To illustrate this article’s topic, let’s take a simple example. When you have a precise opinion on a subject, then a person you share a lot in common with has the exact same opinion, then we say  »you are on the same wavelenght » as that person.  Most commonly you may heard the expression  »to be on the same frequency » as someone else. The  »same frequency », what does it mean?

You may have also heard  »someone may refocus himself ». In both cases, we are talking energetics. In healing therapy, frequency plays a different role than vibration. To follow up on a previous article HOW TO INCREASE YOUR VIBRATION, where we talked about the implications of the vibrational rate, we also introduced the concept of frequency, a different concept in energy matter. We can simplify saying vibration is somewhat the volume or quantity, while frequency is the density or quality of energy. But it is more complex. This article will try to give you the big picture of what energy frequency means and how we can use it for our benefit.

Core and channel

Let’s imagine the human energy as a magnetosphere around the Earth.  Like our planet, our human being possesses a core, where the energy is gaining momentum and spinning. We also have a field where energy transits from bottom to top forming and ark way out around the body. This infinity of arks around the body produce that donut like shape field of energy.

In other words, we are not just producing entropic energy from a fuel called food, burned into calories. We also produce a tremendous amount of energy in our core, in our dynamo. We all possess another  »heart », invisible, in the sacrum region, as well as another brain, in the intestine, that we also call gut feeling. The core left and right brains operate at a more subtle level than the physical plane of existence.

If you try to represent the human body field in 3D, the core is the vertical axis, while the horizontal is a disk. Again, like the earth, we can picture a grid around the Earth, a cartography projection with parallels and meridians. It’s cold at the poles, but bloody hot at the center. So you can see that energy is not the same along the vertical axis. But it’s pretty much the same temperature, no matter where you are at the Equator. On the horizontal axis, energy remain quite the same. However, the landscape will change if you travel along the Equatorial line, even if the temperature does not change. Because the information changes… You stay at the same energy level, but you change the channel. The same apply for the human body energy field.

The egg or the chicken?

On FM radio, each different radio station is tuned in with a different frequency modulation. As so, in the human energy body field, each different channel is broadcasting with a different frequency. Everywhere we look around us, there is a different show. Up above, there is a bird singing in the tree, down below, there is an insect walking on the ground.  Our reality is a show, displaying different information. You may think, so the projection in our reality is the same as in our core… Yes it is?

Now the question is, who come first: the egg or the chicken? Of course, this is a metaphor. The real question is who creates the information, the outer reality or the inner core inside each of us? Of course we can debate on that existential question. It all depends on your belief system. Mainstream science does not recognize yet the existence of paranormal or occult. Science is all about what is observable outside from our five senses. However, this tend to change with new influences. In a hardcore science like physics, Quantum mechanics just blew out classic conceptions.

In spirituality, it is commonly aknowledged that we create our reality from what we feel inside. That’s why it is important to think positive. Because our thoughts create our reality.

Information field

Information is critical. It is crucially important that you integrate only information that you resonate with. If you are forced to work with a person that you do not resonate with, if one of you both does not harmonized to the other, your team will be dysfunctional and the work relationship will be hellish.

The same apply with the information you integrate in your consciousness. We are forced to go to school because our society ecosystem works a certain way where individuals need a minimum basic intellectual knowledge to function. Nonetheless, an ideal would be to let the individual deciding if continues into academic school or if they go to school of life instead. Schools in Finland work on the learning how to learn instead of learning stuff that kids are not resonating with. The dropout rate is the lowest in the world…

Information is all about frequency. It is that energy quality. Each individual person has its own energy signature, so we are different at each channel and at each intensity. We need diversity to be able to find our  individual uniqueness, or divine essence. If we were all the same, we would be lost. Conformity helps until a certain threshold. Beyond that, we need free will.

Refocusing on the self

When we realize we’ve been mislead from our identity by outer influences, such as societal culture engineering, school, friends, parents, our ego fears and desires, then we wake up to our identity. We want to become self. For some, the quest is easy. For others, there is a long way to go. Our brain is like a hard disk, saturated of information. And the dot connections we’ve made over the years are no longer considered good ones. We need a reset. Unfortunately, the human body field does not have a  »reset buton ».

A basic therapy would be to NLP (neurolinguistic programming) which helps you to recondition your thoughts, especially when you have a lot of negative ones. If that’s not enough, you can also work with EFT (Emotional freedom technique), when negativity is anchored deeper than intellect programming, like on the emotional level per example. It is highly suggested that you consult an energy therapist that understand and works with frequencies if increasing your vibration with a coach or by yourself is not enough to find the self within you. You can also use powerful technologies such as radionics, which is sending scalar waves to your information field emitted from a device, monitored by computer. Perhaps, as effective as radionics is, it is complicated to understand and could be dangerous if misused.


Another approach would be to find an equilibrium in life. Hell is when everything is black or white. Paradise is when the grey tone are harmonious. You need to find out what is the complement opposite, not the contrary, of your problem. Let’s say you are very shy, so you do not express yourself. Odds are you may not become a star under the spotlight anytime soon, but it’s not impossible either. You have to get out of your quiet comfort zone and expose to yourself to others, speaking publicly. If you do not become a speaker, at least you will find enough confidence to express yourself in small group or team, enough so you can accomplish your team lead role with success or to realize your dream of becoming a manager.

Kaïrography implications

To be able to refocus on yourself or redirect your career or life, you need to seek guidance. Yet, you can ask for advice toward professional certified therapist. Again, success depends on your therapist choice and on how you know yourself. But you can also look for tools that will provide the energetic signature of where you were before, where you are now, and where you have to go, based on who you are. That sounds a little utopian does it?

There is tool that helps you refocussing on who you are, based on your past and present. That new technique takes in consideration your past and present. It’s like the movie of all your energy field snapshots in one signature. Kaïrography can evaluate you in different aspect of your life: health, money, work, love, self expression, leadership, and much more.

To learn more about kaïrography, you can discover it here: kairography

What is important to retain is that frequency is information. You have your own frequency profile. Don’t let anyone distort your thought and core beliefs. Frequency fine tuning  is a powerful tool, but is more complex and dangerous than a vibration increase, since results are not apparent to our five basic senses. That is why you should get assistance, guidance or at least a safe technique.

By: Christian Theberge

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