Many of us show sensitivity to animals, plants or natural features, while others don’t. Right brainers are naturally attracted to nature at another level than just a contemplation of sensational landscape sceneries, the nurture of a vegetable plant garden, or giving food to a dog.

There is a connection at a deeper level, to a point where we feel what that dogs feels. We can almost walk in his skin. That’s why some people with telepathy abilities are called dog magnets. We can also want to hug trees for no particular reason, but the sympathetic purpose of sharing ground energies. We can also be bemused by a picturesque geographic location to an extend where we want to settle there and never leave that place anymore.

Humans establish relationship based on common grounds and mutual exchange. Natural companionship occurs when we connect at the source. Inspiration immediately build up. In our connection with nature, we find that timelessness and belonging spirit brings peace of heart. We wish to settle if we are sedentary.  We can fall in love with someone, but we can also find the same deep connection with a piece of nature. Instead, if we are that nomad type of person, we will catch the glimpse of inspiration for a shorter but more intense moment.

Navigators and land explorers from the Renaissance period used to live just for those new worlds to be discovered. They were addicted to that feeling of actualisation and consciousness expansion each time they got impregnated with new places recording in our individual and collective consciousness. Each landscape or view is tainted with its owns energy signature. Sacred geometry reminds us that Universe follow patterns. Left brainers view geometry as perfection while right brainers view a harmonious natural formation as divine and sacred.

This article aims at explaining the deeper connection where words become obsolete. Still, since words is our medium of communication, we will degrade the sacredness a little by describing the connection at a deeper level, from a right brainer’s feeling perspective. That’s why we will use much more images than usual, because a picture worth a thousand words.


14- Clear sky at night

Starred skies at night provide that subconscious memory of micro-macro cosmos perspective. Highly conscious individuals believe in Hermes Trismegistus cosmogony: as above, so below. You get it? What if planets, where electrons, solar systems where atoms, galaxies where cells…


13- Desert dunes

Although wind is represented by vectors on a meteorological map, wind blows are circular, thus scalar waves. The sum of all the waves creates directions and orientations. Therefore, when we look at sand dunes in a desert, what we see is the wind dynamic forces signature over time. The ripple pattern on the surface disappear when we go up in elevation to a heights where bigger dunes appear, recreating the same pattern at a larger scale. Dunes remind us that everything is in motion.


12- Above clouds

The fluffy -bubbly aspect of the surface above clouds ceiling brings vortex-like quantum surface characteristics. Looking at such a view brings back subconscious memories from our early life when we were swaddled in a cradle. The soft and silky texture evokes tenderness, thus maternal love in the Yin polarity aspect.


11- Limestone cave

Stalactite-stalagmite complex formations are one of the best wonders in nature. The famous structure made of terraces piling up and hanging from icicle-like solid rock baffles by its beauty and original shape. Observing a limestone cave mosaic brings you back to your premier origin: our mineral nature. Here, low but harmonious vibrations help us to ground.


10- Canopy from below

Many attribute fractals to mathematics. However, nature has its way to express fractals where mathematical equations cannot recreate any of these patterns. Nature is chaotic and harmonious at the same time. Trees, will grow so they can cover any spot surface of a canopy with their foliage. In climactic forests (sugar maple, European beech, lenga, acacias) where a dominant single tree species takes over an entire mature wooded land, they monopolize each sky hole available, without interfering with each other. Viewed from the ground, the trees are perfectly sharing the space rather than to competing for it, reminding us we all make one.


9- Frosty morning

What a surprise when we do not expect the magic of a frosty morning view. When the sun light bright the intermingling of icy herb brains and plants all across horizon, the spectacle is bemusing. The closer we get with our eyes toward the ground, the more intense the crystal light reflection intensifies. The picture above does not transmit the real scope of beauty of such a scenery. The sun light is amplified by all the crystal ice around. The higher frequency UV, purple and blue rays are absorbed by the ice and reflected into mostly green rays, bombarding us with heart level frequencies wave length and vibrations.


8- Thunderstorm

The show provided by lightening is awesome. However in the aftermath, we benefit from the redistribution of bioelectricity previously dispersed in the atmosphere, now concentrating it into the ground. If you have a chance to walk around a lightening landing, a few minutes after the hit, you will feel the buzz, or at least feeling a difference in the ground electric charge. Thunderstorms help us reconnect with our Qi (chi) bioelectric abilities we tend to forget. Always remember your Qi healing power when you see a lightening.


7- Prairies full of wild flowers

A single flower is a spectacle in itself and its shape relates somewhat to sacred geometric pattern of energy. When you multiply a flower by an entire field, the five sense stimulus is great, especially when they are from different colors. However, extrasensory benefits exceeds the sensory ones. Flowers with button in capitulate pattern (composaes, sunflower, daisy, etc.) are fantastic energy emitters. They are like a myriad of little Tesla coils. They can channelize energy from a lightening without burning. They can also emit a impressive amount of energy altogether. Adding the humming from bees and bumblebees and you get a perfect environment to replenish.


6- Lake or pond in wilderness

Calmness and peace. That’s what gently paddling on a lake brings. Fishing on a lake or pond can also trigger the same benefit. Essentially, when you connect with a lake or a pond surrounded by evergreen bushes, you reconnect with your inner you. It might be the most perfect place to revisit the present moment. Floating on a lake or just sitting on its shore will help you to forget about everything. Coming back from a day or a weekend at a lake is a predisposition for a guaranteed gush of inspiration.


5- Hills in fall colors

Of course, who is not amazed by the palette of different fall colors from purple to green, passing by red and yellow offered by hills in October, at temperate latitudes. This is one of the cutest display from nature. But also, those seasonal energies are quite particular. Fall is the season of harvest. The ground is charged in radiations and the vegetation is gradually dying leaving all that excess of energy for us. That is the best time of the year to go outdoor for recreational activities. Most people take their vacation in the summer, but I dare you to take some time in September. You will feel replenished even more.


4- Snow covered mountain range

Mountain ranges are strong symbol of the Universe fractal nature. When you look at the snow covered peaks disposition from space, they are just that: fractal figures. When you look at them from an horizon perspective, mountains reveals themselves to be that piece of land poking out of the earth crust with fierce force. Mountains represent the Yang of land. Some peaks are venerated for that same spiritual force. If you’re in a stage of your career when you have to make some move, but you are reluctant to do so for some or no reason, just go for a few days of hiking in a mountain range and you may come back pumped up to face off the next chapter of your life.


3- Palm beach

It is said at the beginning, mankind was living in the Garden of Eden. Some believe it to be Mesopotamia. Regardless of the true location, human beings are designed primarily to live life around tropical regions. Coconut and fruits are among the most harmonious food with our body. Although some race can withstand lifestyle in higher latitudes, our origins are tropical. When we walk on a beach with palm trees, it’s like feeling going back home, unless that’s where we live, then we may be desensitised a bit, but even then, if you visit a northern country for a few months, when you come back, you will appreciate your white sand beach so much…


2- Coral reef underwater

Swimming among school of fish into a coral reef is like visiting the hidden face of the Universe. Life seem so scarce above the surface, and so dense underwater. There is motion everywhere we look. It feels like this is where life belongs and indeed, that’s where life comes from. There is reason why waters are full of life. The scalar nature of aquatic wave and the quasi-absence of electromagnetic waves makes this environment so favorable to reconnection with our quantum filed, that it is almost therapeutic, way beyond the five senses wonder of life  provided by that life and color display.


1- Waterfall

Finally, the most fascinating and attractive natural feature is certainly a waterfall. There is some magic in here. Of course the magnificent beauty of the site offers awe, jaw dropping feelings, indescribable with words. The clash of waters dropping and the surface of a pool generates a scalar wave field of unique aura effect. The higher the fall the better the purification.

An ideal ionic balance for us human beings is about « 1 cation and 34 anions », and the current ionic imbalance for us is about « 5 cations and 4 anions ».

Today’s urban and interior ecosystem is so devitalized that we live in a ionized environment deprived in anions and saturated in cations. Cigarette smoke, computer and other domestic electronic devices generate huge load of detrimental ions, about 3000 to 4000 cations per cm3. Waterfalls field of energy near at the diving pool contains between 10000 and 18000 anions per cm3, largely enough to compensate for the regular permanent imbalance.



If you never get out of your city, you should seriously consider to explore the beauties offered by this world. Most of the times, it is free. If you already live in nature, then take some timelessness to introspect and push forward your connection with nature even deeper. Look at a site you like with resonance rather than with your five senses. Sometimes, we tend to forget the energetic aspect of nature when we are too much focussed on its physical counterpart.

Images: Pixabay

By: Christian Theberge

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