After almost a year of providing articles on a weekly basis, I decided to take the summer off. Since I needed to transfer this blog into a different web plate-form and develop a software program at the same time as resting from all the projects I involved myself into, two months of rest was a well deserved break. Nevertheless, I kept spending 30 to 40 hours a week in my professional regular activities, plus 10 to 20 hours a week on my husband at home duties, while finding here and there holes in my schedule to spend time with the kids in order to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with.

Now that the children are back at school, I have more time for my readers. I am also replenished and inspired for more articles to come. Some of you may have noticed that a lot of change is going on around the world. Let’s retrospect all those changes wrapped into a 1500 words article, and how they relate to the right brain.

From hero to zero

Last year, day for day, the first article was written commemorating the 14th anniversary of 9-11 World Trade Center. Today, 15 years later, the veil is lifting over the perpetrators of those terrible acts. In that first article, I gave example of all the different levels of consciousness that could have possibly explained that event of planetary magnitude.

A year ago, Russia was about to move into Syria to help the sovereign democratically elected president Bashar Al-Assad. 2015 is the year when Russian president Vladimir Putin has shown to world his true colors, taking over the leadership from the hands of the 2009 Nobel Peace prize recipient and actual president of United States, Barack Hussein Obama, exposing the American president implication into terror in Syria and Middle East, as well as other top brass elite from this world.

In the last few days, the G20 Summit has finally sealed the case of Obama. The promising first black US president came at the so called position  »World’s most powerful man » in 2009 with a brilliant intellectual image. The wind of a new socialism era was blowing across United States. He promised to make health accessible to the poorest, and he did. His Obamacare system popularity has helped him to be re-elected.

However, he promised to shut down Guantanamo, but he did not. He promised to create jobs at the beginning of his second term. He did it partially to some extent, but the cost to those job creations was so high in a country that was already getting engulfed in the spiralling debt vortex that overall, he managed to destroy the country much more than to heal its pain. He promised United States would  help to bring peace in the World that need it so much, but instead, America’s reputation to be the big bully in the school yard has just worsened under his reign.

Seven years later, the review of his double term is tainted of deception and malediction. A year ago, the proof has been made in medias around the World that the corrupt corporate administration of United States of America was behind the creation and support of ISIS (or daesh) terrorist group, and Israel’s MOSSAD was involved into training mercenaries. Barack Obama was clearly not welcome at the G20 meeting hosted by China last week. Philippines president Duerte even called him son of a …

Shift of power

The Western civilisation domination is over. These last days will be remembered as the tipping point in time when the shift of power between Occident and Orient has overturned. The occidental industrial and colonialist countries domination over the rest of the World that took place in the last thousand years is now over. The center of the world will be Asia in the next centuries and probably the next millenium.

China has emerged as the next superpower. Before, both Western European and North American countries used to enjoy protection from their dominator status, exploiting all other nations. That time is over and the unfair prejudice that 500 millions of westerners have benefited is no longer in effect. The whole world is in competition for jobs and oriental countries from the far east want their share of glory and they are not going to let it go, now that all powerful countries in this world are joining the BRICS in that coalition. United-States is left almost alone in its corner. Even Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has joined the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) led by China.

Cornered rat

USA is now isolated. As a key member of a dying establishment, Barack Obama is the last elitist president still standing straight, but not the least. Him and his lackeys have enough gas left in the tank to throw a low blow to the rest of the world. The surprisingly (so far) peaceful process in which all that scenario has been unfolding since a year ago can be haltered in the blink of a eye. Russia has decided to deal with some war turmoil engineered by the American war machine. Russia moved over Syria and may do so with the Ukrainian mess that the States are instigator via their proxy Kiev based faction.

While Washington is still busy messing with Middle East and Russia, China has built up an impressive empire, transferring its funds into concrete infrastructure and building or in stockpiling in its backyard all the cheep manufactured goods the West need so badly to maintain its addictive living standards. Despite a bankrupt administration since March 2015, Washington corporate government is still printing fiat currency and spending like an addict junkie.

Since Hillary Clinton has been proven dangerous for the national security and too ill to lead the country, she may be impeached once she get elected or even before. General Joseph Dunsford is now the spokesperson for the United States during BRICS alliance meetings and it is just a matter of time before what’s left from the old establishment mafia led by George Bush father gets wiped away. Even the Republican candidate Donald Trump has spent more time and energy discrediting the established power than building up his own crediting as a legitimate President.

So far, it looks like Americans will be stock again having to vote for the lesser of two evils. Hillary Clinton is nothing else than another Manchurian candidates who will pursue the destruction of United States as a nation, like Obama and W. Bush both did. Although he is said not to be part of that elite establishment, Donald Trump shows the color of extremist nationalist that remind sometimes Adolf Hitler’s debut, and his ascension to power is clearly backed up by a powerful faction also seeking to control our world.

Jill Stein from the Green party looks like a better potential candidate to presidency, but no one pays attention to her, diverted by the Trump circus promoted by our mass media system, not doing their job of informing properly as usual.

Barack Obama could decide to impose martial law, abolish elections, suspend democratic rights and proclaim himself interim president until the crisis will be resolved. Watch for false flag event on American soil, unless he surenders too.

How does that matter with the right brain?

The 9-11 perpetrators were not from a CIA fabric called Al-Qaida. The attacks were instead an American Israelian black-op inside job. In 2006, five years later, 84% of Americans did not believe in the official story of 9/11 attacks. We can safely assume that a significant majority of the population express serious doubt over the mass media world stage event coverage.


Although it is not quite clearly explained in the American mainstream news, the shift of power from Western World to Eastern World is really taking place these days and it is an a historic event that will shape the way we live in the near future. The early 21st century World War that rages across Middle East is just a regional disturbance compared to the global mayhem the current situation could trigger. Citizens from western countries are having a hard coping with the worldwide recession. People from United States will have a harder time leaving a reality when it was possible to live off of credit card for years and burrow money forever, toward a reality where they are now playing at equal force with the rest of the world, without anymore acess to debt slavery. Debt may be erased but may also cease to exist. Citizens from rich countries will have to use their skills and resourcefulness to make a living, like a century ago.

Why have we all been drawn into an artificial rigged market? How comes monetary policy were made so banks could lend up to 50 times the amount of cash they hold? How comes an entity such as Comex can lend 205 times more gold ownership in certificate paper than the amount of physical gold they hold? Who the hell are these notation agencies to give a AAA rating to a country that is bankrupt, just because they sits on Wall street? Who are those commercial banks to swap trade back and forth, charging each other interest, nonstop until they create (together) a derivative bubble of quadrillions of dollars? Who are these bankers owning your country’s central bank, nope that’s not your government that controls your currency…? Who are these bankers financing both sides of any war on the surface of this planet? How comes we let them do what they want and nobody has even bothered them about it, up until recently?

Whether you believe in the Khazarian mafia, the 13 ruling bloodlines family and their lackeys who control most of the wealth in the world, one has to be a lunatic not to see that humanity has almost been taken over by a single group of individuals. We have been on the verge of economic collapse since 2008. We have been on the verge of World War 3 since a few decades now. Yet, despite regional conflicts, the old world is still hanging on. Orwell has predicted totalitarian state for 1984. Nostradamus has predicted world war 3 in 1999. According to Shemitah cycles, 2008 and 2015 were years of financial crash. But nothing happened. We are still waiting for martial law, America’s invasion by Russian and Chinese troops and extraterrestrial disclosure. The world is at stand still…

If we are alive today, enduring a threat of  »end of the world » on one hand, and the promise of a sudden Golden age for humanity on another hand, it’s either we have been helped, either Khazarian or Sionists or Satanists miscalculated their New World Order execution. Their plan was perfect, but they underestimated or simply ignored the human nature. Because they think and act like machines, they treat and perceive humans has machines too. That’s a huge mistake. They dismissed the existence and the role played by the right brain. They just assumed that we would conform to their standard and obey to their order like robots or they thought those of us who do not toe the line would get cough in their pitfalls like animals.


Victory! We won, they fail

The 1% of the population who controls 99% of the wealth seem to have failed. TTIP is almost dead and the G20 Summit has concluded on the US isolation. While the BRICS and now pretty much all other countries are successfully implementing an alternative to New World Order.

It is just a matter of months before westerner will no longer be privileged and spoiled at the detriment of the rest of the world. In the wake, superpower is shifting, major wealth and money polity is making transfer from West to East. Reality will bring us back to our lost true nature, naked in a free world and once again we will be free market actors.

In such an economic freedom we are no longe acustomed to, the only way to recuperate dignity and to adapt is by using our right brain hemisphere to its full potential.

The imbalance between labor searching and job availabilty is such that the next years to come will be hard for many. McDonalds jobs, the only type of job that increased in numbers in the States over the last few years will soon be replaced by robots. The exclusion will be a rampant issue in developed countries. Those self-employed people who have learned to generate money by themselves may have a much easier time than employees.

The third world no longer exist between countries, but between individuals in each country.

New development in the right brain area

A year ago, I opened this blog thinking that the right brain was just the hemisphere, half of a bigger cerebral entity called brain, and that we have only one brain. More and more, thinkers suggest that brain hemispheres are separate organs of the same nature. Like crafting with two hands, each hand play a different role. Intestines are also sort of a brain. Each vital organ has its own brain and each cell in our body is conscious. There’s no more such a thing has THE BRAIN.

Pure intuition now comes from the guts (gut feeling) or intestines, however creativity still originates from the right hemisphere.

Are we about to redraw the intelligence of the human body?

I will follow closely…

Namasté !

By: Christian Theberge

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