That may deceive many, but the truth is we were not all born equal. You have to accept your fate and do the best you can with it. When inner peace is finally established, hard work can begin. Most entrepreneur and business people hit a wall at first, attempting several times before to finally having success. They were not ready yet.

Either you face your nemesis while starting up and learn the hard way, either you fix yourself prior the dive. Let’s be honest, we will never be perfect the first time. However, it’s possible to minimize the risk of failure. If you succeed without been ready, beware of falling down.

There is close relationship between right brainers and entrepreneurship. Most believe business rhymes with autonomy and money. If you don’t feel comfortable on the employee’s seat and you are willing to take risk, you may have entrepreneurship spirit. If you just want to make business for making money, think twice before to jump head first.

In case you plan to launch a startup, let’s check if you have entrepreneurship spirit and the entrepreneur profile. If your mindset is the one of an employee, stay there for another while and take some personal growth lessons. However, if you feel ready to get started, take a deep breath, because you don’t know how long you will swim underwater. Do you wish to know how long it will take you?

This article begins with a checklist of preparations and breaches in your energy field you need to clog first. From there we will attack the scary topic of the torment period. How long will it take you to reach some level of success in your adventure? For that we need to read at your destiny. We will see also how many attempts you may have to go through before you finally succeed, and once you succeed, what do you have to expect.


  • To be conscious of dualistic and unitary forces in the Universe. We must not be influenced or distracted by the destruction of life show. Duality exist only so we can be conscious of our belonging to Oneness.
  • Distinguish your soul desires from your ego desires. When we try to satisfy our ego, we get completely derailed. We must stay in the absoluteness: existence, abundance, radiance, benevolence, experience, science, consciousness.
  • To know our soul wound(s). A lot of people incarnated in this lifetime work in order to reach their full potential and the only way to recover from karma or trauma take effects when we elevate our vibratory rate, and practice self love.
  • To make the list of our blockages, misconceptions and limiting beliefs. The goal is to reprogram the thoughts and to clog energetic breaches.
  • To be conscious of polarity’s role. Remember, YANG is mastery of the electromagnetic field (Qi) and YIN is mastery of the quantum field (Wuji). The feminine energy carry life and the destructive male energy must be tamed eventually.


Since most individuals composing masses are looking for their full potential outside, they are not master of their destiny and are therefore looking for predictions to comfort their anxiety and lack of trust in the future. The lack of consciousness on one side benefit to the other side. Although the large majority of astrologists practice with passion and honesty, some of them are more likely to racket than to help. That’s a reason why astrology is still not taken seriously by too many.

Daily horoscopes are there just to sell newspaper, magazines and webpage to those afflicted by the  »pill syndrome », meaning that the solution exist outside in the material world. Because most people are still sold to a materialistic view of life.

Yet, astrology  is at least 5000 years old in China and 3500 years old in Occident. It has been demonstrated time and time again that astral planetary and stellar bodies have an influence on our personality and destiny. That influence operates at a spectrum range from astral to information realm. At the quantum level operates even more subtly in the photonic field. Astrology was developed over time by observation and traditional transmission from master to disciple and became popularized on the mainstream after a long refining process.

Astrology is designed primarily to figure out a person’s personality using the birth date, time and location, which provides a Carte du Ciel. A person’s Carte du Ciel will reveal astonishing details about her personality, but also about health, money, work, love, family, heritage, etc. Astrology’s popularity is pushed forward by the numerous aspects of life it covers. However, there’s another aspect of astrology that is under-exploited, which has a determining influence on someone’s destiny: tricity.



Grosso modo, your zodiacal sign reveals the speed and the level of sinuosity of your life path takes toward your higher or true self. In order to reach your dreams, you may chose between rushing or attracting your goals or aspirations. There is nothing wrong rushing to push ahead an agenda. Perhaps, in pushing things, you may not necessarily end up faster to your destination. Even when you master the laws of the Universe, you will not reach your full potential or mission of life faster either. Your power is only to chose, only one path at the time in the array of all possibilities. Then you will realize that your actions were not aligned with your divine essence. Signs will appear that demonstrate the futility of  »over-rushing » destiny’s manifestation.

Here are the three tricitary signs and zodiacal signs associated:

Cardinal signs (C):                    Aries                   Cancer             Libra                    Capricorne

Stable signs (S):                        Taurus                 Leo                   Scorpio                 Aquarius

Mutable signs (M):                   Gemini                Virgo                Sagittarius          Pisces

Cardinal signs

Cardinal signs often meet numerous pitfalls in the first half of their life. They get derailed easily. They have to pay attention and not be discouraged by life’s turmoil. When they successfully overcome the suffering triggered by their fears and frustrations, they become great leaders. Patience and tenaciousness is highly required for them.

Stable signs

Stable sign people are born with high practical skills and shine early at the adult stage. However, there is a downside to be a stable sign: evolution is slower then for non stable signs, but far from impossible. They have to take great care of themselves  because their high level of resistance will fool them. They live life with the impression that nothing can beat them down. They tend to push their envelope very far. When they decide to change, they’ve already damaged their body or they will simply decease quick. Discipline and continuity in a good spirit is what they need to live long and reach their aspirations.

Mutable signs

They are the zodiac’s lucky ones, those we envy, those who seem to have an easy life. Don’t be mistaken. That’s not easy to be constantly on the move. If they can turn around on a dime and redirect themselves on the opposite direction in the blink of an eye, still succeeding in that change, the constant instability they are dealing with brings a lot of hardship. It’s difficult for the loved one or the children to follow a mutable sign. Calm, refocusing on oneself and attention brought to little details is what those people need to achieve on a permanent basis.



A decan is a zodiacal sign’s subdivision. Many believe that a decan is a 10 days period, where the prefix  »deca » or  »10 times » stands for decan. Since the Earth takes 365 to revolve around the sun, not 360, some decans may spread between 9 and 12 days. A decan rather represents 10 degrees. If we divide a complete 360° revolution by 12×3=36, we get 10° for each decan.

It is sort of a sign within a zodiacal sign. So you are either born on the first, second or third decan of your sign. People born in the second decan have a more typical destiny of their tricity sign then people born in the first or third decan of their sign.

Decan matters when we are born in the first or third decan. The other contiguous zodiacal sign will have a significant influence. To simplify that influence, the table here below has been conceived to standardize dates within a same decan. In reality, a person born on a cut off date between two zodiacal signs may be influenced by both zodiacal signs equally. There is a difference between been born March 22nd rather than March 25th making you officially a cardinal sign, but in reality 9/20 mutable (45% Pisces) and 11/20 cardinal (55% Aries), where as March 25th makes you more like 2/3 Cardinal (67% Aries) and 1/3 Mutable (33% Pisces).


Possible scenarios with abundance and money energy

Cardinal – 1st decan

He will face a dilemma: either to embrace the tumultuous path of his identity listening to the voice inside, or to follow the popular common path designed by society standards. His career will evolve progressively. The beginnings are unsteady. Many changes occur, not always for the better. Revenues will be minimalistic in the twenties, but they will stabilize in the thirties. He doesn’t get satisfied with it. He will be looking for self accomplishment all the time, but will realize that it is not about the result but the experience. Eventually, deception will be replaced by taste for adventure. A 180° degrees is expected in the early forties. Inhabited by a positive attitude, the career transition will be smooth. If more angry, his mutable aspect takes over and he will quit radically, leaving his ancient life behind. He can hope for substantial revenues in the mid-forties. He will start many projects during his career, but rarely stick long enough so he succeed. His strategy would be to integrate all the new projects into a broader one. If he has enough leadership to gather a team and delegate tasks, he may be able to attain ambitions. If he is strategic, he will make fortune in the fifties or sixties.

Cardinal – 2nd decan

He’s relentless and fiery. He displays competitiveness and a strong desire to succeed. However, his revenues progression are not quite scaling with his potential and abilities. He may be exploited in hte early stages of his career. He should find a sane environment to evolve. Then changes will take place naturally. That will be his main struggle during his thirties. He might be better to keep his job and climb the ladder through promotions. Then his monetary aspects will improve substantially, otherwise he may end up broken. No matter how his thirties are ending, his forties will be much more successful, as long as he develops both brain hemispheres: left and right. By getting the best of his brain faculties, he can make an excellent job income. But he will have to work hard and he should work on passive revenues on the sideline. He should gradually distance himself from his passion and become an advisor. That’s not easy for a passionate person to give the stage to younger wolves. Nonetheless, he can hope for better days when he retires, if he holds on and switch from actor to teacher.

Cardinal – 3rd decan

He’s gifted and displays a remarkable attitude. He’s pleasant to work with, but he must not waste time in futile work fields and find his vocation sooner than later. By wandering for too long, he will have a hard time to catch up the right direction for himself. In his case, money success is a matter of will and self honesty. If he ends up the twenties in the right field, it is good omen for him in the future. As his career stabilizes, his income will increase. Then he can practice a passion. Regardless how his moneymaking evolve, pursuing a passion will be a matter of life or death (almost) in the forties. He has to keep in mind his influence from stable signs which makes moneymaking evolving slowly but surely. By keeping up with a routine, he feels life and money piling in his bank account. He will multiply secondary incomes, but always need down payment from his own pocket to fructify money. Once he’s accustomed to dividends from hard work, he will have a hard time to slow the pace and retire. He has to be careful not to work for money, but for fun. He needs to spend for himself first and others after.

Stable – 1st decan

He’s impetuous and he knows what he wants in life. He will find the right field pretty quickly. He will have to satisfy with low wage in his career’s early stages, but moneymaking will grow constantly up to a valuable point. As long as he’s working on getting better, revenues will increase. His attitude and his faith in himself will determine his future with money. He doesn’t care about tomorrow and et never panics. Consistency and routine will keep him focussed so business will be prosperous. He likes to help others, but he must be careful with racketeers and his own exuberance. Money is a tricky resource and must be taken care with respect. Overall, he will live a satisfying abundant life, as long as he remain focussed on himself. He can afford a lot. Perhaps, he may stay away from luxury, since he tend to spend a lot. By staying focussed and disciplined, his life will be an example of success story in regards to moneymaking.

Stable – 2nd decan

He was born with highly regarded skills. But that is useless when you stay in a job position or a field when you don’t use them. A career change is not something that he resonates with. He’s looking to stay in the same professional field his entire life. His loyalty will grant him many promotions. He’ is THE ideal employee, therefore his employer wants him to stay and he will get paid accordingly. Though, he need to make sure he evolves in an harmonious and promising work field otherwise he may suck up low wage his entire life. Many 2nd decan stable signs get trapped in cheap labor positions all life long. He must be involved with money directly at some point in time, because he’s good with numbers. By working in the financial or sales field, he may develop money management skills. In his case, what will determine his fortune is the field and the position he’s working in. He was born to work and life will be miserable without a job and a paycheck. That’s in his best interest to study early in a field where job incomes are substantials. Due to his discipline he will succeed at whatever he tries to achieve.

Stable – 3rd decan

He may tend to change a lot early in his career, but he will quickly settle at the thirties and stick on the same field as long a spossible. The mutable influence will vanish so stability takes over. He’s willing to make sacrifice, but only when things are stable. He will meet his expectations as long as he stay disciplined. However, passion takes over ambition  and he has to be careful of not spending the money he gathered on non profitable projects. Perhaps, he can count on a stable income. He will always be influenced by his mutable side, but just slightly. The result is so he will spend a few years in a project, then he will turn the page for something else. He can make a fortune if that’s his desire, but odds are he was born for a calm and comfy funny life. he tend to stay away from demanding challenges. If his smart enough, he will make others work to build his own fortune.

Mutable – 1st decan

As long as things work his way, he will stay. As soon as things don’t work anymore, ciao bye, he’s gone. He doesn’t fool around questioning himself. He’s driven by the  »my way or the highway » philosophy. He’s looking for fun early in life, but becomes more ambitious to achieve dreams as he gets older. His friendly nature will help him to consolidate a strong network of contacts and relationships. Will he monetize such an asset? This is another story… His goal is to find a field where he can dedicate himself with discipline and focus. He likes new stuff, also to please/tease others. Getting older, his hedonistic tendencies force him to increase his revenues. Then he may go through a metamorphosis. He will apply personal changes into his life during the forties. He becomes more serious toward his monetary goals while keeping his social side alive. He may climb up to the top quickly or become famous in one specific area. He will succeed at it due to his charisma. However, he must be careful with money waste, because he spends a lot. He can hope for a comfortable retirement if he’s disciplined enough.

Mutable 2nd decan

Here is what we perceive as the  »spoiled child » of all tricity-decan combinations. He will follow his inner feelings no matter what. If he seems disoriented from the outside, he has a direction and he always gets back on track. That’s not easy to stay focussed on one goal when you have a monetary atypical path, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered too much about it. Lack of stability and money is not enough to discourage him. He will have to weather the storm at times, but at the end he will find money stability. As long as he’s not distracted by vices and sins, he can claim to an ambitious goal or a mission. Also, since he knows how to fall down and stand right back up, he tends to be a little overconfident. Nobody is totally immune against accident. He has to stay humble. If he becomes wise enough, he will reach self accomplishment and money reward as well.

Mutable 3rd decan

He’s the most mind driven and thriving of all tricity-decan combinations. He knows what he wants and he’ll takes measures to get it, as long as the desire is still burning inside. If he shines his preparation period early in life, he will succeed rapidly in every aspects of the game of life, including moneymaking. He’s an astute student of business and he demonstrates skills. Since his cardinal nature influences his career, he must be careful not to go too high too fast, or else he could go down and crash. Yet he’s a magician when it comes to money and he will get back up. However, keeping a fortune intact is something difficult for him. When his talent and success become fame, many will want a piece of it. Also, he will face pitfalls down the road. He needs to consolidate and pile up money for darker days. Farsighted, he will stay rich for life.


This article is not covering hand lines reading, since they tend to change for the better as the karma get purged. A birthday doesn’t change. People can anticipate a forecasted future following their birth date. The description of each signs listed here above since they are the result of interpretation and channelling at the same time. Therefore, they’re not completely set in stone. No matter what our tricity-decan combination is, we have the power to reach abundance by our own will.

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