This major series of articles about money comes up right on time with an epic battle raging between factions for the future of the economy of this planet. Are we going to suffer a complete economic collapse provoked by the debt bubble, or are we going to jump to the stage of consciousness (stage #9 in the first article of this series)? In the midst of a tumultuous financial season Fall 2016, let’s take this time to revisit the essence of money. This article is an essay for collective abundance.


According to Ancient Greeks, there are two gods of time: Chronos and Kairos. Chronos is god of the linear time. Kairos is god of opportunity, synchronicity and good timing.

When we focus our consciousness on the chronological time, we run after time to catch it up. We run like maniacs to pay our debt loans. We have never enough time. We cannot grasp it. It escapes from us. It’s seems like chronological time is an illusion. Are past and future real or illusion?

When we focus our consciousness living in the present moment, when we forgive our past and forget about freaking out for the future, our mental shuts off. Just to be in the present without concern for the past or the future help us to replenish. When we keep that mindset in our daily life, energy comes back. We feel strong. Nothing happens in the present moment. We are in peace. In fact, there is no time in the present. There is no such a thing as a fourth dimension limitation. All dimensions are present in the present.

Why is it so? Because present people are conscious and  »not so much present » people are to some extent unconscious. Consciousness is absoluteness. What else is absolute? Here are different levels of vibration and their respective absoluteness for each one:

7th- Superconscience (Consciousness)

6th – Science (Wisdom)

5th – Experience

4th – Benevolence (Love)

3rd – Radiance (Power)

2nd – Abundance

1nd – Conscience (Existence)

Abundance at the beginning

In the wild, at comfortable ambient temperature, humans can live from nature’s generosity. In tropical region, we can survive out of fruit trees and wilderness. Abundance was about meeting basic needs using resources available in the Garden of Eden. Life can be easy enough so we can just be in the present moment without worrying for tomorrow, since food can be found day after day. In tropical regions, natures replenishes itself quickly, allowing relaxation.

Trees or bushes replenish themselves even more when we pick their fruits. Nature become in this state of consent toward all living beings, allowing us all to rape the fruit plants are growing generously. The act of co-creation between us and plants becomes reproduction for vegetation and production for humans and some animals (bee, squirrels, etc.)

Labor and productivity

When Earth’s Tropics get populated enough so tribes are constantly facing each other, some humans decide to move up to higher latitudes where the season cycles forces nature to shut down for  winter. There are only, one or two or three seasons when food is abundant. The other part of the year, food is scarce. Food shortage have forced human beings to adapt.

When humans are forced to survive a few months without fruits to pick every day, just two solutions available: to hunt or to cultivate. The problem with hunting is there is no guarantee of success. Unless you are an Eskimo living in polar latitudes, where there is barely any vegetables to eat all year long so your diet consist almost exclusively of meat, the best way to have food all year long is to cultivate some varieties of plants you can store for several months. Cereals are great. Lots of human beings today’s diet consumption is composed of proteins and carbohydrates as well as other nutrients provided by meat, cereals and starch sources like potatoes and other rood vegetables.

So human beings living in mid-latitudes are forced to a cycle of production-hibernation. Such a situation favored humans to perceive time as cyclic. Then they began to live life giving much more importance to past and future than those from the tropical latitudes. Notice how Africans around Equator are so unwilling to rush compared to Europeans.

Chronological time implies the threat that there might be no harvest if the fields are destroyed by elements. Reaping the Earth became sacred. The hardness of living in higher latitudes was such that the a relationship with the divine evolved so Man separated himself from God and gave a sacred status to abundant harvest. Today’s North American celebrate Thanksgiving to express gratitude toward Nature. Mother Earth’s generosity is highly regarded in harsh lands such as American northern states and Canada. We no longer consider abundance as a given, but as a merciful privilege from deities. That screws up the original conception of abundance.

From abundance to prosperity

We cannot live without abundance. We can only survive. Since abundance is intimately related to presence in the moment, a battle for survival take place in chronological time. Humans have to recreate a state of abundance if they want to evolve. The first trace of civil life took place among settled communities who could successfully generate harvest year after year. Elders were able to transmit their wisdom to younger generations, because agriculture allowed longer lifespan and a higher survival rate. Thus, organized societies appeared naturally in upper regions located between 20th and 40th parallels.

To be able to build stable systems in the fields of religion, education, law and money, a society needs abundance. Society must be able to provide its people what they need so they don’t have to worry. When a society’s effort transcends the challenge of organic stability and irradiates influence beyond national boundaries, then this society becomes a civilization.

However, a civilization living under the growing influence of institutions will eventually need more and more resources from other nations around. When the elite class operating institutions are under low vibration influence, the once self-sustainable prosper nation can only survive in grabbing other nations resources and then becomes a dysfunctional empire.

The only way to maintain a dysfunctional systemic empire is for the leaders and citizens to act like parasites. Tax collection is required. Large amount of money have to be send in circulation. The people in charge of running a thirsty economy no longer re-inject their money into circulation. Rather, they store it. They pretend to own the money, when in reality, money is energy and should belong to the system. When a imperialist civilization can convince all citizens from all the nations under its domination, having them generate profit for the metropolis first, and when all citizens across the empire trust the money and make money out of thin air for the benefit of the entire society, it’s called  »prosperity ».

The difference between abundance and prosperity, is that abundance is infinite resource provision in the present moment. Prosperity is the access to more resource than needs require in a finite abundance environment.

Prosperity has a negative charge that abundance does not have, where finitude generates fear and potential for parasitic habits to take place.

Since time and resource are finite in prosperity, a prosper or poor nation goal is to optimize the consumption versus the production. Also, if possible, a nation looking for prosperity will try to create money at any mean possible, whether by increasing production of goods or by increasing the money minting. Money material has to be resistant and abundant.

Gold and silver properties

In order to spend a minimum of energy managing money minting, a conscious society using money must:

  1. a) let the free market dictate the economy
  2. b) flood the market with enough money so the people will not fight for peanuts
  3. c) create money from the most stable materials available in the earth crust: gold and silver

Gold and silver are non ferrous metals. They are so stable that they do not erode or corrode in contact with elements. Perhaps, silver tend to react over time and losses a little bit of its purity. Its aspect changes, on surface only, but not enough to trigger a chemical reaction over time, just enough so the shiny grey becomes a dusky grey that can be confounded with other dark grey metals. That is why gold is preferred. Also, gold has a distinctive unique yellow color.

Another reasons why gold is the ultimate conductor is its extreme conductivity. According to some source, monoatomic gold powder is used by some secret society initiated members and dark gurus in order to maintain an artificial illuminic reptilian state of consciousness. Once gold powder is ingested, it disappear for good. The demand  for gold supply has remained constant over the ages.

Some sources confess that Earth is a mining post in the galaxy. Human presence on planet Earth poses an enigma. Anomalies in the link between Homo sapiens and its presupposed ancestors leads to the possibility that we are not indigenous to this planet as we thought. On top, alternative versions of prehistory teach us that antediluvian and ice age period have seen numerous civilization inhabiting the surface of the Earth. One of them presupposed that we are engineered species created here to gather gold. Gold is the superconductor and its numerous properties make it so the yellow precious metal is the subject of an intense quest in the galaxy.

The rush for gold may not just be a terrestrial affair. Here on Earth, we know that in periods of prosperity and expansion, empires needed badly to gather large amount of gold. Gold was common in the Roman Empire period and after. But when Marco Polo discovered the Eastern World, the rush in Western civilizations for spices triggered a massive transfer. Westerners traded spices with jewelry and gold. When all the gold moved abroad, ending up mostly in China, Kings of colonialist European nations sent explorers in all parts of the World in search for shorter route to spices and… access to gold.

Westerners worshipped gold. Spanish explorers especially have decimated an entire continent in South America, just for a few tons of gold. A trans-generational spasm that existed since the Phoenicians was now reinforced. Westerners could barely find more gold. A nation that has gold is a prosper nation. So obsession for gold remain excessive to this day.

From free market to artificial economy

European monarchic kingdoms have been looking to get back the gold. Some elite family lineage, the Bauer now called Rothschild are bankers since centuries. They made up a plan so Europe would dominate the World again. They wanted private banking to take over the world’s free economy between nations. But for that, they needed a plot to put their hands on the gold held by Eastern supranations. They needed to spread wars in Asia and weaken this continent, so they did. By infiltrating eastern elite lineages and placing their pawns, they have been able to influence history and march toward their goal.

One of the World Wars goal is to reinforce their hold onto the monetary system. China was one of the last countries they did not control and on top,  that’s where the largest world’s reserve of gold were located. They managed to turn Japan against China to decimate the Middle Earth land. Chiang Kai-shek was leader of China at that time. He was facing threats from two sides: the communists led by Mao and the capitalist countries invasion. He flew to Formosa island when he created an independent state there, what is now Taiwan. He played the banker’s game aligning with their economic and monetary influence. He may have told them gold was left behind.

No one knows exactly how much gold he took with him, but some sources state that he may have had moved as much as a million tons. That is twenty times more physical gold than today’s estimations from official central bank audit reports. Chiang Kai-shek may have cached part of the gold in a few secret locations, including one vast bunker in Taiwan. Other locations in Asian countries such as in Philippines and Indonesia are also stated by blogger sources. During the World War II turmoil in China, the gold had vanished right left and center. Some Asian dragon family lineage may have also cached substantial quantities of gold.

United States became the dominant and vibrant economy of the planet after World War II. Between 1944 and 1951, US participated to a series of plan aimed at the rebuild of Europe. Breton Woods agreements in 1944 concluded with a deal with Chiang Kai-shek so the Dragon Family would have its gold (85% of World’s gold) stored in the US for 50 years in exchange of  trading bonds with astronomical numbers, incluting one worth 371 trillions of US dollars. That agreement was followed with aid from the Marshall Plan in 1948, for a release of 13 G$. However Europe needed much more, so the bankers in Europe were looking for China to participate with US in the next release. The Mutual Security Plan involving joint participation of China’s remaining gold and United States money was used to pursue the reconstruction of Europe for another extra 7 Billions.

In 1973, Nixon had to solve the oil supply crisis in the States. Otherwise, USA would lose its World hegemony. The only way out was to print out paper money until hyperinflation or disconnected the US dollar from silver and back it up by oil by convincing oil exporting nations to trade the  »black gold » for the fiat paper money US dollar so it remains attached to a commodity. But the printing money machine allowed USA to print as much money as they want without to worry about their money devaluation. That’s where the  »petrodollar » expression comes from. United States had a powerful privilege that no other nation had since they were forced to keep gold as the asset backing their currency.

Communism did not have the momentum capitalism had and clearly, the Soviet Union has no goal other than to develop their war machine. Since the Cold War economy reached a status quo point, the Soviet Union was in dire strait and turned to its past, slumping into a crisis of identity. Beijing realized they must modernize the country, otherwise they would face the revolt of their people. China had to catch up on western societies or else to risk implosion. Surrending to a postRoman Empire would be a humiliation for the oldest and only still standing Ancient civilizations at the surface of this planet.

Chinese Communist Party leaders gradually woke up to that plot. They’ve asked some gold back. US sent 120 000 tons of metric gold to Mao to prove honesty, but that was’nt enough. Mao Tse Tung was well aware of the Western threats over a communist China and wanted to make sure his successors would toe the hard line. Unfortunately for Maoists, the successor he designated, Hua Goefeng lasted not even a year. Deng Xiaoping was much more open to modernism and took over. He brought China slowly but surely to the vibrant economy it is today. However, China came back from far and the Chinese leaders were counting on their gold stored in the US to be back for September 12th 2001.

Western bankers did not want China to become a superpower. In 1994, their agreement ended and China never received the gold back. The Dragon Family sued the Fed and won their case in 1998. The verdict forced the gold to be given back for September 12 2001. Bankers secretly orchestrated the WTC explosion the day before the gold return to China to hide all trace of the metal and bonds stolen from Asian nations. September 11th 2001 is the date when a confrontation between West and East began. Muslim terrorist is just a cover up, a creation from CIA to diverting masses attention from the real conflict.

The Corporate United States of America showed up to the face of the World. The Republic of United States has been long gone and the Founding Fathers Constitution principles flushed in the toilet with it. China understood to not count on Western corrupt nations to revive. They attracted all the manufacturing goods production and played the asset side of the game. On their side, Western bankers kept playing the fiat monetary and debt issuance game until the can kicked down the road would be so busted that it would not roll anymore. Unless a clash occur…

Somewhere around 2012, Chinese helped by hackers have succeed to crack the code of SWIFT, the monetary system accounts controlled from Switzerland, at the  »banksters » headquarter., The economy became so artificial that Bankers were able to create money numbers out of thin air in the years before. Since 2012, the Chinese play chess with the Western bankers. They led the BRICS to become a 180+ nation alliance against the Bankers mafia who’s team of nation is going down seriously. As we speak, a dozen of nations only are still on the Bankers’s side.

The Chinese communist faction want to reinstate a gold backed currency monetary system. Their alternate monetary system, CIPS, is ready and functional. China is waiting for the fall of the Corporate State at Washington, bankrupt since March 2015, what could come up with an end on  November 8th 2016, for the election, hoping Hillary Clinton will be defeated. Chinese leaders are also waiting for the disintegration of the Western financial system, sitting on an astronomic debt bubble. Chinese leaders know there is enough gold in the World to purge the global economic system from debt. But ther is another Asian-Chinese faction that want to use gold to create a parallel clean system. They want to end World’s poverty once for all.

Quantum economy

In the first article of this series, we talk about the beginning of stage #7, where we are at. There is a problem in bringing back gold in the landscape. We are still dealing with a monetary system relying on an asset to base money onto. In this case, Chinese leaders want to use gold, manufactured goods and real estate assets to reset the financial game in a more fair situation for them and all other nations. However, on the long run, Chinese leaders know their national economy will become the center of the World and the monetary game plays in their favor on the long run. That’s exactly what they want, a trading game fair for China so they have a second chance to take over the World. At least, that’s what a few hyper-nationalist individuals at the Politburo wish in secret.

Perhaps, some Asian countries have kept tights with non corporatist or elitist US factions like the Pentagon and most of militaries. Indonesia and many more don’t want a unipolar World dominated by China. United States has been bullying the World for decades and the World has learn a lot from that. The mistake will not be repeated. Did Beijing get the message?

The key question is: How do we transition the World from stage #7 to #8 without falling back at stage #6, because we don’t want to repeat the cycle again and see the entire planetary economy getting trapped into a loop?

I attended a speech given by one of the most world famous quantum physicists Dr Amit Goswami in Montreal, QC, on August 15th 2016 about quantum economics. Here’s what the Dr Amit Goswami said about a questions I asked on how to fix this economy:

We cannot start a revolution to reset the economy under a new system. Today’s economic integration between nations is such that it would be too much pain and sufferance to rebuild a new world from the ashes of the old one. We have to make this version better.

Basically, what is saying is we don’t have a second chance. However, he said something encouraging:

The system has to change. Whatever happens is for the best. That crisis is a necessary passage. Who said debt is bad? We opened up to consciousness so much. Some schools talk about erasing debt. United States could get out of debt tomorrow morning just by getting out of the model. Debt is just a concept, it’s just paper.

What are we waiting for?

Dr Goswami also stated:

Capitalism success have contributed to improve the state of Occident’s economy. That’s the proof capitalism works.

We should not be against capitalism, but against the way of too much is in the hands of too few who don’t put it back in the circulation.

The economy cannot expand if there is no growth. […] The quantum review is to make sure everyone access to growth. Ultimately, spiritual growth is the real power.

What did he meant by that?

Profit is growth. Spiritual values are also profit.

We want to reach full potential in this lifetime, but we are not all born equal. Society blocks us. Some societies are not ready for the quantum economic culture.

In the space time, everything is possible (but there is a delay for everything to take place). In the quantum field, objects can communicate instantaneously, because there is no time.

At the economic level, there are two conclusions:

  • In space time, everything is relative
  • In consciousness, everything is absolute

We lose the concept of true value, the concept of absoluteness, during the human experience. We have become survival machines. We need to settle down, meditate, realign on our true self and spirituality.

The new quantum economy is an economy of the archetypes. Abundance, not money,  is one.

We need to add value to work and meet new superior needs in Maslow’s pyramids.

 I agree with him. The human mind will lead us into to a new economic Shemitah and will bring us to stage #9. Here is a table listing the old ways to generate wealth and prosperity from abundance, as well as the new ways in quantum economy cited by Dr Gotswami:



We are on the verge of economic collapse due to excessive debt. The next global economic model is a surprise. One thing is for sure, Asia is going to be the economic center of the World. Is China going to impose a gold-back Yuan as the world currency of reference? Or are we going to erase debt and rather use a cryptocurrency like bitcoin in a monopoly-like game? That is hard to predict, but one thing is for sure, from a  »prosperity mindset », we will go back to  »abundance spirit ». Consciousness leads to debtless economy and abundance. We have to let go that retrograde old financial system and come back to a positive numbers only monetary system and spread abundance for all.

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