Animals are like humans, they are beings with a soul, emotions, sensitivity and love capacity. They’re actually more in tune with their feelings than we humans are. For the most part this due to the fact that we are programmable beings and they’re not as much.

Our brain’s neocortex portion is very evolved. Therefore, we can potentially become as powerful as robots, if we are predominantly left brainers, and we can potentially become paranormal psychics when we are predominantly right brainers.

Animals don’t have superanimal abilities that we humans have, however, these adaptation skills sometimes reveal to be handicap for us. Animals can help us to recover our true nature and to retrieve connexion with Universe since they are themselves listening to their individual feelings and instinct. They don’t question themselves if they will be judged by acting in a certain manner. They just do what they feel. They know how to just be.

Also, animals don’t have as much tendency to lower vibration. They can be happy regardless their situational fate and as long as they have food and stimulus, they will enjoy themselves. Their ability to simply embrace life questions the human mind. Despite the fact that an animal was born among humans and grew with them, our influence remain slight unless we have trained the animal to obey in order to get a treat.

Pets are family members and should be treated as so. They all deserve our love and attention. We have been told that  »we are closer to God than animals are ». That is complete nonsense. We won’t dive in the controversial subject of what an egoistic God is in this article, however we will debate on the pertinence of our supremacy complex towards animal.

Animals are closer to nature and more in resonance with creation than we are. They are living in accordance with the divine plan. Humans are easily derailed from the divine plan. The large majority of us are just following perverted Society laws rather than Mother Nature rules or universal spiritual laws we aspire. Animals are just that: natural. They are honest and transparent, they show integrity and  love. In short, they are more human than we can be…

In this article, we enumerate five animal species living in coexistence with human beings since 10 000 years and more. We portray the relationship our species maintain together with them. We also explain the contribution and help humans are receiving from an animal, in regards to the right brain hemisphere benefit.

5- Rat

Renowned to be a pest to annihilate, rats have been living among humans since humans have been building houses and cities. Rats are known to invade insalubrious environment such as sewage, ground-made basements and inner sealed walls and surfaces.

Despite their bad reputation of infestation, nastiness, uncontrollable reproduction, rats are brilliant and adaptive social animals. I used to have a pet rat and he was the sweetest thing around. Taken young, rats appreciate living among humans and enjoy themselves easily. They need to stay busy and stimulated. Their dynamism is contagious. If you suffer from laziness or procrastination, rats and ferret are the best animal we can prescribe you to get out of your torpor.

Rats mindset is to keep on going. When they stop going forward, it’s to chew or sniff something. When they stop moving, it’s for sleeping. Otherwise, rats are fantastic game companion. They like to play and surprisingly, they can learn tricks and they know when they please you. They understand the connexion you are cocreating together and they react to it. They have very few remorse. By nature, rats are predominant right brained animals. Like humans, rats are designed  to evolve in large populations. If they are isolated, they can enjoy themselves as long as they have care, attention and love.

4- Pig

Piggy also have unfairly a bad reputation.  Because they tend to carry parasites inside, or mostly because they love to roll in the mud, now we culturally associate the word  »pig » with every behavior that is consider dirty.

Yet, human kids play in mud, jump in waters and like to get dirty, in the formal sense.  We condition our kids not to play in mud pit. However, if we don’t interfere, kids will just have a blast getting all muddy. What happens when we grow up in a Spic and Span environment? Once an adult, we end up with a mud bike or a dune buggy and you can make sure we won’t resist to drive it dirty. Mud bath is a well known therapy   for skin treatment, but also to release stress, to ground and to connect with nature. One would say: express yourself! Mud is a precursor to paint. So when a child is playing in mud, chances are he’s going to be an artist growing up…

Are pigs artists? That’s a long shot call, but there is a resonance here with the fact that pigs love attention and love to express themselves. They have no restraint. They just do it. Living in a pig’s skin is probably looking like everything is chill and all I needed is a mud hole and abundant food, whether it is clean or not.

Despite their sanitary bad reputation, pigs can be raised as pets in a clean environment.  Then they behave just like any other pet. Other than their tendency to keep on sniffing everywhere to find food, they can be tamed to execute tricks and they are very entertaining to watch.

3- Cat

Ironically, I’ve never had a cat because I’m allergic. However, I’ve seen enough cats in my life to know they are among the most left brained of all pets, but they still have fabulous right brain abilities. Their sense of direction is obvious. Cat do what cat wants. Don’t take a cat as a baby because he will look at you like you are a fool. Cats know they’re smart, and they really are.

They have a reputation to be egocentric, sometimes narcissistic and even hypocritical.  That’s not right to judge kitties like this. If they look somewhat egoistical, that’s because we don’t understand cats for who they are: formidable machine to detect subtle energy realms we don’t and our restricted vision range, compared to the feline’s one leads to incomprehension of how they think. If we could also detect the astral realm like they do and watch spirits, ghosts and even dark entities and demons like they do, we would be way different.

Cats are not as socially dynamic as other pet species in nature, but if you throw numerous cats in the same room with lots of toys to play with, they turn out to be very social. Just go watch them at the corner pet shop and you will realize how playful they can be in a stimulating environment. Cat have an obvious biological clock. Since they are mostly nocturnal animals, they tend to be calm and slow in the day. When night comes, they become a completely different species.

Living in a cat mindset may not look like in the stereotyping  Garfield comics. Cats just don’t like to waste their energy playing for no reason. They like to study. They need a goal. When they have a goal in mind, they’ll find a way to get it. Cats are ingenious and inspiring animals.

2- Horse

Horse are not easy animals to deal with, because of their size, but mostly because of all the work they require to maintain their quality of life. However, there are more and more passionate people about horses opening their own horsing farm. How come there is such a trend in horsing these days?

It’s easy to fall in love with the animal more than the lifestyle. The beast is the reflection of who you are. Working with horses forces you to let your ego aside and step in the relation by being yourself. Horse can detect a human faking or playing big boss and the equine will just react as bad toward you as how you mistreat him.

Horsy has that ability to trigger that deep connection within you, that ability to touch your heart. Horses are prescribed for people who are left brainers and who have big egos. Horse will force you to use your heart and let go your control freak manner. That doesn’t work with a normal horse. Horses have a high right brain quotient.

1- Dog

There’s tonnes of reason why we call dog the best’s man’s friend. The first one is dog is truly a friend. The second, your dog is truly your best friend. The third, your dog is your most hearted friend of all of them. The fourth, your dog is a faithful friend and never betrays you. A dog love you so much that he would kill himself for you. He does not count as much for himself as for his master.

Unfortunately, dog’s big heart is often abused. They don’t have remorse when you are mean toward your dog. So sad too many dogs end up chained in a yard and nobody care. Wonder why they turn depressed and aggressive. A dog needs to be part of your family. It will kill him if he’s left alone outside. Nonetheless, doggie will keep his spirit and mindset in hope of a better tomorrow to play and enjoy good present time he spends with his masters. Once he find happiness, he completely forgets about all the time he had desperately waiting for a fun moment with you. Then has resurrected. Another day, another new life.

With a dog, it’s all about the present moment. Doggy lives intensely the present moment and drags you into his moment with hm. That’s why people who suffer from anxiety (fear of future) or depression (hanging on the past) may benefit from a dog’s presence in their life. Nurturing, caring and playing with a dog is the best and easiest therapy available. Asocial human individuals, like criminals, gamers or any other type of loners would highly benefit from a dog’s responsibility, forcing them to go outside, and to care about a beings rather than to focus attention on a compulsive or destructive habit.

The dog is the most right brained of all animal species. It is also the most social one.


Some animal species are prolific and their overpopulation cause headaches for authorities. Per example, dogs are often raised in catastrophic conditions, whether it is for company, puppy mill or for meat, too many dogs are mistreated. Animals in the wild remain animals and if we feed them or if we recreate conditions to favor their proliferation, we have to contain them. Exterminator’s drastic intervention may not be necessary if we prevent the situation from happening.

We, as a species, think we have all right over animals, but that’s a mental implant belief. We should leave most animals where they belong: in nature. We have responsibilities toward pet animals. We say a society can be judged the way they treat pets and elders. When I see firefighters saving a puppy fallen in a well, or a cat stalled on a tree branch, then I’m proud to be human and feels like our species still deserves  the privilege of a heart relationship some animals accept to share with us.

By: Christian Theberge

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