We are living in a world where originally, scalar waves were everywhere. The quantum nature of life was dominant over radio frequencies and electromagnetic field. Today’s humanity ecosystem is so polluted by useless information reductive beliefs that we are no longer connecting ourselves into the collective consciousness of the Earth and the Universe.  The Law of One spirit is fading away. We are getting artificially disconnected from our true nature.

However, we can regain reconnection with our essence. Being aware of the dual nature of reality and the receptor-transmitter antenna that is our dual left-right brain can help a lot. Perhaps the conscious connection between the two brains needs to be fully activated. Our heart wants just that, to sparks out dormant full potential. In this article, we will overview fundamental principles that we need to integrate in a process of core alignment with the self.

1- Let go the duality

Without contraction-expansion cycle, consciousness alone is boring. We came in this lifetime to experiment separation from Oneness. Once you realized your distance from your true nature and the consciousness principle that we all make One, then it’s a sign that you went far enough in your experience of falling into darkness or flirt with lower vibration experiment. From there it’s time to come back into a spiritual lifestyle, toward a life dedicated to yourself, and to help others.

2- Let go your fears

A spiritual path is a learning process. You can only get good at it by removing your shackles, getting rid of your limiting beliefs, getting out of your comfort zone, expressing your identity signature through creativity, fulfilling your desires and trusting your inner feeling.

One of the hardest part in that process is to realize that once you have acquired your life experience and you decide to jump in the abyss, the gears are in motion and you cannot stop the flow of expansion and self healing. Universe will provide you all the tools and necessary energetic resources required to survive your journey. If you leave behind a lifestyle of service to money and satisfaction of your five senses desires, you will attract what you need. Universe can be a generous provider for those who are aligned with themselves.

3- Tamper your ego

Left-right brains connection can only take place in high vibratory state. Letting dark entities taking over your thoughts will make the awakening impossible. An awakening occurs when you make One with the Universe. Knowing and feeling Oneness are two different things. The feeling is rather a state of inner peace, total gratitude and absence of conscious rational thoughts. Knowing is just mental activity roaring in background. A spiritual state of mind is clear from those rational thoughts effects. They no longer interfere even though they’re still there.

Mental or rational thoughts and ego are close to each other. Egolessness can be triggered by admitting and accepting one’s weaknesses and vulnerability. Self-forgiveness leads to peace of heart, a prerequisite in order to make One with the Universe and to become You.

4- Tamper the excess of thoughts by balancing your right brain

Rational thoughts are generated by the left brain. Usually, an excess of useless thoughts is a sign of anxiety: a fear of the future. A person who wants to control every single aspect of her life will tend to think excessively.

The way to nullify the excess of thinking and balance out a usual amount of thoughts is by living in the present moment and rising up the vibratory rate at the same time. One way to forget about future is the reconnection between the essence and the ground. Padding a pet animal or going outdoor in nature will rewire energetically speaking the broken relationship between the head and the heart. It would be important to execute your activity in silence. Being in speaking mode just favor the overuse of the left brain in detriment to the right brain. Also, when you practice a passion, you may also reach such a reconnection state, as long your feet are on the ground or you use a intermediary being who’s himself grounded from the start.

What counts after all is to leave your head behind an d focus on your body, from your feet to your heart and forget about the rest upper.

5- Mix up periods of isolation and intense connection

Solitude can be painful, because we facing your inner voice and listening to it demands sensibility and self-acceptance. We must be able to shut off the music, TV and to rest into a space where there are no interference of information and radio wave pollution. You may not be able to entirely get rid of the WiFi connection, but if you can at least minimize it to near to nothing, you will recreate an environment propitious to self-reconnection.

In another hand, being isolated for too long is not good either. We need others to update our body energetic information field. Every cell in our body is an antenna that catches and emits information through the quantum field. If we prevent any form of communication with outside, even if we maintain exchange with others through internet, we just get the radio waves which are feeding the left brain alone. We miss the scalar waves counterpart. The quantum nature of life makes it so without scalar waves, we become like robots after a while. We no longer responds to consciousness and our mind becomes corrupt. So we need to maintain relationship with others in peer to peer, on a regular basis.

6- Elevate your awareness by questioning your beliefs

Nobody is totally right, nobody is totally wrong. Each individuality expresses a belief conception. Nobody thinks the exactly the same. Even the most brainwashed individual will express his own thoughts and subjectivity to a certain extend.

We can only achieve galactic civilisation with social diversity. As a species, as a society, as a civilisation, we shall never thinking all the same way. If so, the collective mind will cease to exist and the mass of cyborgs becomes one sole egocentric mind.

If you feel manipulated by some outer force, question those belief systems attempting to hijack your spirit. If you are convicted by your beliefs from the bottom of your heart, then even more you should question the origin of those thoughts. You may discover some nasty dark entities trying to derail you from your spiritual destination. Never accept any answers for granted. Only feelings from the heart are true. When we are in an growth process, we constantly revisit our beliefs and change them.

7- Higher your vibration on a permanent basis

Once you have discovered the vital importance of vibratory state control for your spiritual path, you need to transform your routine from student of the game going through sporadic meditation session to a full time conscious being. You must spend a period of your lifetime devoted to incorporation of a permanent consciousness in every single moment of your day. Eventually, consciousness will also impregnate your nights as you sleep. You can focus on consciousness first. Or in the other way around, try to enhance your vibratory rate first, then the consciousness. No matter the way you take, it is a good one since it will help you reach sufficient vibratory elevation so you can perform left-right brain connection.

8- Listen to your heart

Once you are set on the vibratory level, you also need to make sure you can distinguish thoughts and feelings. In other words, extrasensory messages and creativity are processed by the right brain. Rational information thoughts are processed by the left brain. Once you can clearly make the difference, you can push the two sources at their full potential by rising up your vibratory rate.

One example of a brain hemisphere maximizing is when you achieve an important personal project. You may use your left brain to communicate and coordinate, and you must use your heart to dig deep for some energy and creativity so you overcome the challenge and succeed into your project. The hardest part is to train the brain properly and to use it at will. Once you can do that naturally, you’re in for an exciting life. All you have to do is to higher your vibration,  Like female and male plugs embed into each other. You will be all spark and flame in your daily life.

9- Love everything unconditionally

One of your heart’s role is to make sure you accept everyone and everything into your journey as part of a whole. Nothing is futile. Everything has a reason to be. Everything happens for a reason. Everybody is the reflection of yourself. So it is crucial to accept and love everything Universe puts on your path. Be grateful for what you have. That will also help you to sharpen your right brain and expand your heart. By making one with everything, you set the table for the two brains to accept and complete each other by work together in duet.

10- Alkalinize your metabolism with proper diet

On a more down to earth matter, you must pay attention to health details. Although it is still possible to reach left-right brain connection and illumination while eating red meat and junk food on a regular basis, it is better to eat nutrients that will higher your metabolic pH. Avoid meat and carbohydrates as much as possible, expressly refined sugars, GMO grains and flours, milk, as well as process food. Eat raw and vegan as much as you can.

11- Drink the highest quality water

We can survive for a while without eating, but not for too long without drinking. Since our physical body is made of 10% of carbon and 90% of water, we could live well if 90% of what we ingest is water of the highest quality, and the remaining 10% is from a truly healthy food diet. We must drink pure source water from the ground, contained in glass or ceramic jug, not in plastic bottles. We can push further the quality of our waters by using a Qbit chip programmed to inform water. Most drinking water are devitalized and deprived from consciousness that natural waters running on the ground is full of.

12- Practice deep conscious breathing

What you eat and drink will reflect who you are on the outside. However, on the inside, the most important vibratory factor is breathing, and by far. If our physical body is made of carbon and water, our subtle body layers are made of subtle energy. We need deep breathing to expulse the excess of low vibe energy and to replenish our energetic field from high vibe energy in the air. Short breathing will only exchange oxygen.

Breathing only can bring an unhealthy person to ecstatic state. Do not neglect conscious deep breathing since that is the key to enlightenment.

13- Meditate

Sane ingestion highly favor both brain connection. But ultimately, you need to connect the dots during your experience of life. You must embrace every single seconds of your life with total consciousness in the action. Over the top, you could meditate about each action you performed in the day. Try to put together the meaning of all this. Don’t get into technical details or logic, nor personal beliefs. Stay detach from any conclusion. Just look at yourself as an actor in this reality show that is life.  Just welcome the big picture as your own signature in this Unity.

A left-right brain connection is not like a red light bulb that lit up when you reach it. It gradually takes place as you get to just become yourself, rather than when you try to beat and conquer. Mastering life is about state as much as (if not more) than action.



14- Avoid listening to radio and TV (440Hz)

According to David Wilcock, the British Institute and Adolph Hitler both imposed the 440Hz broadcasting on TV and radio in 1939. 440Hz is a frequency that favor the left brain (ego mind) consciousness and separates the head from the rest of the body. By not being grounded anymore, you and I have to instate the practice of meditation in our daily life to keep all chakras together. What we assist as a phenomenon in society is the awakening of throat, third eye and crown chakras, without the heart and all other lower chakras. If you cannot live without music, browse for 528 Hz music on internet.

16- Avoid fluoride intake (toothpaste, tap water) at any cost

Be cautious about fluoride. Our dear elite class wants us unhealthy and especially unaware of what’s going on, and spiritually disconnected from our essence. Their weapon of mass abomination is to pollute our tap waters and toothpaste with toxic fluoride and radioactive wastes. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, that pine cone shape gland between your two brain. Without it working properly, you cannot reach proper right-brain connection. Do not drink tap and do not brush your teeth with regular toothpaste. You can now find an array of healthy and toothpaste in natural grocery stores.

15- Avoid raw bulb vegetables (onion, garlic, leek, chive), but it’s OK when they’re cooked

In the Ayurvedic tradition, onion, garlic, leek and chive are prohibited since it is believed that their intake will deprive you from your ability to reach spiritual illumination. Although it is likely to suggest that raw onions are not as good as suggested by nutritionists, since dogs can die by eating raw garlic. Because they have being part of our culinary cultures for eons of age, it is hard to get away from them. Also, their benefits may exceed their downsides. It is probably Okay to eat them cooked. As a matter of fact, onions are no longer dangerous for dogs once they are cooked.

By: Christian Theberge

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