In the first article of this series, I talked about money’s lifecycle, where I stated that money becomes an incentive to drive economic activities so the collective consciousness gather everyone into a collective project, civilization, through order and rules.

However, a civilization will eventually reach the paradigm shift, a period in the timeline where humans began acting with no longer taste for money incentive, but rather for duty and mission of life spirit. The human being intuitively knows what’s good and will responds in that regards when civilization reach the inflexion point of development. When a critical mass of human beings devoted to self and others can find autonomy within the system, they don’t have to work as an economic slave anymore, so they can take care of their  own destiny, not having to be that economic slave anymore.

Money is no longer a quest, but rather a tool to reach aspirations. Many young right brainers find more purpose in life inhabiting an eco-village where money is obsolete than in the old civilian left brain world. Both left brain and right brain ways of thinking are merging together. Intellectuals and hearted people will be forced to work together in a near future. Money will become a relic from the past in a few generation from now. In the meantime, we have to deal with the hard transition from corrupted financial cashless society toward moneyless society of stage #10.

India and a few more countries are being pushed rapidly toward such an outcome. Cash and gold are confiscated. 99% of the population is not ready to face the challenge they are heading to in the next months. The Eastern World wants a financial golden age, but things are unfolding to such an extent that we are all interconnected and it is likely that the US dollar and the stock market will crash simultaneously, sooner than later, taking away with them many financial institutions and wreaking economic havocs around the world.

But since we’ve been collectively reluctant to evolve in our relationship with money, we’ll be force to face the inevitable: to purge from our addiction to  »get the now pay later » easy credit.

Once the waited SHTF historic event is behind us, we need to rebuild an new economic world. Money will no longer be viewed with the finance (interest rate mathematics) eyes, but going back to the classic monetary (energy cash flow arithmetic) spirit. There will be no more negative money or debt and economic activities will be driven by a desire to connect and cooperate rather than to fight for competition.

A new timeline

Today’s many financial experts are disillusioned, unable to look beyond the SHTF seen the stock market and monetary collapse as the end of the world. Fortunately, there is a bright future ahead… for those who will adapt to a new reality: we are interconnected and we make one.

Marketing is no longer the same anymore. Professionals and organisations have to prove that they are worth spending money for and have to give a lot of freemium first in order to prove they belong to the bright side.  It will be impossible to survive in this new economy without going through a personal and spiritual development process, a universal movement already started and on its way to transform every single one of us. People now need to be hearted. The greedy ones are easily recognizable. Sales shark attitude is no longer successful. Customers have choice and can no longer be fooled with all the information they can access on internet.

Here above is what a new timeline vision of money history should look like. We are on the verge of old finance structures collapse and we may assist to the erection of a new system from the ashes of the old one. Will gold be the new currency, or are we going to experience a global monetary reset with nations interest taking over global agenda? Are we going to see a reset to erase all debt?


One thing that is sure, no matter what the outcome is, we are heading for a tumultuous economic period and our relationship to money will never be the same again. We will view money as energy that needs to circulate, not as an asset that needs to be grab and hold on to for the sake of power. Monetary policy will be dictated by the State, not by anymore by the private banking system.

Initiate the money vortex on the outside

There is an unlimited abundance of energy you can access to in your lifetime, whether it is money, love, etc. Yet, there is a limited and steady amount of time you have access to: 24 hours a day. There is nothing you can change about it. You need to stop trading your time for a bit of money. Your employer has a limited amount of money to provide you. You cannot count only on your job income. You need other incomes. Here are all the possible different incomes:

Rapid transaction House/car sale, garage sale, pharma test
Active primary Job incomes, commissions, bonuses
Active secondary Freelance, babysitting, focus group, maintenance, reffree, sale
Passive recurring with cashdown Rent your appartment/house, rent your car, produce electricity
Passive recurring without cashdown Rent free storage space, rent a parking spot, monetize a blog
Passive occasional with cashdown Sell produce on your online store
Passive occasional without cashdown Affiliation, download application where you get paid for
Passive random with cashdown Revenu share website membership and pack purchase
Passive random without cashdown Monetize your blog with specific free plugins

I highly recommend you open a registered business when your income exceed the threshold stated by your governmental revenue agency. In Quebec, self-employed workers don’t report sales tax below 30000$/year income, on an yearly basis.

One reason why you need to open a business is to deduct taxes. You can save a lot of money on operating expenses, such as professional services, publicity, fuel, restaurant and other cost when you meet clients and partners.

The main reason why you should operate a business is to be your own employer. By doing so, you open yourself to the limitless possibility of infinite abundance. You don’t have to quit your job. You simply need to implement a structure where you can raise money from different income sources.

However, we prioritize passive revenues, since you don’t need to deploy significant amount of effort and time once the implementation is complete. The more stable and recurrent, the better the income is. We recommend only one source of active revenue income, no more. if you have already a full time job demanding 40 hours a week, you don’t want another extra 20 hours of hard work every week. That is too much, especially if you are responsible for a family. You need to spend time with the ones you love. In that regards, we rather suggest you take the time you would spend into a second active revenue to build up a money machine that will grow every year.

For people who can afford to drop some cash down at the startup, I recommend you invest in the revenue share industry (revshare). Revshares are monetary positive wealth redistribution engines. In finance, there always someone getting richer, and someone paying interest and therefore gets impovered. The ones who win are again the powerful ones and those who lose are the poorest ones. With well-established and reputable revshares, everyone win. But again, the concept is not always 100% proof, so you need to be careful and make your own duty before to invest. Also, as in finacial investment, you need to diversify so the risk gets minimized.

For people who don’t have cash down to start with, all you need is an electronic device to connect to internet. Though it is possible to become famous using only a mobile phone and Youtube, I would not recommend you bet on it. As always, entrepreneurs may try several attempts before to finally experience a success story. At the end, your success relies on yourself more than the business model you adopt.

When you are ready, when the planets are aligned, money will come to you. But you need to be truly yourself and been dedicated to your project, not to money. That doesn’t mean to stay away from money management, but to focus on your mission and view money as a tool, not as a fuel. You need to be able to find gas within yourself. If you falter while you build up your project, make sure Universe will test you. Let’s see how long you can last without any income from your business project… If you can resist to the  »start up money craving » test, you will eventually succeed.


A new business era

Once the gears are in motion and your revenues are knocking at the doorstep, make sure you follow a few principles. The economy is in transformation. As well, business is also mutating. The money laundering orgy party is over. We’re back in the old time when we had to work hard and suck it up for a while before to make a living from our business.

Whether your business is designed to provide you side lines or it will become your main revenue source, you need to satisfy your client’s interest first, your employees second and your investors third. Also, people or businesses who will succeed in the future are those who:

  • Redistribute their profit (to their clients and employees, as much as their investors.
  • Promote positions (for their engaged employees instead of external professionals)
  • Gather at events (everybody with no exception at events aimed at strengthen links)
  • Recreate a spirit of belonging (among each: clients, employees and investors)
  • Give benefits to their members

The old business mentality is fading away. Those days are gone when an established business would just bombards its customers with publicity, ripe the benefits and start the wheel over and over again with one unidirectional way to exchange economic ties, on perpetual marketing mode. Today’s organization have to display a minimum of humanship and desire to answer client’s needs, resolve their problems and help. Hands have to be dirty.


We are entering an era of cocreation more than never before. Low vibratory individuals who are looking to feed their ego desires will be left aside. Everyone will be forced to discover its uniqueness and make the best of it. Individuals will be able to live off of a network of a few hundreds small clients met through opt-in features with email lists and presential happenings. Commercial world  is migrating from separation in the competition to reconnection and cooperation. The key to success is true alignment with the self. Money attraction is a good test to gage awakening state and genuineness.

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By: Christian Theberge

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