»Money attracts money; debt attracts debt. »

That is a painful fact. Like we have seen in the seventh article of this series, it may be easier for you to change jobs for a better income if you are from a mutable sign than it is for other signs. If you are a cardinal sign, there is a risk factor involved and you may wait a longer time before to see the results. If you are a stable sign, it might be better to stay in your stable comfort zone and purge your debt by any mean possible, the faster the better.

Indebtedness is legal, but a crime toward yourself when it gets chronic, when you never see the daylight of positive money. Yet, debt is sometimes better than nothing at all during harsh financial episodes, but should be a temporary state. It becomes criminal for you if you spend more than you earn while you can afford to live below your means. A lot of people live a perilous life with credit lines and debt transfer from one credit card to another. They will kick the can down the road until their creditors stop their gimmick. Soon or late, payback time occurs. From another standpoint, we should be thankful toward these people for spending, whilst the economy is down and most of us pile up money, blocking the circulation of abundance energy flow. They keep the economy afloat assuming the risk they take on their shoulders.

Whether you are victim of misfortune or deliberately a debt addict, the creditors will not make any difference with your case. That is your duty to protect yourself from them. Bankruptcy is one possible way out, but it’s getting harder and harder to qualify for. On top, that’s insane to bankrupt when you don’t have income or a network of contact that can help, so you don’t end up in the street. Here are the steps to exit out of the debt hell the hard way and then the soft way, with and without bankruptcy.


«To great words the great remedy.». You must resign yourself to a purge. That’s your duty.

Prerequisite: Make sure you have no addiction to gambling. If you suffer from compulsive gambling, this series of articles is useless for you right now. Firts off, you must purge your dark entities influence and egocentric false desires of easy effortless money. Struggle is a necessary for personal growth. Don’t cut corners thinking you can outsmart the Universe at lottery machines. Easy money is an illusion. Don’t be fooled.

1st step: Keep a good file toward credit agencies.

When you keep paying the minimum payment required each months on your credit card, despite a slide down into debt, you preserve your ability to borrow money again in a near future when you need and, once you’re out of debt for good, credit becomes useful in a society that is almost cashless, and where credit cards make your life much easier when you operate a small business.

2nd step: Keep your job even when you want to resign due to exasperation.

Keep in mind that our World is in the middle of a deep economic mutation. There is more people are entering in the job market worldwide than jobs created. There is a lot of exclusion. If that becomes your case on day, your only way out is to create your own job. That is not so easy from the get go, but it’s worse in these years, when governments around the World are trying to maintain national economies artificially afloat with economic stimulus, like infrastructure programs and helicopter money, always going in the hands of the same rich people or corporations. People and businesses are no longer buying as much as before. Our trust in the economy is severely affected. You need more stability than ever to start up and that justifies to keep a job longer, especially if you plan to launch your business at the same time.

3rd step: Tighten your budget as much as possible.

That is the most difficult step. Unless you suffer from a physical karma that afflicts your health, you can last a few months with the strict minimum of resources you need to survive. I admit, it’s hard to live below your means when you can afford more and when our society bombards us with subliminal message and publicity to buy more of useless consumption products. But it’s duable. Here is a table that demonstrate you can live a full year in Canada with less than 8000 $CAD…

 »In Canada, you can live for just 8000$ per year ».


I personally applied that budget over a five months period when I was living with my daughter’s mother. We managed to save 6000$ just before our wedding. So yes, living off of a tight budget is feasible. (No, I was not spending 66500$/year before LOL…)

That experience was actually quite easy. Some years, we’re in a better spirit than others. We need to utilize those years for such a sacrifice. But most importantly, you need to be motivated by a deep desire to achieve a positive goal. Don’t do it just to repay a debt, because the only though that will cross your mind during that period of time is a negative one: debt. You must rather use a purpose or a positive action in order to find motivation. A dream or a lifetime project to have been thinking about for a long time is what you need. If you just think about that positive goal, you will directs all your attention to a high vibe state, then the ride will be easy and shorter than you can imagine.

Of course, not everybody is healthy, single and without children responsibility. To be prepared for such a sacrifice period, we need to work the ground one step at the time. Your health and physical integrity is priority. Then you need to find a purpose in this life, as well as some happiness triggered from the inside. If you’re not happy, your children won be either and may end up with your karma passed over the next generation. Health comes before money. That is crucial. Your health may not be perfect, but try to be as healthy as you can. Focus on the improvement. Once you reach a stable state physically and mentally, make sure you maintain sane habits  in your daily routine.

4th step: Ask your relatives for help.

Sometimes, your indebtedness is such that it is impossible to exit out of it on your own. When we suffer from a handicap and are responsible for children on top, we have to take over the pride and ask for help. Help comes more easily when our disadvantage are visible. That’s why it’s important to keep in good touch with the blood ties and the ones you love. They may help you one day, but the other way around is also true. Eventually you’ll make it through money struggle for good and it’ll be your turn to help. If you have a chance, be part of a community where people keep in close touch and help each other by rule.

5th step: Consolidate your loans and credit debt.

If you live with a partner that enjoys a prosperous financial and monetary state, or if you know close contacts who are ready to endorse you, consolidate all your debt into one and deal for a better interest rate.

Changing for another financial institution can make the deal even easier. If your partner is a client for a different bank than youre, you could benefit from some negociation advantage. Make sure you deal with a bank employee that is well established, that has discretionary power due to his seniority and that is reputable to help his client. Do not meet with the new rookie.


Sometimes, the situation is just too much to handle. You have to be realistic: you cannot make it. Altough bankruptcy may look like an easy way out, it is not as much as it seems like. Once you are out of debt, if you have not been accustomed to new habits, the new reality will be harsh.

Bankruptcy announce a new cycle. Winter is behind, but animals in the wild have nothing to eat in spring. You need to display resourcefulness to get through. Also, you must work hard early in the summer if you want a fruitful harvest in fall this time. You deserve it!

Realize your situation

Be aware of your current monetary situation. Have you been in debt your entire life? Do you go back in debt each time you get out of it? Do you make disciplinary effort each time? Don’t think some other’s money success story applies automatically to you too. Don’t compare yourself to others. We are not all equals in terms of karma and blockage. Here’s how to evaluate your actual energetic state. The list of what you have to look for appears below:

  1. Soul wonds and their affliction on your relationship with money;
  2. Blockages preventing you from going forward with prosperity and dreams;
  3. Misconceptions and limiting beliefs keeping you away from grasping money;
  4. Misusage of plarity and the effect on your monetary stability.


You must accept the struggles and the sufferance from the past that you did not consciously asked for. Be in peace with who you have been and be happy with who you are today. You are a rough diamond that needs to be polished. You carry inside all you need in order to get out of debt, to live a prosperous life and to experience abundance in every aspects.

During days when you feel down about your situation, look around and you will see people who don’t have enough health or autonomy to build a career and the life of their dreams. Maybe you have that robust health they are looking for. If you doubt or if your health problem is mental, look inside of you. Ask for advise; ask for coaching. If you are reading this article, the odds are you aspire to prosperity in this lifetime. Don’t feel crushed by the constant struggle. Struggle only exist to make you stronger and… to prepare yourself for what’s coming next. Keep in mind these two sentences:

 »My goal in this lifetime is not to take it easy, but to grow and that involves some struggle.  »

 »I have inside everything I need to be successful, all the answers to my aches, as long as I listen to my inner core.  »

Chakra activation

The large majority of all the human beings on this planet are healthy enough to live a normal life in society. Their chakra are fit to be unblocked. A small minority only suffer from handicap. They need our help because they cannot fulfill all their personal responsibilities.

If most of us have an active root chakra, we block at the sacrum chakra for the most part. We are programmed to obey to that societal model of contracting debt we will struggle to repay. The middle class model relies on mortgage. Almost everybody who enjoy comfortable life standards fall in the mortgage trap. Most people suffer from the false belief that it is impossible to buy a house without a mortgage. It is possible, but we need to push our education forward and think outside the conventional financial belief system.

For the 10% who made it through toward financial independence, most of them suffer from emotional blockage so their solar plexus chakra is not fully activated neither, which represent 99% of the population. I personally recommand a Love Energetics therapy in order to activate all your chakras and allow that vibratory energy called kundalini to flow within you.

Contact network

We need others and others need us. We are all interrelated. However, helping is incomplete without unconditional love, compassion and benevolence. That’s why we need to learn how to give properly. Curiously enough, a lot of us don’t know how to receive properly either. We need to unconditionally accept to receive also. You never know which channel Universe will use to send you money.

A key is to be well surrounded. Hang out with the people you resonate with. You don’t help anyone by staying in a relationship just because it is virtuous to remain faithful. Many millionnaires mindset teachers say that we become the five closest persons to us. That reinforces the importance of picking the right people we hang with.

Moreover, the proper way you keep good ties with your network is by order of importance. Spend your energy on the five persons afformentioned. Spend the least minimum of energy to your social media contacts who live overseas since you may never meet them in person. Just like their post, no more.

Refocus on yourself and your passion(s)

After all, what matters is to keep an overall vibrant positive spirit and to learn how to draw from your inner resource to better bounce back. Let’s be honest, that’s not easy, perhaps moment of pain make moments of happiness even better. The secret is to know yourself and to let the life calling pushing you forward to fulfill your mission of life. The clearest you are in your desires, the easier you make it for Universe to manifest what you are looking for. Repaying debt is always possible. Once you staved off the fate using personal development, the gods will be on your side an nothing will never stop you, and certainly not money.


Debt is a call to grow and to awake or balance your sacrum and solar plexus chakras. If you can make it through indebtedness without personal development help, you are still growing inside regardless of the technique or the art you practice. Everyone who opens up to spiritual growth and personal development is never the same again after. At the end, you chose the way you want to use to grow inside, but for the sake of your dignity, do not give up in front of the money challenge. Embrace it as a blessing, a wake up call. Don’t forget that once you have money on your side, the pace at which you reach your aspirations in life will just accelerate.

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