In previous articles, I talked about vibration and frequency. These are two components of energetics. The third main one is polarity! In this article, I present what polarity is, what it teaches to us, how psychometric test and personality types are inspired from polarity and how we can benefit from polarity.

Yin & Yang; Male or Female

Some ancient religions were far advanced in their knowledge of human energy. Ancient Hindus from India were aware of the importance of vibration. Ancient Chinese were also aware of some vibratory forces, since they knew very well about Qi (or Chi) a vital bioelectric-etheric plasma substance present  in the universe. They were able to master the Qi in their daily life habits and use it to their benefit.

Ancient Chinese were also highly conscious of another component of energy: polarity! What they called Yin & Yang, represented by a circle made of two black and white drops arranged upside down, with dots of opposite colors in each drop (see picture above). That symbol is called  »tàijítú », and represents their religion:  tao (or Dao), which means  »the way » or  »the path ».

The essence of polarity is that one energy influence is dualistic or aggressive: the male (Yang), while the other is more passive-elusive: the female (Yin). Both are essential to maintain balance in the universe. Male and female complete each other and merge to create oneness.

All About Balance

Is God a female or a male? Monotheistic religions picture is traditionally a man. We may tend to believe that God is a female.

That last question rises up a debate among believers of different religious horizons, sects and spirituality. I think one must stand over the melee and look at each other’s point of view. Each side is right. Perhaps a wise answered to that question would be: God is oneness. It is not only both male and female, but it’s everybody all together.

The same applies in life. Too much male energy among male creates a warrior that live by the sword and die by the sword. Too much feminine energy creates a hearted but weak person that will eventually been crushed. One must use the appropriate polarity when necessary. Polarity can also be neutralized. Neutral people ends up been good negotiators or diplomats.

In nature, we find three polarities: +(plus), – (moins) and = (neutral). However, neutrality is absence of circular movement. There has to be a sense to progress and go further in life. otherwise you stall. We tend to a sense or another. Neutrality is momentary. What matters is to be able to stop and be neutral for a short period of time when we need a rest and switch polarity at will, depending on the energy we need in the present moment.

Personality Types

Throughout history, many intellectuals attempted to classify individuals based on common characteristics. In some case, they chartered people according to their field of expertise, their societal rank, cultural background, extra-sensorial abilities, perception, identity, physiological traits and nowadays to their psychological profile.

Chinese astrological Zodiac is almost 6000 years old. The Greek or Occidental astrological Zodiac is more than 2500 years old. Even Hippocrates came up with 4 physiological type classifications in 400 BC. We don’t know for sure when Enneagram was created, but it is believed to be from early Antiquity. Astrology and Enneagram remain popular today. It would take an entire book to review the history of personality type classification.

I personally like the « dual » type of classification, because you have to find where you fit between the two extremes. So they are simple to understand and work with. Male or female is one personality two-sided scale. There are several more dual personality classifications:

1) Male energy or female energy

2) Traditional or pioneer

3) Solitary or team oriented

4) Extraverted or introverted

5) Pessimistic or optimistic

6) Individualist or altruist

7) Theoretical or practical

8) Conformal or original

9) Step by step or go with the flow

10) Diplomatic or transparent

Sources: Invest In Yourself – Free eBook (by Christian Theberge)

How Am I concerned?

As we said earlier, female energy is unity, while male energy is duality and separation. Why do we need both? Earth is a beautiful planet, but it is not a rest destination for soul. It is a place of purgatory of work on the self. We incarnated here to evolve, not to just chill, although it is possible and essential to have joy moments.

Ancient religions believed in reincarnation. It resonates with the circular cyclic nature of energy. No matter if you believe or not in reincarnation, you need to be aware of cycles and process.

Our battle against evil on this planet is just a mere reflection of who we are inside. Do you want to fight or heal. That’s the lesson our world is teaching us. Don’t be fooled by the distractions of duality. What’s in the outside belongs to the outer reality, a reality that is not you’re. So don’t fight for emptiness. Belong to your inner reality instead. We came here to test and recognize our feminine energy nature. Eventually, female energy wins, because duality is sporadic and temporary, while unity is eternal. Being a woman or a man does not matter. What counts is your ability to use both polar energy when necessary and making so the outcome of your current life ends up in the yin female aspect to complete your cycle or process.

New era and new polarity

The World we live in is going through a transformation. In different ways, we are heading toward polarity changes.

  1. End of time prophecies forecast cataclysms all more destructive than one another. So many so feared Doomsdays went through, but the world is still there. However, sources from alternative Egyptology states that earth used to take 360 days to make a complete orbital revolution, for 365 1/4 days today. How about rotation? Would the earth stop to spin one of these days?
  2. According to science, we would be at the verge of a magnetic pole reversal. Our magnetosphere’s polarity is about to be reversed, based on the magnetic North Pole displacement accelerating. Pole reversals have happened numerous times in the past. Last time, it happened around 780 000 years ago. The bad news is we don’t know how this is going to affect human life in general. The good news is we do not record any mass level extinction at that time.
  3. Also, many sources talk about Kali Yuga. Some claims we are in a new Golden Age since  2012. The original Kali Yuga (from Sanskrit) interpretation refer to Hindu’s cosmogony where that era began in February 18th 3102 b-C. That era will last 432 000 years. Kali Yuga is often transposed in the 25800 years precession of the equinoxes cycle, during which Earth rotation axis goes through a slow oscillation. Western astrology is applied counterclockwise onto this period. Kali Yuga was Pisces Age. We would have just entered in the Aquarius Age, since March 21st 2012. Many mediums predict a Golden Era for Humanity during Aquarius Age . Perhaps, these interpretations are used and sometimes misused by New Age gurus. So let’s take all that lightly.
  4. The World has been largely influenced by  Yang polarity for a long time. The result was wars and division between human populations and individuals.  Duality servants have dominated for a long time, but that period is ending.  The World as we know it is reshaping. Those who pushed wars behind the scenes are now denounced. For the first time, a non royal bloodline individual could become president of United States (Donald Trump). Brits have voted for BREXIT thus got out of Eurozone for good. A superpower have performed a preventive war by destroying Daesh and then Russia took out from the conquered territory once the job done. On an interindividual scale, people who aspired to power by their authority or use of force are no longer supported. Those who demonstrate real leadership and proper polarity with Yin predominance are the only one who will be chosen.

Henceforth, succeeding in this new world is no longer about beating opposition, but about mastering law of attraction. Those who understand polarity dosage and importance of feminine energy are now the ones to follow. After all, we all hope for a better world Individually and collectively. We can only find Unity in the Yin. Personal development can only be achieved through spiritual law of the Universe consciousness. It is just a matter of time before the excessive weight of civil laws is purged. Power serves only power. Yin polarity will soon bring back balance in our universe. In the meantime, each one of us must use a bit of Yang and take action toward integration of polarity art into his own life.

Here is an abstract of the three articles from this series:

1) Transversality=vibration; ego VS higher self or soul or divine essence;

2) Laterality=frequency; left brain VS right brain;

3) Polarity=+or-; male VS female (Yin VS Yang).

Here it is! This summarize the human energetics basis! When we understand and apply these principle in our daily life, we understand 99% of who we are, and we can size 99% of the personalities (according to me). The only persons we cannot comprehend we these notions… The masters!

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By: Christian Theberge

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