Abundance is everywhere for as long as we are open to it. Like we have seen in the previous article of this series, we can find abundance of energy in the present moment. By not depending on the linear timeline and the reality of cyclic seasons with the survival mindset of higher latitudes, we can negate the time effect by elevating our consciousness. The future of humanity lies inside each individual, not in cybernetic technologies or remedies from outside of us. We need to stop running like maniacs and belittle each other for pieces of power and peanuts. A solution to a finite prosperity so difficult to reach is to embrace meditation and mindfulness. That’s the way to reach infinite abundance. Instead of fighting for resources to repay a debt owned by an unidentified someone or something, let’s get out of that enslavement all together.

The goal of life is to find the self within, which helps to recreate a state where money energy flows. Yet, not only is possible, but it’s getting more and more popular, to the point where it will be mainstream soon. This 3rd article will convince the most rational minds that debt is useless and easy to get rid of.

The Gravity

Here is a speech given by Jeffrey Sachs (not related to Goldman Sachs) at a conference held in Philadelphia,  in April 17th 2013, called  »Fixing the Banking System for Good »:


Here’s a series of measures proposed by Simon Thorpe to fix the banks in that same article:

  • Massive amounts of debt-free money creation by central banks.
  • Direct injection of the newly created money into the economy by a combination of eliminating taxes, infrastructure spending and other public sector activities, and direct payments to citizens.
  • A Financial Transaction Tax imposed by the central bank on all electronic transactions involving that currency to remove any excess money in the system and divert money to the real economy.
  • A ban on money creation by commercial banks.

Basically, the conclusion is simple, don’t let bankers handling the money creation process because it has been proven that every single time a monetary system is taken over by private-corporate interests, it ends up collapsing in debt. It is a universal law. History is well documented.

World’s Wealth: the Big Picture

Each year, Forbes Magazine display the list of the World’s richest men and women. Bill Gates has been toppled the list almost ever since this list exist. Curiously enough, nobody has ever  »transpassed » the 100 billions of $ of assets. Is it just a coincidence or a line drawn by richer people hiding from public knowledge?

Is Bill Gates really the most wealthiest individual on this planet? If you think outside the box just a little you will figure out he’s not. Of course, this well-known list has been popularized in the mainstream media and designed to redirect the masse’s curiosity from the real data. I am a big picture person and I can’t stand not to have the real data. I made the search for you. Very recently I finally assembled all the numbers. Here are the true wealthiest ones on Earth:


What jumps to the eye, is the staggering amount of money in the hands of elite families, for almost 65% of the pie chart. The rest is exchange stocks or real estate and goods in circulation. Most of them are probably in the hands of corporations. It is realistic to say 10% of the wealth belongs to civilians and the 90% rest belongs directly or indirectly to elite individuals. We could decorticate each part of the pie in many other pie charts. But the point here is to identify who controls the World’s Wealth.

The most blatant observation however is how come the Rothschild’s has so much power? Because they are the central banking system since centuries. In other words, they own or control the Fed, the Bank of England, the ECB, IMF, etc. The central banking system controls the creation of money and dictates the rules for all the commercial banks in the world. They are architects and administrators of THE MONEY SYSTEM. They’ve cumulated all that wealth by issuing debt.

How much debt do we owe? Here’s another pie chart:


What is this astronomical bubble called  »derivatives »? In the 90’s Bill Clinton changed the banks fraction reserve rate up to 1:100. That means banks were allowed to lend 100 times more than what they have in cash or gold. A safety ratio was 1:40. Then on, financial designers invented all kind of IOUs so the banks can reach their 100 times ceiling. Per example, one of them is called  »swap ». Financial institution can exchange loans to each other in one contract, charging each other interest rates and not using assets, but debt to insure their capacity to repay. There was no regulation at that levels, so as long as two banks agree with each other on the contract, they can create that speculative money as much as they want. They did it to such an extent that they’ve used subprime mortgage assets to back up the creation of a humongous amount of  »junk debt » disconnected from the real economy. The debt stabilized lately due to regulations, but sums up to quadrillions of dollars. No one knows for sure how much junk debt there is. It is likely that debt will be erased in a near future, because such a bubble threatens to trigger a global systemic collapse.

Perhaps the debt we have to worry about is in the red part. What is that 230 000 G$ massive debt made of? It is made of household, corporate, government and financial debts. Knowing the annual global GDP (gross domestic product) is around 72 trillions of US dollars, it is said that for a country to be able to repay, its national public debt may not exceed 100%. Right now, we are globally at 319%… To illustrate how insolvent the World is, a country that is already in a deflationary mode, Japan, is at 230%. Greece is at 176% and most economics expert agree Greeks will never be able to repay their public debt.

Does that mean we are doomed?

For All the Gold in the World

We are not doomed. Yet, we hear more and more rumors of an iminent major economic crisis. Pretty much all financial experts have no or few idea of what’s going on behind the scenes. We can pitch any conclusion just by looking at numbers thrown at us by mainstream medias and governments. Are these numbers really reflecting the current World’s economic states?

Numbers are just numbers. Without secret intelligence information, it is impossible to predict the future and get the real big picture. Like we’ve seen on article #2 of this series, there is abundance inside each one of us. The outside is speculative. We can decide of our reality. We can create it. We can decide to erase all debt, junk or not, start spreading bitcoins all over the planet and end poverty tomorrow. It’s all up to us.

Let’s say we have to face the World debt. Is there enough money in the world, cash or digital, to repay the due? Let’s face it, keeping the actual economic model makes it impossible. But what if there was enough gold to repay the entire planet’s debt and enough left to reset prosperity?

I have been following Benjamin Fulford since almost a decade now. During an interview with David Wilcock in 2012, Fulford made public a secret the Rothschild family wish it would never come out. The amount of gold retired from circulation is such that it is beyond imagination. I also lately put hands on another document describing vast quantities of gold belonging to the people of Philippines. There is a battle raging between Europe Bankers and Asian Dragon Family from Asia-Taiwan for gold stolen by the Western powers. The Rothschild are using corporate governments and international institutions as proxies to do the dirty job of spreading debt. They use World Wars to deflect the attention from the real quest. Most of the wars that humanity have suffered since thousands of years is explained by one word: gold. Forget about oil.

Here is a conservative portray of the hidden gold situation in the World. Where is the gold hidden:


The amount of gold is astonishing. The gold audited left in vaults around the world is nothing compare to what’s hidden from public knowledge. Why is it so? During the Roman Empire, gold was everywhere. People were trading in gold coins. There was a lot of gold all around. All the gold Europe had got transferred over centuries of trading with Asian nations. Wealthy Europeans liked to buy spices, silk, pottery, etc.

The Rothschild wanted to take all the gold out of circulation so they can implement their plan of taking over the world with a banking system and debt. They almost succeeded. Thanks to the Dragon Family for fighting back. Now we know the gold exists and we have clues of the locations. Instead of going full on military war, wisely and patiently, the Western fiat banking will destroy itself with is own medicine: debt. No matter what agreement is signed following the collapse of the banking system and its institutions, whether we go back to a gold-based monetary system or not, whether debt is erased or not, there is enough to pay back and restart fresh. Here is the proof:


Whether we have to pay the entire junk debt bubble (I doubt it) or not, there is at least 217 310 trillions of dollars to re-inject in the real economy afterwards. That is 3 times the current GDP. That will be an enormous boost.

The problem is we need to wait patiently the completion of the collapse. That will take several more years. In the meantime, people need to protect themselves.

Paying or Erasing the Debt

That raises two key questions:

  1. Do we have to pay back the Rothschild or not?
  2. Is debt really legitimate or not?

Bankers made debt legal illegitimately. Debt is imposed on us.

In a world where hard assets are hidden, where half of the population live in cities with no access to abundant natural resources, where corporate governments don’t serve population electing them but rather the debt generating machine institutions, where money can only be accessed through interest rate enslavement, debt is not only illegitimate, it is insanity…

Not only shall we NOT pay the debt, we should literally put bankers in jail right away. Of course when we say  »bankers », we are talking about the very top of the money pyramid, not your bank branch manager.

The Iceland Case

International Monetary Fund (IMF) is that institution created following the Breton Woods Conference in 1944. The goal of this organisation was to use the money gotten from Eastern gold to help rebuild Europe and, foremost, to promote the development of all non industrialized countries.

Unfortunately, IMF was just another piece on the chessboard controlled by the Rothschild. Instead of helping poor countries, IMF just contributed to sink them even more into misery through debt.

In 2008, the stock market crash triggered mayhem in various national economies around the World. One of them was Iceland. Despite its tiny population of only 320 000 inhabitants, Icelanders were under control of a reckless central banking system. The unemployment rate went from less than 2% up to 8% in less than one year. For IMF, Iceland was just another country in a position to be looted.

From 2001 to 2008, Iceland’s banks became addicted to bond issuance combined with poor balance sheets. During the period of growth, they looked good on paper. Unfortunately, when the crash happened, Iceland banks began acting in  »too big to fail », like in most all countries around the globe.

However, Iceland people woke up and demanded reforms. They protested in the streets and refused the bailout to save the banks. Instead, the government cleaned up the house and some bankers ended up in jail. The government took its responsibilities as any government should do, took only a portion of the original IMF loan proposed in order to secure its citizens deposits, and repaid IMF earlier than scheduled, beginning in 2012.

Since then, Iceland is a success story. The GPD follows a regular growth trend and inflation went down. The lessons retained from that story are:

  • Banks need to be regulated and kept under strict monitoring;
  • Banks need to be funded with equity to a much larger degree;
  • Bankers bonuses and packages need restriction.

So it not necessary to take down the entire banking system in order to see economic results. All we need is to reform the commercial banks and nationalized the central banks so the money creation process remain in the hand of the people. The most difficult part is to get the government support to do so. Banks are completely powerless without governmental obedience.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Though, not every country in the World is lucky enough to enjoy Iceland ‘s economic situation. A lot of countries around the World have no access to sea shores, so they cannot trade in the real economy without stability and partnership with their neighbors. In many places like in Africa and Middle-East, conflicts are created by the same bankers at the top who encourage both sides to fight, founding them financially and militarily. Their goal is to  »divide and conquer » by generating misery and humanitarian crisis. When a country is under the influence of a dictatorship, the population suffers a lot. Like this was not enough, the same bankers organize the takeover of the dictator, and replace a stable government with a rebel proxy army who’s only goal is to feed perpetual civil war.

The only way to stop the carnage humanity has been suffering from for so long is to take over that dysfunctional private banking system, kick out the monsters running it, nationalize every single central bank so it is run by the people. If the banking system does not want to bow down, the solution is to kill the hydra with his own weapon: debt, by stopping the payments.

There is a tool called  »refusal to pay ». Powerful nations can use it. That’s what the Fed and the US government is experimenting right now. Nations from across the globe, including China, are refusing payments in US dollar.

When a nation does not have China or Russia’s power to refuse payments, like Greece have tried to do with its 2015 referendum, why not declaring  »bankruptcy »? No government has ever tried that. In the actual banking system, there are no  »bankruptcy » option as for individuals. The only option is insolvency with even more debt to keep the broken nation afloat. In other words, there is no concrete solution offered by the current banking system other then perpetual worsening enslavement.

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) led by the Chinese have built a parallel monetary system ready to be used. All we are waiting for is the tip of the pyramid to timber.



Wealth for every single human beings is at reach in a near future. However, we might have to wait a few more years. The current monetary/financial system is corrupt and need a purge. Most people are still counting on external forces such as authorities and governments to save their life. They are going to suffer a lot. Everyone needs to learn how to protect himself from debt, how to be autonomous, and how to generate money naturally from an abundance mindset. That’s what we will see in the next articles of this series.






La bulle financière approche la barre des 2 millions de milliards de dollars

The global debt reckoning – Total global debt at $230 trillion. Total world debt over 300 percent annual GDP. There is no escape from a reckoning with debt markets.






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