As we pointed out in the last article of this series, we need to take one step at the time in order to reach money prosperity and abundance in every aspects. Perhaps, health is the first aspect to care about. Health is the root of wellness. Once your root chakra is open, once you are healthy, everything is possible. When your root chakra — that manages health’s vibrations — is active, your are then disposed to heal blockings following a specific vibratory order in the chakra chain.

But having no chakra open doesn’t mean you cannot access abundance and money. What that means is IF you suffer from a chronic lack of money, then you need to look deeper at the model presented in this article.

Today, we will look at the sequence at which the kundalini is going through our vibratory system. As well, we will discover that not only are there seven main chakra vortices, but each chakra is divided in vibratory layers — or sub-chakras — needing to be activated one by one, otherwise the kundalini will stall and over-activate the layer below the blocked ones. A victim will suffer from an irresistible envy to exaggerate the amount of energy spent into inferior layers within the same chakra, such as creativity and sexuality, leaving the person open to addiction egoness and fear. Everyone deserve abundance. Let’s see how it works.

The vibratory sequence

The most popular spiritual law of the Universe in money energy is the Law of Attraction. In this section we explore one particular law that just gained in popularity recently in the moneymaking community: The Vacuum Law Of Prosperity

There are four different ways to express that law’s power, but for the sake of this article, let’s retain the fourth one:

  1. Forgive whatever or whoever keep you down in lower vibrations
  2. Get rid of the old stuff and make room for the new one
  3. Move to another location
  4. Create a vacuum effect upstream from the blocked sub-chakra

Abundance is absoluteness, the highest degree of achievement in resource gathering and tool manifestation to achieve your goals. The prosperity concept is less subtle thus lower in terms of vibration since it involves moneymaking. The Vacuum Law Of Prosperity consist at generating a void into the layer above the blocked one, so force the kundalini energy flow upward. Here are the different aspects of life to unblock for the lower chakras layers in vibratory order. Notice that a reverse downward kundalini flow is also possible. That’s darkness favorite tool to keep us down in low vibrations, using ego, fear, and addiction.

Abundance appear when you have learned and integrated completely how to consolidate your security. For money security to take place, you must have a normal sexual life, express creativity and desire security for your financial integrity, so your entire sacred chakra is covered. Security is the key layer to activate in energetic moneymaking.

Perhaps, you may have most of your chakras awaken, all along the chain, but some remain dormant. That situation affects a large amount of people worldwide. In this period of History when a critical mass of human beings concert their efforts into a spiritual movement, many feel the kundalini gushing inside their body, but are still living an incomplete blooming life because they have a blockage in one of the sacred chakra layers. We see a lot of creative talent unable to afford a decent living due to a dysfunctional security — monetary — sub-chakra. This is anomaly in this universe. The victims suffer from desperation of feeling to be so close to prosperity, but are never able to grasp it. When that’s the last barrier to free monetary flow, the excess of energy has to be spent in art, creativity, sexuality and… making kids. These victims are vulnerable to addictions, egoness and fear. The corrupt elite class and corporations need individuals ready to bow to any demand in exchange for stability or worse, deviant low sexuality favor. A sexually awaken person that has no creativity and security is very manipulable.

Piercing through the vibratory wall

But such a situation can be corrected. You have to artificially activate the vortex of emotion, assertion and cooperation: the solar plexus chakra, especially the emotions sub-chakra. By yourself emotionally. you induce a positive upstream of kundalini toward superior chakras. Though, this is not going to work if you are faking emotions, because the Universe is smarter than you are.

By cleansing your emotional sub-chakra genuinely and consciously, you will trigger an ascending mini-kundalini  that creates a kundalinic void in the emotional layer sucked upward, forcing pressure from below to pierce through. The full kundalini blocked just underneath the «Security» sub-chakra will be sucked upward by the kundalinic void from the voided «Emotion» sub-chakra right above. The more you clean yourself and awake your solar plexus sub-chakras, the more pressure there will be for the kundalini to get through the vibratory wall. That’s why we see so many entrepreneurs struggling for so long with no result and all of a sudden, their business goes suddenly from failure to success story in a short period of time.

You can induce your sacred chakra cleansing if you forgive yourself for not successfully shining at all three sacred chakra layers and express strong gratitude for the few security you have anyway, by doing that emotionally on a constant basis, you may trigger enough pressure above the security layer so the kundalini will pierce through it unlocking the shackle. To do that though, you need to strongly stimulate your solar plexus chakra. You need a perfect emotional balance where you have gotten rid of all your low vibratory emotion. You play a trick to your entire being, by faking artificially an awakening. Perhaps you cannot fake your emotions. They have to be true. You can only succeed by persuading your conscious self that money manifestation has already occurred.

The elite class has managed to block our security access for a long time by cheating with fiat monetary system based on debt. It is now our turn to cheat by sparking money manifestation into our life. How do we do that? We will use a powerful tool: emotions.


Emotional guidance scale

The Emotional Guidance Scale provides a map of where you locate into the spiral ascension in vibratory state. In other words, you can locate yourself into the spiral.

For more precision about money in a similar spiral, you can also try Kasey Claytor’s money map test. She uses an emotional scale spiral similar to the Jerry and Esther (Abraham) Hicks scale (image here above taken from Stillness in the Storm Show), but adapted to moneymaking and abundance from the vortex of abundance energy within.

Basically, the principle is to feed specific positive emotions. Taking action to stop the money indebtedness downward spiral is the first step. Then you need to overcome fear and embrace your journey toward your own self realization. Be proud of what you have done so far. The road is long and the destination may never be reached completely, but if you can just reach some higher level such as appreciation and purpose, that would be a moral victory.

However, there are no specific stage where money manifest. One of the hardest part of the interior vortex of energy creation is one of the Law of Attraction’s secrets:  to stop worrying about money and just keep marching forward, stepping with passion into what you are striving for in this life that will eventually lead you to perpetual self-actualization.

Initiate the money vortex from the inside

A the origin of a vortex of energy, there is always a deterministic force coming from the divine plan. Everything happens for a reason. You can chose to follow that divine plan speaking through you or instead to keep on mimic the mass game plan orchestrated by the elite.

If you don’t jump on the bandwagon of the critical mass generating a chain effect movement to change the current world’s status quo, other human beings will take your spot. It is up to you to listen to the calling or to keep hiding your head in the sand.


Once you listen to the feeling inside by chasing your dream, your spark the vortex momentum. Here (above) is a figure taken from my book, Mastery of Timing where I explain how to initiate a vortex of energy to come up with the manifestation of your dreams and aspirations at the end of a reality cycle.

The path toward manifestation lies on a simple principle: increase the energy flow impulsion until the vortex is able to work on itself and just let you be carried away by the wave. Be aware of your identity and express this desire that lies inside. Address to Universe (or God, or any higher force than the conscious self) your intentions to fulfil your dream. Thinking about it will feed the beginning of a vortex that may one day manifest.

The more you think about it, the more you visualize it. The more you visualize it, the lesser control you need in your reality since faith in the dream manifestation is rising up. Redirect the flow in motion by finding the real sense in your life. Accelerate the momentum by learning who you are. Master your own self, because the more you step in forward, the more you need to be aligned with your true core. One day, you may or not get precursor signs of a possible coming manifestation. Anyhow, be ready for the train, since you never know if you will see it coming in the daylight or it will be sudden midnight express.

Be aware that life is made of cycles, so you may end up manifesting what you are looking for within a few years time frame, or maybe even just a few months. Eventually, you could evolve and stop chasing those dreams for other ones. Hence, another cycle starts, but this time you know what the manifestation chain inside looks like.


Albeit a large portion of the population suffers from sacred and or solar plexus blocking, now reinforced by the cashless society implementation, where we need to pay to access money, it is still possible to extract yourself from the vibratory trap. As we’ve seen in this article, we can bring back monetary prosperity into our life from «Security» sub-chakra piercing by kundalini flow. An upstream gushing force of quantum energy is powered by a vacuum effect from a kundalini void in the «Emotion» sub-chakra. By emanating positive emotions and preventing any negative ones, and foremost by artificially recreating the feeling of a desired reality as if it was there already, the kundalini force will push through the security wall and will perforate it, moving upward in the rest of the vibratory body field. The more clean-up has been done previously, the more vigorous and sudden the change will be in all the spheres of your existence.


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