we keep on having those memories from pictures, we unconsciously build up a confined reality frame about our past current and future life path. A conservative view of ourselves will limit all the potential and possibilities our destiny can offer.

A best way to stay open to any kind of person we can become is to stay away from photo album, or to visit them very rarely. Photo album must be for others, guests and visitors who want to see your life path to better know who you are NOW, not to investigate about your PAST. You are not the result of your past. You always are a finished product of all your present moment choices altogether.

5- High vibration (smile)

I trust the one who takes a picture or a video of myself when he say:  »smile » (or  »cheese », or even  »sex ») before to take the shot, because that person unconsciously knows the impact of a low vibe look on an immortal picture, and on the opposite, the positive on someone’s future life when we look happy and we smile.

Therefore, each time you are in the middle of a picture or a video shot, make sure you show your best vibes. They will stay with you or may reappear in your future, so make sure you are immortalize at your best state of mind possible.

What you look like is not as important as what you radiate. One must spread good vibes in each individual parallel space-time continuums that can potentially re-emerge in the future, aka anything is possible…

6- The intention behind a shot

If you are the one taking the shot or taping, the most important you need to remember is the respect you show toward the ones who will appear on the immortal instant of a specific parallel space-time.

Bare in mind that the quantum world we live in is infinite in possibilities, therefore infinitely complex and, since everything is possible, a picture emerged today may eventually influence someone’s future. So let’s make sure you help that person to appear at her best when to take the shot.

Purposely taking a shot when someone looks idiot or a fool will come back at you eventually. If your intention is not to hurt but to have fun WITH your friend or relative who go taken in an embarrassing moment, that may almost nullify any bad effect on your own reality in the future. If you deliberately took a picture of someone’s embarrassment you saw coming, or worst, if you created purposely a situation where the person would get caught, law of attraction will catch you up during your low vibe episode in the future. So make sure to keep your vibe up for the rest of your life if you don’t want your nastiness from the past to mess up with your future.

If you have staged a situation and the person who you caught is compliant with the fake prank, the effect is lesser, but you are still charging your energy field, containing your past, present and future memories, of low vibe. Some people watching the video will ignore that the prank was staged and will perceive you as a bad ass for perpetrating embarrassment toward others.

At the end, the intention behind a picture and a video you are about to take will have as much, if not more, effect on your life. As a photographer or a cameraman, you have a responsibility in someone’s life curse and in particular: your!

Make sure you honor your role and make sure you are fully incumbent by assuming the entirety energetic responsibilities of your photo and video choices.


As we have seen, one must be careful when been taken in picture or videotaped and as much when been the photographer or cameraman. At the end it all comes back to your own reality creation. The spiritual laws of the Universe are infallible. Whether it is for taping or catching someone’s life instant or anything else, you always face the fate of your own choices and consequences coming along. In the eyes of Universe, you are owner of your life creation. When you have an active role, just make sure you act with the best intent, the best vibratory rate and the right resonance or frequency. When you play a passive role, don’t look like a victim. Display the best of yourself and it’ll repercussion onto the entire realm of possibilities for good sake.

By: Christian Theberge

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