When we feel down or angry, we may be looking for a quick and easy fix to our mood. No pill no chemical remedy exist, which is a good thing, because we can naturally enhance our vibratory state with simple habits. We can teach ourselves how to trigger the proper vibratory state in order to feel better and to steadily maintain a good mood throughout the day.

There are numerous ways to help yourself feeling better. In this article, we will cover only what I consider the main ones. You do not need specific lifestyle, equipment nor anybody else than yourself alone to perform these easy exercises. If you are conscious and smart enough to read this article, you will be able to practice most of the tricks below. When there is nothing to make your day and smile, you got to be that thing to make your day. Here’s how to trigger a well being state.

To illustrate what we mean by vibratory rate, let’s take a simple example. A girl enters into a hotel at night. She goes at the bar to order drink. At the bar, a client sits there, an old drunk man who ask the lady if she would accept a private intimate session. He shows demeanor, disrespect and disgrace. The young woman is disgusted. Why? You can surely blame the alcohol and the man’s obvious classlessness. Another way to look at it lies in the human body subtle energy field. Energetically speaking, low vibe people repulse high vibe people. The old man’s vibratory state is much lower than the girl’s one.  If she’s in tune enough with her feelings,  she may leave the place and find another bar or hotel where she can drink peacefully and harmoniously.

Energetic body field

Basically, we are all made of energy. Yet, on the physical plane, our body is made of cells, water and a bit of air. Perhaps, there are other bodies that can’t be perceived by our five senses, but rather with extrasensory abilities. Per example, when a person can detect our aura color, she reads in our etheric body field, the body layer just above the physical shell. There is a multitude of other bodies.

What we need to remember, each layer is made of more subtle matter than what we can perceive naturally. According to ancient traditions and spiritual masters, the most subtle substance is very abundant in the universe. That substance is called prana in ancient Hindu traditions. We breathe it continuously through an invisible aperture around the vertex scalp. The substance cross our body from top to bottom along the spine, keeping the new prana in our energetic field and the waste is ejected around the coccyx. That energy is recycled forming a torus or donut shape wrapping our body like a magnetosphere around the earth.

We want more high vibratory prana coming in and more low vibratory prana to be ejected out, so we replenish ourselves of higher vibes. What we are looking for is to intensify the circulation in the field. To do so,  we need is to accelerate the prana flow by driving our energy field to the maximum. Our body energy field works as a dynamo, although it is more complex.

Usually tend to use half of our lung capacity in a regular respiration. We need to bring the inspiration to 100 and even 110%. Viratory increase starts at 95% of lung capacity. Like a muscle, our lungs will eventually expand more as we train them. If you try 5 long consecutive  inspiration-expiration repetition cycle of one minute each, that should be enough to feel a significant improvement in your mood. You can train while driving going to work, or when exercising outside, or in bed before to fall asleep.

4 simple ways to clean up your own body energy field

1- Meditative respiration

2- Sing

3- Exercise intensively

4- Lough

Albeit respiration is the main exercise in a sane vibratory state discipline. But there are more exercise and habits to introduce in your life to be able to reach permanent higher vibe state. Among these other aspects, you will find hydration, food, positive thinking, gratitude, consciousness, relationships, and much more.

If you are skeptical about respiration and meditation, there are scientifc studies that confirm and document the existence of that phenomenon. Also, you can measure less subtle substances beyond the physical matter of your body using the Bovis biometer.

Vibrational treatment

We all suffer from various forms of afflictions: ache, illness, disease and even accident. We can also suffer from addiction and even possession from dark entities. No matter what you suffer from, there is always a root cause and its explanation will be found in the energetic level and sometimes spiritual level. Pretty much all health and any imaginable life disorder can be healed and released energetically. All you have to do is to is to increase your vibratory state. When you you increase your vibratory state, you increase the electric or bioelectric aspect of your field.

Frequency treatment

In healing, vibration needs to be increased. Nonetheless, a person sometimes needs a therapy with proper frequency adjustment in the body energy field. Then, we are no longer talking about increasing, but tuning. This will be the topic of another article to come.

Since every problem in life is triggered psychosomatically, or by your thoughts if you will, you project your own energy field and vibratory state into your reality. So it is even more important to maintain high vibes on a long extended period, all the time if it is possible. Practice daily these exercises above until they become unconscious reflexes in your daily life and you will see your life quality improving tremendously.

By: Christian Theberge

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