Another aspects of money making we tend to forget, we are part of a whole, of the Oneness in this Universe. Perhaps, our individuality is not the highest  »spiritual authority » in that oneness.

Yes, Universe will teach you what you need to learn in order to reach your full potential in this lifetime or in preparation for an even most promising life. In any case, you don’t have the big part of the stick and if you are trying to bully Universe with a bad attitude in order to get what you want, you will be disappointed.

Universe wants us to behave like grown up kids. We are expected to show a good attitude, to persevere, to love ourselves and to keep on learning at school of life so we can evolve and accomplish our destiny.

There are at least 22 universal laws involved in moneymaking and management, but we don’t need to learn them by heart. We just need to integrate in our daily life the main principles holding together all the spiritual laws. Just for your personal culture, here they are:

1- Law of Attitude

 »Nothing in the Universe can harm you except your own attitude. You, and you alone choose the attitude with what you will respond. Your attitude can worsen or lighten any event. Not two people respond to the same situation in the same way. Every earthly incarnation includes traumatic experiences, and the better you understand the workings of Karma, the more likely you will be to put events in a spiritual perspective. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

2- Law of Desire and Intention

 »Each intention, each desire generates its own auto-satisfaction mechanisms. When intentions and desires take root in the field of pure potentiality, they can responds with no limits in terms of organisation. When we plant intentions in pure potentiality’s ground, we let this infinite potential working for us. »


3- Law of Belief

 »You can have anything you want if you can give up the belief that you can’t have it, and as long as what you want doesn’t conflict with someone else’s belief. For example, If you desire a fulfilling relationship, but demand it to be with a particular person, then you are not operating in Harmony with the Universe. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

4- Law of Psychosomatic Influence

 »This law states that two things–whether animate or inanimate–once in contact with each other, will continue to act upon each other even at a distance, long after the actual contact has been severed. Matter coming into contact with other matter absorbs and influences as a result of the contact. There is a psychometric blending of the etheric emanations. This is why someone wearing a piece of inherited will be influenced by the psychomatic emanations of the original owner. The more empathic a person is, the more likely they will be influenced by the state of mind of the original owner. Another example of this Law is when contact takes place between two people, the intensity of the contact will dictate the degree and duration of the influence. A sexual union would result in a lengthy mental connection of the two people even if they did not see each other ever again. Even if neither of them recognize this consciously, but on an unconscious level contact and influence continues. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

5- Law of Gratitude

 »From the perspective of Karma and the Law of One, the more you give the more you will receive. The more you assist others, the more you assist yourself. The power of this Law also works in your day-to-day life. By having an attitude of Gratitude, Thanks and Appreciation for something, you will raise your vibration. If you feel and can express heartfelt gratitude then you unlock the Universe’s abundance treasure chest. You know this because when you receive gratitude and appreciation you feel worthy. The gratitude you feel and express when you realize every challenge you face has within it a lesson of healing, growth and evolvement makes you look forward to challenges with willing appreciation and gratitude for your opportunity to grow. Count your blessings, in appreciation and gratitude, and watch them grow. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

6- Law of Gift

 »Universe operates by dynamic exchanges. To give and receive are only different aspects of the universal energy flow. When we decide what we want to receive, we let universal abundance circulate into our life. »


7- The Law of Self Worth

 »You can only attract to you that which you feel worthy of. Your self esteem is critical to your happiness and success. You are not what you have and you are not what you do. Beneath your fear programming, you are perfect–an enlightened soul fully self-actualized, and a living example of unconditional Love. it is only lifetimes of fear-based programming that are keeping you from acknowledging who you really are. The more you can let go of the fears, the higher yourself esteems and the more options you will have, and the more risks you will take. The better you like yourself, the better others will like you, and the more worthy you will feel. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

8- Law of Attraction

 »Attention goes where energy flows. You attract what you are, and that which you concentrate upon. If you are negative then you draw in and experience negativity. If you are Loving, then you draw in and experience Love. You can only attract to you those qualities which you possess. If you want Peace and Harmony in your life, you must become Peaceful and Harmonious. Like vibration attracts like vibration. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

9- The Law of Commitment

 »When you become clear on your intent, making a decision and obligating yourself to a task or a belief, everything begins to fall into place–if your direction is in Harmony with the Universe as it relates to your purpose. Once you do this, things begin to happen almost magically, as if you were a magnet drawing into your experience that which is needed for manifestation. The key to this power is to have no indecisiveness at all, and the greater your emotional desire the power you will give to those on the other side who can assist you, and the more rapidly the manifestation. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

10- The Law of Manifestation

 »Everything manifest begins as a thought–an idea. Ideas and experiences create beliefs, which in turn create your reality. If you are unhappy with your current reality, then you must change your beliefs and your behavior. Beliefs can be changed when you recognize those that are not working for you, and begin programming what will create success and harmony in your life. Be aware that you don’t necessarily have to change the way you feel about something in order to effect it, if instead you are willing to change what you are doing. Your mind has unlimited creative power. Dedication, awareness and training can give you the Wisdom to rise above your Karma. You can manifest whatever reality you desire to experience within physical laws. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

11- Law of Fellowship

 »When two or more people of similar vibration are gathered for a shared purpose, their combined energy directed to the attainment of that purpose is doubled, even tripled or more. This esoteric awareness has been used by covens, esoteric religions, healing groups and even worldwide meditations for world peace. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

12- Law of Three

 »Two, is generally recognized as positive and negative, and becomes a Law only when combined with a neutralizing force. When three, become a unit, neither of the original two are more powerful or larger, and each behaves for itself and the benefit of the whole. Examples are: The Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost; Conscious Mind, Sub-Conscious Mind and Super-Conscious Mind; Mother, Father and Child. When a man and a woman are combined in a neutralized state of marriage, they become a three. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

13- Law of Association

 »If two or more units have something in common, the commonality can be used to influence or control the other thing. The amount of control depends on the degree of commonality. The more common they both are, the more influence. For example: If you Pray while holding a Bible, you will be more likely to experience a spiritual connectedness; A Bible and Prayer share a commonality. As another example, proper diet and exercise share the mental commonality of perceived good health, which is more likely to manifest as a result of your assumption. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

14- Law of Compensation

 »You, and you alone are responsible for everything that happens to you. All is the result of your past thoughts, words and deeds, and which have formed your present attitude. Your attitude towards life and life experiences is returned to you in the form of rewards or problems–as love in joy, or as confusion, trouble or heartbreaking experience. These Karmic rewards or punishments can be delivered immediately at later date in your present life, or in a future incarnation. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

15- The Law of Growth

 »This Law states that there is no Growth without discontent. Deep within your center at the level of Higher Self, you know what is best for you, and it will always be to strive for more awareness. Never allow yourself to reach a level of self satisfaction where there is no new challenge. For most of us, there will be no growth without agitation or discontent. The idea is to carefully study your dissatisfactions, for they will tell you what you are about to leave behind and possibly point to new future directions. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

16- Law of Ritual

 »Any Act performed repeatedly with specific intent becomes a Rite. Each time the Ritual is repeated its power is enhanced in three ways: first, by focusing on the intent the performer intensifies the power of his or her mind to control reality; second, the performer gives permission to his Guides and the powers on the other side to assist him in the desire of manifestations; and third, each performance upon the Rite draws upon the energy of all who have used the rite throughout all time. This can include the use of symbols as well. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

17- Law of Energy Conservation or Least resistance

 »Nature’s intelligence tend to the path of least resistance, working with non judgement, harmony and love. We reap what we sow. When we harness harmonious forces of joy and love, we naturally recreate success and good fortune. »


18- Law of Perpetual Energy Transmutation

 »The energy of the Universe is always moving and transmuting into and out of form. This law of nature further tells us that energy is always in a state of motion. It will take one form, move to another form, but it’s always in motion and never standing still.  This law relates to the universe and our consciousness through the realization that everything seen and unseen is constantly changing. We can harness this energy and transform it into whatever form we desire. »

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

19- Law of Abundance

 »You have within yourself everything required to make your earthly incarnation a paradise if you choose to accept that which is your natural birthright. We live in a Universe of Abundance, although the majority of those populating our planet appear to view it as a Universe of scarcity. »

Cosmic and Spiritual Laws of the Universe

20- The Law of Detachment

 »Wisdom of uncertainty hides in detachment . This wisdom releases ourselves from hindrances of the past, removes the shackles and opens the door of the jail that locks us up. In accepting to embrace the unknown, in exposing the self to all possibilities, we open up to our creative spirit, and to a larger universal Consciousness and Oneness. »


21- The Law of Karma or Causality

 »Each action generates a force that comes back to us as it was originally created… We reap what we sow. When we chose to be in the action for bringing happiness to others, the fruit of karma become joy and success. »


22- The Law of Dharma or Goal in Life

 »Everybody has a mission of life, a unique gift or particular talent aimed at helping others. As soon as we dedicate our special skills to serve others, we experience the exultation of our own spirit. That’s the ultimate goals of all goals. »


Review of the famous Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is well known. It is a success topic for book sellers. The problem with that law is not the law itself but rather the misinterpretation by egocentric desires versus essential desires from the soul. Ego driven people bite so hard on what that law seem to represent in terms of magical power that many hit a wall trying to apply the Law of Attraction principles.

The Law of Attraction operates from the emotional field of energy. Yes, you can attract what your soul or your ego wants without any consideration for the source of that desire. As long as you know exactly what you want, and you put yourself in that vibrant state of feeling the manifestation as if it was happening now, you may end up attracting what you wish. The Law of Attraction works for real. But the key question is: are you really trying to attract what’s required for your spiritual path? »

And when someone did not succeeded in attracting desired results, the purists will automatically jump to the conclusion that the protocol was not performed properly. What if the desire will manifest later?

Attracting what we want is not the sole factor in manifesting the life of our aspirations. Waiting is as important. By waiting, we don’t mean to sit down and turn your thumbs until the Messiah returns. We mean that there is a period of gestation for a project to take shape, for a personality talent to emerge and for a business project to break through. The same applies for money. Even if you do and perform every single things written in books, even if you succeed in that transformation to just be, you may have to wait a bit more. Universe has something else for your learning journey: it’s called patience…

 We always learn anyway. Life is not a walk in the park. Life is serious work on your soul. And remember: Universe is the parent or the caregiver and we are the children. What parents want for us? Our education…





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