Law Of Attraction has been popularized by the spiritual and personal development industry. Marketing is about creating needs and proving tools. Since more and more individuals are these days jumping out of the society standards ship, forcing the redefinition of each aspect of life, the ground iss set for a new approach in mastering life and becoming self.

Law Of Attraction operates in the quantum field, that subtle layer of our energetic body field just below the soul field. Law Of Attraction manifests itself through anything that is in resonance with the divine plan. To ensure Law of Attraction is playing on your side, you must surround yourself with genuine people, natural food, pure water, but also immerge yourself in a sane electromagnetic environment and in a harmonic information bath. Overall, the ultimate key is to be conscious of how everything come together.

The days are gone when humans were just looking for food, shelter and their offspring protection. These days are promising for those who want to accomplish their own mission of life and becoming themselves, as long as they consolidate their state in the most important aspect of their life. Here are 7 aspects of life and how to make Law Of Attraction operating for our benefit into each one of them.

1- Health

Without health, we are reduced sometimes to a life of misery. Health is the basis for a fruitful life. That’s the aspect where karma hits the hardest. Although most human beings are born healthily sane, they are subject to physical and mental degradation. Our physical ecosystem is polluted, but so is our energetic environment. The sea of information we live in is influenced by duality forces and archons chimeric culture. Worse, we enjoy ourselves in low vibratory states like arguing, fighting, competing, under drug and alcohol, destroying our own body. We are the only mammal species delivering babies with Caesarean operation, under epidural anaesthesia, forcing its babies to drink an artificial milk that their body will reject most of the time and offering other’s mammal species milk to its children instead.

A pure left brain health culture would be to see a physician for any ache or disease and try to get a drug prescription, then taking the medication without thinking because doctor said so. If they are ill, invalid or disabled, left brainers try to take advantage from the public system demanding free resources and a stable revenues for the rest of their lifetime.

An unhealthy right brainer would begin by investigate on the psychosomatic, energetic and emotional levels, in order to know why he ended up in such situation. Sometimes the best thing to do is just to accept its condition and make the best from it. Not always easy to do. In such case, a high vibratory state is a crucial prerequisites for successfully become self.

That could also be the ultimate secret to heal. In the array of all possible and rationally impossible realities, we can heal from anything… anything! Even from a genetic code disorder or an infirmity. There’s numerous videos of cancer tumor been reduced to none within minutes using bioelectric (chi) energy to heal. Self unconditional love is the first condition. Then we need to take positive actions if we are a Yang personality or inspire and radiate if we are a yin person. Eventually, miracles can happen, but not on demand. One must integrate the right brain side and tap on the higher self very deep to come up with such an outcome. Yet it’s still possible.

2- Wealth

Money is energy. It’s a fluid, once under a coin shape circulating from hand to hand, nowadays mostly transferred under bits shape, from account to account, as transactions are occurring in the real, virtual and artificial world. Health and money belong to the lower chakras, where most of the world human population focus their attention and consciousness onto. Dualistic forces in this Universe want an average human beings to be just healthy enough to obey to orders, and just wealthy enough to survive with limited purchase power for minimal needs only. Healthy and wealthy beings have the stability to stop serving the system and start thinking for themselves, that’s why dark entites are trying to keep masses under vibratory control.

The left brain culture with money is to save and invest into retirement instruments and investment funds we don’t have control on. The entire money flow rely on the trust in banks and stock markets as well as the real economy. That culture has been going on for decades and centuries. However, that culture is losing sense now that we are entering in an era of negative rates, banks and artificial economic growth worldwide maintained by public funds stimulus and bailouts. We need to diversify more than ever, so we need now to invest on ourselves.

An unwealthy person will constantly be on survival mode. A person on survival mode is tainted of fear, thinks rational and instinctive. A pure right brainer will not resonate with retirement planification since living in the present moment is the key for a happy life. The reflex is to sacrifice security for happiness. The problem is they both come together in a balanced lifestyle. If you do not attract wealth, reaching happiness will make it harder to live in developed countries. Again, high vibratory state and focus on being yourself is the key to wealth for right brainers. Attracting wealth is actually not to need any wealth in order to become yourself. The lack repulse attraction. By expressing the mean to generate wealth rather than the lack itself, by cultivating happiness despite not enough money to afford a living, one send a quantum message to Universe of unconditional  love of its own situation, therefore proving ability to neglect fear and just be. It’s all about hearted relationship with yourself, others and your existential universe. Heart speaks Universe language, not intellect.

3- Career

The definition of success is a delicate one. For a left brainer, success  is to climb up the hierarchy, thus to gain recognition and power. For a right brainer though, the word success will be replaced by actualisation. Right brainers see civilisation as a reversed pyramid to climb together reaching out to grab hands of those unable to climb, trying to pull them all to the flattened top. Right brainers don’t think egoistically but collectively. Right brainers pursue a mission of life rather than expressing a hierarchy authority protocol.

A career of self actualisation is a hard take since, health and wealth are from lower base chakras and are overcome using vibration. As we go up in the chakras, middle and higher chakra’s aspects are overcome with frequency. Looking for the right career requires exploration and resonance. Resonance from the heart tells you what you are good at. Exploration is the duty of exposing yourself to any kind of situation where you learn more about you. Law Of Attraction will responds with sings when you are on the right path for you. Perhaps, one must be able to perceive and resonate with those sings instead of trying to decrypt them. Synchronicity plays a role. Actualized right brainers always have synchronistic anecdotes to tell when they recount their exciting career.

4- Love

Nowadays, big egos have a harder time to find genuine love, although they still can have a conjugal life. But the lack of synthonisation capacity does not forgive. With internet and digital devices pullulating those days, it is frequent for human beings born in this era to ignore how to connect with people.  You have to be exposed to numerous relationships in order to understand social versatility and love ability.

Law Of Attraction tend to marry people from similar frequencies. That’s why when we say  » we are on the same frequency », which means we resonate the same way. It’s easy to make a love combination between two persons who are sharing common grounds, like language, culture, city, social circles, values, etc. However, a relationship that takes place due to similarities may not be sustainable on the long term. A heart connection is usually a prerequisite for a durable love relationship. To recognize a love connection, one must have learn to listen to its heart. Been hearted is not necessarily to be kind, but to be in tune with your gut feeling. Having been exposed to many love relationship may help to find the ultimate one.

5- Business

Business is becoming more a more a life salvation for many. A growing number of individuals are finding and expressing their mission of life through their business rather than a job position since the job market is overly left braining working environement. The World offers a universe of possibilities. Anyone who is left and right brain balanced, who have a good idea or a service to offer that helps others, who is dedicated and who knows how to communicate, that person can succeed in self employment.

Law Of Attraction operates in business in way where tuning up toward others is the most important skill. Having a good ideas and knowing how to count is not enough. Selling stuff is about offering the right product at the right price, but also listening to your customers and connecting with your clients. Also, marketing is growing in importance in these years where business online is exploding. More and more commercial activities are stalling in the real world, therefore corporations are becoming increasingly present in the virtual realm. Individuals are following the track in the wake of the path traced by internet pioneers. The number of internet millionaires is exploding. When you master the art of connecting with people, create a real need, and use the real words that make them resonating with you, then the sky is your limit.

6- Leadership

Leaders are viewed as exemplary personalities. Religious leaders and politicians have long been the main public figures for a long period of time. They were pretty much always insiders of elitocratic circles. Now that we have collectively realized they have been placed in power by pure left brain organisation who were forcing their oath, looking for dedication over vocation, populations are now feeling fooled. What was once a matter of patriarchal father figure has become a  »prove your worth » type of deal.

Law Of Attraction is catching those who are treators and manipulators. They no longer rule as easily as before. Today’s true leaders are passive rather than directive, benevolent, experienced rather than educated, credible, respectful of others, humble, genuine, creative, inspired, socially  and spiritually advanced. A leader must be the one everyone wants to follow. Leadership is something natural, that we cannot explain rationally, but naturally. One does not stand up one day and decide to become leader. A dertain form of leadership can be teached among a team of players or workers, but head leadership cannot. School is made to format and conform human beings, while school of life background distinguish everybody from each other. Few are called for head leadership. Leadership is not a competition but completion, harmony and cohesion between members of a team or an organisation or a community.

7- Spirituality

Spirituality is not yet understood by a majority of human being and is still misinterpreted and mixed up with religion. Let’s make it clear: religion is mainly a left brain affaire, while spirituality is both. Spiritual people follow their core inner beliefs, whereas religious ones follow their master’s beliefs. Pure religious people are very rare since we all tend to listen to our gut feelings and to take it easy on others beliefs, the same apply with spirituality. Pure spiritual people too are rare. We’re pretty much all by products of both religion and spirituality, even when we are atheist.

To master spirituality through Law Of Attraction, one needs to know how to be himself. Spirituality is just that: making your life your way. Yoga and meditation are tools to higher your vibration, not spirituality itself. The ultimate tool for spirituality and the connection with the highest realm is to learn how to be the medium or vector of your divine plan expression. You can only attain such a magnitude of self-actualisation by always listening to your heart. That is extremely difficult since eventually, lack of maturity and accompaniment made it so we confuse voice from the heart and voice from ego hijacked by dark entities. We often self destroy ourselves early in life and then we realize the damage, but it is (never too) late.

Right brainers are more easily fooled because they listen and responds to their inner voices, good or bad. Their energetic field is wide open for expansion, but also for invasion too. Dark entities knows it. The end result is an offbeat life path strewn with obstacles. But the beauty of all this is when we manage to grow up from our mistakes of the past and metamorphose into a wonderful human being who master consciousness by experience.

By: Christian Theberge

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