In this very long but so important series, we rediscover money’s place into history, actuality and cosmogony. Since now a few millenniums, money has become a tool of power. We need to redirect our intentions toward money and enable the abundance spirit we all deserve.

We need to forgive our tormentors from the past and the present, but not before to realize full scope of the turmoil we have created for ourselves. The truth shall set you free, however truth has a different definition for each one and has variance in proximity to oneness. Let’s make each one of us who’s financial situation threatens personal realisation.

Before to dive in this sensitive and taboo topic, let’s begin by going down from the essence of money energy toward some infamous purposes duality forces are imposing on us all, against our will.

Because money is pure love energy. Debt is contempt for the ones who live for love. Debt is the opposite of money. It is money’s destructive counterpart. Debt is the reason why almost every single human being on this planet is suffering today from lack of abundance deprivation. Debt creation is satanic. Debt consumption is leading to death when it becomes an addiction. We have the right to chose between money or debt. Right now, we are forced into debt. We’ll discuss that issue all along this series.

For now, let’s begin by the beginning. We need to know where is money coming from and when, it appeared in time and when it’ll disappear. This first article aims at answering these 3 questions.

The essence of money

In pure Oneness, Consciousness is everything: pure energy. Energy is Love, and Love is Energy. Love is Abundance and Abundance is Love.

Eventually, out of time, Consciousness wants to experiment itself and therefore needs to separate its own self into an infinity of divine individualities. Each individuality has his own set of characteristics.

Then on, the Uncreated become Creation, with Universe as a wholeness figure.

Perhaps, a lonely unified Consciousness needs a deeper experimentation level than just separation in order to return to itself. So Consciousness wants to experiment duality, forcing every single one of its innumerable particles, to cluster and eventually to amalgamate into complex life forms.

Each life form is then force to interact with each other tending towards community (not unity). In the process, Consciousness goes down in lower densities to experiment physical matter. Sufferance gets stronger as we go down in consciousness.  All life forms are dependant from each other. Those at the top of the food chain feed from the lower ones.

When life forms at the top realize the potential power their status allows them to use, some chose to experience exploitation and to set up a system where those at the top enjoy abundance created by stealing energy from the lower levels. We call that: parasitism.

Once lower levels realize the painful situation are in, they need to realize that a reverse process can be set for the benefit of all and, of course, to implement such a process.

Money as a battlefield for energy control

Consciousness is stronger among those who overcome their sufferance. Lack of abundance forces all exploited beings to dig deeper for more consciousness and creativity, as well as coming together to cocreate.

On a left brain perspective, this can be illustrated by the pyramid, where we find a handful of self-elected despotic individuals enthroned at the top of the pyramid. The opposite force is a united mass. When the mass tries to take down the entire pyramid scheme, they need to convince the lower levels, and go upward. The higher levels are always the last ones to go. Eventually, the hierarchic structure crumbles.

Once all the deprived levels have successfully taken down the pyramid, they need to build up a reverse pyramid where everyone is dragged up to the top. That happens when society takes down the corrupt debt slavery system. Debt kills energy and leads to death, so that’s why it is important to get rid of a debt system.

If the system is not too corrupt and society still functionning, it is possible to build a wormhole portal of energy

On a right brain perspective, that can be represented by a vortex of energy. A hurricane is one example, but the best one is still the human body field. Energy accumulates in a field wrapped around the body and descend into a wormhole through the body along the spine and goes back toward the field.

Vibrations and consciousness expands when the field goes clockwise from the vertex of the scalp toward the coccyx. However, there is also a counter-stream where energy goes from the anus to the mouth. The so-called  »illumination » reached in secret rituals provides  darkness artificial power. The being is then disconnected from the Universal Source and becomes totally hijacked by dark spirit entities, serving as a channel for their own purpose, when they speak through him and act through him. Once abdicated, that same being is subject to separation from unity with others, afraid to be discovered, manipulating and perpetrating the spectrum of fear. Eventually, when destruction has contaminated all aspect of its life, a human being has to chose between abandonment and death, or let go fear to re-enable its life creation field.

When a human being has gotten rid of fear, cleansed contamination from journey in darkness, gained awareness from mistakes, directs his actions driven towards his goals in life, the table get set for abundance.

Money as an exchange currency

Although I do not promote the Darwinist Theory of evolution,  evolutionnary process principles exists everywhere. Money does not escape that rule, so we need to be aware of th role money plays throughtout history of a civilisation. Here are different stages achieved by human interaction in various development stages:

1-  »Survival of the fittest » stage

In the wild, what rules human beings exchange is the survival of the fittest. Bigger egos and stronger bodies win. However, that primitive way of thinking never last for long. Eventually, even big egos will realize they are stronger with allies. Here, there is no economic exchange.

2-  »Wolf pack or gang » stage

Human beings are social in nature, so they regroup when they soon realize that their forces are multiply together. If the bigger ego get served first, the weaker ones find protection and survival insurance into a group. Here, economic exchange aim at protecting each other’s physical integrity.

3-  »Community spirit » stage

Instead of fighting each other for power and rank, human beings find specialisation and instead try to complete each other. Their codependency makes them more vulnerable alone, but even stronger together. The social structure complexifies based on needs, offer and demand. Then they start exchanging goods in a barter system. At that stage, economic exchanges are determined by a sense of duty.

4-  »Commerce » stage

The need for interaction will eventually transcends common interest. Some individuals specialize into wealth, so that’s why we see merchants emerging from specialized art workers. People find benefits in building and co-creating a society. Public leaders are no longer shamans or spiritual guides, since they hide from plain side and push rulers to express civilisation leadership. That’s when a currency become useful. For a monarch to control masses, they need to solidify pillars:

  • Spiritual (through mythology or religion)
  • Knowledge (through institution and master VS disciple teaching)
  • Rules (through law system)
  • Economy (through a currency)

By taking control of the currency minting and emission, rulers ensure transaction and exchange between economic agents or actors to be regulated and secured by a denominating value of reference. As long as economic actors put trust in the currency, free market will dictate economic dynamics and labour will determine economic growth. The quest for abundance and diversity of products, as well as desire from population to fulfil more and more complex needs will generate prosperity.

Money as a tool to drive a civilisation erection or destruction

5-  »Industry » stage

Any commercial economy is brought up to the industrial stage if it spreads over a large area and overseas. When an economy becomes global, such a complex structure requires colossal logistics resources. Monarch regulators become obsolete figures sitting on their heritage from the past. Then they appoint corporate spirit trained individuals to manage that complex system. Profits is made of large scale production. Work takes place in supply chain and eventually automation. Organisations becomes multinational. Prosperity is made through exchange of commodities and finished products. The key words here are diversity and added value. We see a basket of different money.

6-  »Service » stage

Industrial large corporations are craving for expansion and individuals are demanding for better work conditions. The service sector offers opportunity for labor to get out of production and work with public. Although we see consumption at the surface, most of economic activities are taking place between organisations. Business oriented people can now benefit from leverage tools. Markets are pushed forward by more complex trading platforms like stocks exchange and financial instruments propelling institutions and large corporation prosperity, like bonds, obligations, securities and other IOUs prosperous entities can always repay to their creditors. Here, the key words is leverage. Money takes various shape, since it is no longer coming as a coins, but as contracts between two parties under the form of money paper to decrease the cost of currency production, rulers went from minting to printing. So we see paper money, checks, contracts and certificates testifying a transaction, that only recognized financial institutions are allowed to create.

7-  »Information » stage

Information technologies evolve to become information systems and programs. Hardware becomes software as it gets virtualized into clouds through international network of communications. Real economy and free market are now exposed to the threat of absolute control. Economy expansion is created by debt, a false money, a negative currency that mathematically dooms the surface economy within just a few economic cycles.

Debt is reverse engineered auto-destructive money. Debt and interest rates could overall  mark that stage with a red iron. We may see here the appearance of economic excess and artificially triggered cycles leading to systemic malfunction the likes of derivative and speculative markets, debt bubbles, tax spiral and the eradication of cash and liquidity enslaving the entire economic sphere into the infernal agony that is energy deprivation.

Here, this is a sensitive stage when a civilisation dictates her economic activity through money, it can collapse under the power of absolute control or absolute treachery. Rulers are no longer individuals, but corporations acting more and more like machines. When two factions, one order control and the other disorder treachery, are fighting against each other for the control of an entire planetary economy, they could nullify one another and allow the free market to reappear in the turmoil.

That’s where humanity was from 2008 to 2015. Money rulers can either regulate economy by keeping their money currency regulator status, or highjack the economy and designate one money to become a fiat currency and printing it out until hyperinflation kills it, ensuring perpetual deflationary and lethal stagflation in the long run. The key words here are digital moneydebt, parallel economies, debitors or creditors. Money is no longer physical, but electronic and virtual. The multiplication of a money unit must be carefully engineered to keep the trust of all factions and actors.

Money as energy

8-  »Cybernetics » stage

At some point, technology and human race merge together. Telecommunications become so integrated into our daily life and technology is so close to the human brain way to think that a lot of beings become addicted to their machine and can no longer separate from the device. Economy takes place more and more in the virtual world.

Such a lifestyle makes sense for many, a lifestyle where the left brain side stimulation prevail. Here, humans are living in an artificial universe where everything is about rules and logics.

Perhaps that’s also where we see a new trend emerging. Many other human being losing their sense in life and looking for disconnecting themselves from such a system.

They are trying to recreate a lifestyle where quantum spirit and determinism from a divine Oneness plan takes over one sided rational framework locking the collective mind.

At first these individuals are looking to regroup using the cybernetic platforms to regrouping into online communities through social medias, then clustering and interacting altogether into a cocreative movement.

Economic activities involves creativity, networking and digital mass marketing getting started from lead magnet, one to one session, free webinars and other and freemiums. Eventually, new leadership arise. Economic actors who share or redistribute profits and innovate with new ideas are the ones pushing the economy forward. They use attractive ways to gather people together and reconnect cybernetically isolated people.

Here, key words are points, bitcoins, awakening, social community, network marketing, creativity, innovation, digital format production, democratisation and cashless society. Pretty much everyone in the middle class have access to money prosperity evolving in that scheme of thought. That’s where we are in 2016.

9-  »Consciousness » stage

At that stage, an economic sphere is expanding to such a magnitude that most of all the productive human beings on a planet are becoming double actors, playing more than just one role. On top of their main job, they also cumulate side lines and parallel amateur or professional activities. Revenues are coming from diverse sources. The secret to salvation is to own a business and use it to generate new revenues. The goal is to prosper to point where we don’t need to be employees anymore. We can live from their passion if we’re well aligned on our true core values. When the dream comes true, a human being disconnects from the real economy and uses the digital era privilege for prosperity.

However, most conscious successful human being find sense in life way much more in helping than making money, although both are important. Money satisfies needs from the second level in Maslow’s pyramid of needs. But Maslow clearly mentions self-actualisation, higher in the pyramid. Once their need satisfaction is secured in lower levels, individuals can invest their time and energy helping others.

The main consciousness take is to realize that we co-create the world together. We all need each other and we can only evolve through diversity of individuals and idea. The notion of ranking individuals based on their wealth fades away. We have to help each other if we want to be walking at the surface of the inversed pyramid. Climbing such a pyramid is harder but there’s plenty of space at the top once we get there.

Here, key words are consciousness, help, gathering, co-creation, crowd funding, financial angels, salvation. Money is no longer used as a tool for power and benefits, but only as a step need in the journey toward the self realization.

10-  »Pure energy » stage

When a critical masse of human beings driven by common interests appears, when they join each other in a collective movement to cocreate a better world for real, that’s when money is no longer a tool that serves individuals.

Rights and freedom are replaced by duty and spirit. In pure consciousness, individuals are no longer looking for domination and privilege. Fear is no longer in the landscape. Individuals who are still suffering from fear, power or greed are rapidly taken care of. If there’s no intention on their behalf to contribute to the collectivity masterpiece, they won’t stand with the vibration of this world becoming to high. They will isolate themselves. But their negative energetic effect will be imperceptible for the mass.

At the most advanced steps at that stage, the collectivity is talking about getting rid of money. Money is no longer necessary, since no one is working like a slave 40+ hours a week, but rather 10 hours a week for society duty and 30 + hours a week for ourselves. We don’t pay taxes anymore because governments are funded by voluntary donation and personal responsibility toward society. We are codependent and we rely on each other mutual support and duty to ward society to make the entire system to work by itself without money involved. Economic actors are no longer driven by reward, but by cohesion with one another. Positive money is created by the system and spread as a minimum revenue to ensure perpetual motion.

Here, key words are duty, responsibility, contribution, will, spirit, support, compensation, cohesion.



Although the last stage may be looking like an utopia at this point in time of the Humanity history, stage 9 may not be so far ahead. It takes just 2 generations to completely erase any calamity. In a perfect world, we could do it in 2 generations, between 40 and 50 years. But since we live in an imperfect world, we can assume that stage 9 will be reached in the next centuries to come. It is just a matter of time.

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