First of all, whether or not you are thepoweroftherightbrain reader, I wish you Happy New Year 2017!

I wish to you all physical and holistic integrity, prosperity, clarity and vitality!

We’re closing a nine years cycle somewhere around this coming March. For a lot of us, 2016 was a tough one. We might expect an easier year 2017, but a harsh period ahead yet to come. However, most observers in alternative medias press agree 2017 will be smoother and more stable. Looking at the international sphere, things are getting settled on the political level, but we are not yet at the end of surprise on the economic level.

2016 Retrospect

We can now presumably conclude we have avoided a military version of WW III. Obama (or his clone) will finally vacate the White House. Many alternative media websites accuse him of provocation toward Russia by attempting to drag it into military confrontation with the Corporate United States of America. Bear in mind, Obama, Bush Jr, Clinton, Bush Sr, were all president of the Federated States Corporation in Washington DC, not the Republic of United States. In other words, the last US presidents were no longer working for the population, but for corporate interest, for Agendas 21 and 31.

One of the most active faction of that elite class, some call them The Cabal, other call them the Khazarian Mafia, is now been taken down. Obama was groomed and raised by high ranked Khazarian members to become head of United Nations. The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize has been exposed as one of the main responsible behind the existence of Daesh or ISIS terrorist group. That’s just a few snowflakes at the tip of the iceberg.

Rumors across internet claim that many dangerous Khazarian members have been taken down (George Soros, David Rockefeller, George Bush father, Nichola Sarkozy, with a few others) and others are under house arrest in Denver (The Clinton, John McCain, and many more, around 10 000). Clearly, some populist forces are trying to take down the globalists who wanted to eliminate 90% of the World population by 2021. Now wanted: Benjamin Netanyahu and some Rothschild family members.

The rising populist movement is a clear sign that people around the world is getting sick and tired of the corporate agenda and false flag operations in the name of security. Most and foremost, people are disgussed by the management of public money worldwide. After Brexit in July, we saw US exit in November with Hitlery’s defeat and Italy and South Korea in December saying NO to globalists. France, Japan, Germany and Brazil are expected to shift in 2017 under control of populist factions.

Old royal families of Eurasia are still alive and working hard to defeat the Cabal in conjunction with the White Dragon Society, Western White Knights and Asian Street Gangs working under chivalry oath.

The recent Pizzagate, whether or not it was a weapon from Mass Mainstream Medias (MMM) aimed at tracing alternative websites, is a sign of desperation by the Satanists elite class. Some World-class politicians are not afraid to talk against the untouchable. Donald Trump has been pushing a populist electoral platform by completely discrediting his opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton, during the campaign and now he does the same with Obama. Another one who has been busy trash talking (for fair reasons though) is Rodrigo Duterte, Philippines’s president. He was rude against Obama in 2016. But the year 2017 just got started and he is all in against Pope Francis and the Catholic Church, inveighing the Vatican to be a bunch of hypocrite gold smugglers and, as well as the United Nations high ranked members.

Putin (one of his many doubles) have been more diplomatic, but push a similar message: they are protecting nation’s interest for real. However, as much as the populist trend is refreshing, the globalist movement now fading was soft in comparison with the radicalism we see among populist leaders. That to me is scary, because  »Nation » doesn’t necessarily mean  »Population ».

False populists are in place working in reality for a global agenda. President Narendra Modi has recently been pushing a ban on cash in India in the last few weeks. Now all 500 and 1000 rupee bills are illegal. India is going as far as planning to ban gold. Official claim they do this to fight tax evasion. They pretend to do that in order to help the poorer class in the population. But the numbers are showing an opposite effect. The poors are being punished more severely than the rich ones. This is about to create a large scale humanitarian crisis. The most affected are the small farmers and agriculture producers. Severe hyperinflation and starvation of massive proportion are predicted. Other countries such as Venezuela and Zimbabwe are also been threatened to become cashless society in 2017. Australia is talking about that too. Checks will no longer be allowed in United Kingdom as of 2018. This is a more serious threat to humanity that a possible military clash between two superpowers like US vs Russia or US vs China.

2017 predictions

I don’t like to commit myself into prediction. Such an exercise contributes to freeze the reality into a specific parallel space-timeline continuum. A lot of preachers are false prophet whose goal was to ingrain negative thoughts and fear of the future into popular masse’s brains and therefore to lower the Humanity’s vibratory rate.

Despite a lot of adepts, Nostradamus predicted an Albert Pike Plan like scenario, with a precise timeline that no longer exist since 1994. He predicted that World War Three would start in 1999. Instead, it began in 2001 with September 11th events, but now it’s clear these events was all staged by CIA and Mossad forces to justify spreading war in some Moslim countries that their Central bank was not under Rothschild private influence and to drag Russia and China into it. Many attempts have been done by the last Khazarian agents still standing to provoke Russia in retaliating against NATO, but in vain. Other provocations will occur until and maybe after Trumps take relay at the White House, perhaps Russia won’t bite into it. Instead of attacking Russia, Trumps will regroup forces to rebuild the arsenal.

Turkey is a key geopolitical country. President Recip Tayyip Erdogan acts on his own, isolated and teared apart between NATO and Russia’s influence. He plays the NATO card, but just to profit from stealing oil illegally from Syria’s fields and to get allies in his attempt to take down Bachar Al-Assad’s regime in Damascus. He’s still dreaming to reinstate the Great Ottoman Empire, but he won’t succeed. His provocations toward Russia are just aiming at calming down the NATO beast representing the hand of Khazarian Mafia or Cabal. He knows Putin won’t retaliate. Russia needs a stable Middle-East. Since Turkey is full of Mossad spies, efforts are now underway to take down the corrupt and dangerous administration in Israel. Erdogan is not to be trusted.

Also, many predict the imminent fall of Saudi Arabia, using Charia to promote Moslim’s values. that country is dictated by an infamous regime tight with the Khazarian control of the petrodollar. The US dollar is no longer coupled with gold standard since 1973, when Nixon used Persian Gulf countries cheap oil to flood the world economy with fiat paper. With UAE’s oil depleted and Qatar’s ambitions to pass pipelines in Syria annihilated by the fall of ISIS Daesh, the petrodollar oil standard is now severely compromised and the US currency may lose its status in the first half of 2017. The transition for a Yuan World Currency will be more difficult than anticipated by the Chinese. The monetary and cash crisis we’re facing will take time to get fixed.

Trump will probably announce the reestablishment of the Republic of United States, long gone since 1913, when bankers gathered at Jekyll Island to create the Federal Reserve (The Fed). The private banking sector was then ready to set stage for World Wars One and Two. Notice the differences. Before, the US dollar was a  »National Currency » and is since then a  »Federal Reserve Note ». Trump may reinstate economic sovereignty for his country. Watch out for markets reaction. If you have a chance, take as much money as you can out of your bank.

Based on his  »predictive linguistics » datasets, Cliff High has predicted that the equity market will show sign of collapse (they’ve already collapsed). My understanding is the whole monetary-financial world is hold together by Khazarian controlled computers. Obama’s martial law takeover or Donald Trump’s assassination are their last two options on the line for the Khazarians, perhaps everything suggest none of these two outcomes are going to happen. Still according to Cliff High, the transition will be smooth. Gold, silver and bitcoin will skyrocket. Gold and silver will remain reserve asset to trade, not hard material minted into currency for small commercial exchange. Most money will remain electronic. Cash may be abolished in some countries, but this is temporary.

Europe hardship to deal with the flood of immigrants will be Euro zone’s last breath and explosion. The Euro currency is about to die. Nations will deal with non legit immigrants by sending back those who make trouble. But political change need to happen first and that will take time to put institutions into place so to put in effect the return of trojan horse false refugees and mercenaries. That will be dealt with at the end of 2017 and in 2018.

Some countries are already freed from Khazarian influence, like Hungary per example. They’ve ban Monsanto’s products. Russia did so too, and Putin wants to make Russia the largest organic agricultural nation. The trend toward organic food is growing and will not stop even if some corrupt states or municipalities regulate to punish organic food commerce. Monsanto has now merged with Bayer. Bayer has now a dark reputation. Bad move…

In another idea, one of the main question remaining is if are we going see full ET disclosure in 2017? Well, good ETs or high vibration ETs don’t show up in front of everybody. They select specific individuals who have raised their vibration and consciousness enough to manifest at them. They prefer to stay away from our low energy and assists us from far away. They may one day show up to public, but only when the majority is ready. In the meantime, Humanity is still in quarantine.

If we see full disclosure in 2017, these guys will not be the most benevolent ones, but not the most evil either. The more we elevate our vibratory rate and consciousness before disclosure, the better it will be for us. I think it’s a good idea to wait a few more years.

The Cascadia Range is long time overdue for a 9.0+ magnitude earthquake. It’s a matter of time before it happens. Some say it’ll happen when Trump takes power in January 20th, like it is often the case, a new president is elected and a major earthquake occurs during the ceremony, see Sebastian Pinera during March 11th 2010’s new presidency ceremony in Chile. Khazarians like to remind candidates winning election who is the boss. If there are no tremors just before and after Trumps new presidency, that’s a sign that Khazarian are no longer in control in USA.

In Asia, Modi will become very unpopular if he doesn’t back track on cash ban in India. South Korean president Park Geun-hye  has been impeached and rumors are circulating that China and Russia would joint effort to invade North Korea and throw out Kim Jong-un.

Are we going to see Korea re-unification? Conditions will be gathered when Japan no 1 Shindo Abe will be kicked out as well, another Khazarian pawn.

Regarding China, the key question is when is China going to take back Taiwan? Nobody will be opposed to the reunification of Korea, but Taiwan has become a prosperous nation, independent from mainland China. A military attack by China to re-conquer Taiwan would be seen as a huge discredit in the eyes of the Western World. We have seen how dangerous it is to let one single country dictate international policy and bully the planet. Nobody wants a unipolar World led by China. Given China’s internal human rights resume speaking for itself, Taiwan will rather be reunited economically only, leaving behind the Taiwan dollar for the Yuan. China is building military island in South China Sea, but only to reinforce its military presence. We’re again into another type of Cold War.

Talking about cold, Copenhagen summit in 2010 has been debunked on the alternative media press. Fraudulent emails from 10 000 scientist sold to the IPCC have been exposed publicly. Since then, the globalist and their MMM are talking about global change instead of global warming. The terrorist attacks justifying temporary martial law during the Paris Agreement in April 2016 are a clear sign that Khazarian Mafia has forced the outcome. Regardless, the Khazarian control over the World or The Power That Be (TPTB) is now becoming The Power That Was (TPTW). The Cap and Trade Market has been implemented in some countries and is still used to justify environmental cleansing in regard to pollutants rejections, but that institution will die completely, maybe in 2017. Many independent scientists are talking about climate cooling instead.

In Rome, the Vatican is finished and some voices are saying Pope Francis has already resigned in December 20th 2016, sweeping away Agenda 30 at the same time. Whether or not this is true, we will hear publicly in 2017 major scandals involving the Vatican and the Jesuits in regards to pedophilia and Royal Asia’s gold smuggling. Many Catholics around the world will reconsider their faith, either converting to Orthodox Church or simply turning agnostic.

Overall 2017 is going to be a shift in consciousness and a waking up year for many others, as it was in 2016. If more peace is on the menu, money struggle will remain for the most part. Chemtrails may cease for good. A lot of change for the better is to be expected.

Right brain perspective

Right brainers from around the world are seeing a world in despair, looking for some lights. If we need to higher our vibrations in concert worldwide (and we’ll do so), we also need to connect both brains. There’s still a lot of public water supply contaminated by fluoride, a chemical used to prevent both brain connection and spiritual awakening. As well, radio broadcasting and music industry is still under the 440 Hz frequency. People are informed slowly but surely that we need to listen to five specific tones music. The mentality change has to be done before and we won’t see it yet this year, but we will begin to talk about it publicly.

Reports are saying robots are going to steal our jobs in the next few years. People who will survive that trend are those who can create their own job, in using both brains together. The key is to listen to your inner voice, not taking to seriously society rules and expectations, but rather to become who you have to be, or just to be who you are if you are there already.

The Power Of The Right Brain blog

I had a lot of expectations for the blog in 2016, but clearly, it’s a step by step process. I am more motivated pushing series of articles on major topics than to pick random topics. I want to make a series of articles this winter on my new technique, kairography. I also planning a major series on Love relationships, probably in fall.

I am still planning to show advertisement on the blog and to hire writers and bloggers to cocreate with me, but it won’t be my priority in the next few months. Expect to see pop-ups appearing on most pages at some point this year. I will continue posting Image-thoughts on Facebook and Pinterest that you can see on the website’s image-thought section.


2017 will be the continuation of 2016 expectations, but at a slower pace. If you think you can contribute to this blog or if you know someone who may want to do so, please go forward. I would really like to have partners and people dedicated to this cause.

Best regards to you all!

By: Christian Theberge

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