Our environment has tremendous impact on our energetic body. Our duty, as a conscious being, is to immerge ourselves into high vibrations and harmonious frequencies. Nature offers us a broad spectrum of vibrations and frequencies, as we have seen in the previous article in this series.

Besides environment, activities play also an enormous role in our energy balance. When we combine proper environmental influence and beneficial activities, we insure our energetic integrity . These activities we chose determine our energetic health. Also, we need to pay attention to the level of consciousness that inhabits our soul at the moment we chose and practice an activity, since consciousness can make a huge difference in the benefit we get.

Here are the most common activities we practice in nature and their benefit on the right brain.


1- Hiking

Without a doubt, one of the best activities in nature, hiking stimulates observation and smelling. Hiking will help you to ground with nature. Sequences of walks and breaks nous allows you to make one with nature in different locations, thus different energy influences. Hiking provides a feeling of gratitude, an emotional state of consciousness and heart, favoring introspection.


2- Biking

Like hiking, biking is a great activity for connecting with nature. However, due to the increased speed at which the action takes place, a biking ride must be an alternation of breaks and sprints, where we take a moment to sit or lay down, in order to provide a complete contact with nature from the ground. Biking opens our sacral chakra. Here we spend a higher amount of energy then hiking if we ride through hills or mountains. Then, biking becomes an opportunity to train our mind and  body to draw from deeper reservoir of energy.


3- Fishing

Fishing can be very meditative. To succeed at rod fishing, going to remote pristine wilderness locations can be a key, perhaps the large majority of fisher men and women can only have access to popular spots nearby populated areas. Fishing requires patience, serenity and acceptation. Fishing is for many the perfect activity to live in the present moment and forget about everything else. Fishing opens up our third eye or brow chakra. Even better, if you use fishing as an excuse to explore river shores in search for rapids pools or lake trenches, you will also hike, observe and connect with nature in various ways.


4- Picking berries

Picking berries in a cultivated field is a good start, especially when you want to introduce the little ones to this underestimated activity. Here, we experience more than just a contact with nature. We are in a relationship of respect and mutual gratitude with Mother Earth. The Earth’s Yin polarity impregnates us. Picking berries stimulates throat chakra opening and, by ricochet, mouth opening and stomach digestion. Berries are rich in antioxidants and are a weapon of mass destruction against free radicals, contribute to alkalinize the body. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, wild strawberries, they are all daring you to be picked. If you go back to your spot regularly, that favors the bush productivity.


5- Gardening

Picking fruits makes us conscious of nature’s generosity and vital importance for our survival. The same goes for harvest, except here we have to take great care of the ground. Vegetables and tree fruits don’t grow well in the wild. Sowing seeds, removing bad weeds, cutting stems, all that requires constant care. Gardening is the perfect activity for adults to ground and also provides children the ultimate consciousness about our interdependence with nature. Every single child must be introduced to sowing seeds or planting a fruit tree at least once, then harvest from the same plant. That is one of the best teaching about life. Gardening opens our heart chakra.


6- Picnic

Eating a snack or a meal in nature should be done sitting on the ground, with or without a tablecloth so it we can do that in contact with the ground.  The food we eat must have been cooked with love. The ingredients must have been selected and prepared also with great care, and we should eat slowly and consciously, without a rushing schedule to do so. Here again in contact with the ground, we get that dose of Yin from Mother Nature. Picnicking opens our throat chakra.


7- Making a campfire

Making a campfire brings us back into our origins, into our deep unconscious memories of natural survival instinct. Among the five matter elements , fire is the most primitive. Then comes earth. Cutting and chopping woods, is here our contact with the ground. By burning wood, we bring it back to the ground through ashes and to the air by smoke. If we extinguish a campfire with a drum of water, then we handle the four classical elements in the ritual. If we meditate staring at the flames at darkness, we get in that trance where we activate contact with the fifth element: ether. Nothing is better than a campfire to raise consciousness about matter following that ritual. Campfire, whether we prepared it or just attended to it, opens up our crown chakra.


8- Making sand castle

No activity in nature is more creative and funny at the same time than building a castle in the sand, apart maybe a snowman. The younger ones may see it as a multisensory stimulation, whereas teenagers will find there an opportunity to express their creativity and the wiser ones will get an opportunity to get closer and make team with the little ones. Building a castle in the sand (or a snowman) is the perfect activity in nature to open the throat chakra.


9- Swimming in freshwaters

If you have the privilege to grow up or live nearby an area with a lot of lakes and or rivers, you will indirectly enter in contact with the bedrock energies from the same area. Since water is a black body, it absorbs electromagnetic waves so harmful frequencies are regularized into it. water is a dynamic fluid in perpetual motion and it is a environment where scalar waves dominate. Igneous rocks like in Canada or Scandinavia are rich in ferrous metals and offer unequalled consciousness conductivity by ant other freshwaters. Waters from mountainous regions such as Alps, West American or Andes Cordillera and most part of Russia are in contact with sedimentary rocks. Those waters rich in carbon from limestone dissolution are rich in life and vitality. Their scalar properties are very beneficial. Waters from volcanic rocks are pure and rich in minerals. You can often drink water spurring from a sulphur hot spring, which contains a very high concentration of dissolved minerals. Bathing in a thermal hot spring pool in nature is a luxury very few have had the chance to experiment. Swimming opens our solar plexus.


10- Canoeing

Paddling on water is a relaxing activity. Waves dynamism at the surface is an hypnotic and inspiring moment for waters. Splashing waters gently and contemplating the wave waltz is an peaceful pleasure. The view of wilderness sceneries and the road to reach the remote location is also a benediction. Hyperactive children may surprisingly stop their unstoppable action for a moment and enjoy the mesmerizing quietness. Canoeing opens up the crown chakra.


11- Surfing on sea waves

To make one with sea waves demand patience and passion. That sport requires a perfect coordination of body and spirit. Surf will stimulate your perceptual motor skills. Surf is attractive for those who like to get out of their comfort zone. Like when we learn to ride a bike, the right brain is highly sought. When we master surfing, we have the privilege to make one with sea and its powerful waves, in an environment where power of nature can take over ourselves at any time. Moreover, we do not have control on our ability to meet the perfect wave. We wait sometimes for long. It’s all about timing. It’s all about our ability to manifest reality to our advantage. Surfing invites us to have a healthy mind in a healthy body. Surfing opens our crown chakra.


12- Kite surfing

Kite surfing is the perfect activity in nature to be in contact with both earth and air elements simultaneously. If your astrologic sign is a fire one and you have a earth sign partner, that sport is perfectly designed for you, as long as you like high sensations. Kite surfing opens us to our solar plexus chakra.


13- Sky diving

Without a doubt the best way to connect with the air element, skydiving is also the most sensational activity in nature. It will force you to get out of your comfort zone unlike any other activity. A first jump plunges you deep in the let go spirit. Despite some fear freezing us right before the jump, you get quickly desensitized. During the fall the parachute deploys, and after, you are one with the air. The sensation of freedom and consciousness is a must do once in a lifetime experience everyone have to go through. Skydiving contributes to open the third eye chakra.


14- Sun bathing

The sun is the center of our stellar system. It is the primary source of radiant energy and support all the physical life forms. The dose of Yang polarity energy is recommended for the most sedentary ones or the ones disabled. On top of vitamin D synthesizing during long summer exposition, the sun activate and warms up the heart. You just need a short exposition to the sun so you can regain a good mood. Ten minutes of sun bathing is enough to break a day that started on the wrong foot. Sun bathing opens our heart chakra.


15- Sun gazing

Staring at the sun just before sunset is not as dangerous as we would think. The atmosphere is much thicker when we look at the horizon than it is above our heads. It is possible to benefit highly from the last sun rays. Sun gazing has been popular among spiritual journeymen since the dawn of time. Sun gazing help to recover partially a degenerated sight. Sun gazing opens up the third eye chakra.


16- Driving on scenic roads

The view on magnificent landscapes stimulates the will to maintain a high energy pace in life and the imaginary at the same time. if you dream to move out of a city, driving on scenic roads may accelerate your new reality manifestation process since you are forced to visualize.


17- Taking pictures

Photography and videotaping are both fun for little ones as much as for elders. A photographer or videographer must be aligned with the self and its intuition in order to catch the perfect moment at the right angle. Timing is all about consciousness. That’s where we separate amateurs and professionals. A person about passionate image taking can evolve spiritually, taking pictures in nature, developing high right brain abilities, almost up to be a psychic.


18- Walking bare foot

Walking bare foot in grass or sand may look childish at first, but it’s not. It is crucially important not to neglect our connexion with the ground, especially when we live 100% in concrete building in a city. One must take some time on a regular basis to walk in the park. We live in times where technologies and gadgets disconnect us from our roots and our lower body consciousness. Our higher major chakras are often awakened, but also overactive, to the detriment of our lower major chakras. Everything from the heart chakra and below is dormant, consciously speaking. The gut feeling connected with the right brained is then completely forgotten.


19- Climbing trees

Climbing trees allows a privilege connection with earth and air elements simultaneously. When we reach the higher branches and we can see the surrounding forest from a dominant treetop, we are in for some sort of awakening. Looking at the forest from a different perspective opens the mind to other realities. The feeling is even stronger for a child. Climbing high in a tree will open your third eye chakra. And don’t forget to hug your tree when you go back down, this way you will illuminate and ground at the same time.


20- Building a tree house or a log cabin

Building up and occupy a tree house provides to your kids an opportunity to look at their home garden and area from a different view. It will also open their consciousness and stimulates their imagination. Playing above the ground stimulates the higher chakra opening.


21- Horse riding

Horse riding can be done in a totally natural environment so you ground completely. On top of the connection with nature, the relationship with the animal amplifies the grounding effect of such an activity and obliges us to be ourselves genuinely, since horse is a very sensitive animal species toward people decentered from their inner self. To enjoy the horse ride, it is much better to be in a peaceful harmonious inner state. If you can enjoy the privilege of riding a horse with no equipment directly on its back, the experience will be highly reinforced. 


22- Sliding

Sliding is such a cool activity that adults enjoy as much as children. The simultaneous contact with air and earth simultaneously is amazing. The speed involved pushes the mind to be alert. The irregularities of a fresh snow covered slope just taken by a crowd makes the slide adventurous. If parents are not too worry, their child can let himself go for his impulsions.


23- Skiing

Whether we practice alpine or cross country skiing, the view of nature covered of snow has a unique taste. Mountain or snow covered evergreen forest fresh air is revivifying. Aside from raquette, ski is the best activity to connect with nature in winter. Also, cross country skiing in skating style is one if not the most demanding sport in terms of endurance and stamina, forcing the athlete to draw energy deep and opens up the sacral chakra. Alpine skis or snowboard requires coordination and invite to make one with the slope. The right brain is highly involved in skiing, no matter if you do alpine or country, skate or classic style.


24- Skating

Skating on a frozen lake or pond is an opportunity to realize the dual element that is water. The water surface liquid in the summer is frozen in winter. We have to transcend the fear from that illusion. The fear of the ice breaking  can sometimes block us from enjoying the activity. That’s when imagination reaches paranoia. It is a perfect occasion to beat a phobia. In an other hand, skating requires coordination and there again the right brain is highly involved. Like riding a bike, one must fall and get back up before to master the art of skating. Once you get good at it you can make one with the ice like hockey players do.


25- Camping

Camping in nature is more than an opportunity to connect with nature: it’s a privilege. If you walk bare foot, breathe consciously fresh air, take some sun, mediate, eat slowly and consciously, sleep in a tent directly planted on the ground with no mat, enjoy the magic of a campfire, camping becomes the most complete experience. Please introduce your children to camping. You’ll have a weekend to practice many of the activities mentioned in this article, in a present moment of a high quality you will remember for the rest of your life with your loved ones.

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