In the first article of this series, I talked about money’s lifecycle, where I stated that money becomes an incentive to drive economic activities so the collective consciousness gather everyone into a collective project, civilization, through order and rules.

However, a civilization will eventually reach the paradigm shift, a period in the timeline where humans began acting with no longer taste for money incentive, but rather for duty and mission of life spirit. The human being intuitively knows what’s good and will responds in that regards when civilization reach the inflexion point of development. When a critical mass of human beings devoted to self and others can find autonomy within the system, they don’t have to work as an economic slave anymore, so they can take care of their  own destiny, not having to be that economic slave anymore.

Money is no longer a quest, but rather a tool to reach aspirations. Many young right brainers find more purpose in life inhabiting an eco-village where money is obsolete than in the old civilian left brain world. Both left brain and right brain ways of thinking are merging together. Intellectuals and hearted people will be forced to work together in a near future. Money will become a relic from the past in a few generation from now. In the meantime, we have to deal with the hard transition from corrupted financial cashless society toward moneyless society of stage #10.

India and a few more countries are being pushed rapidly toward such an outcome. Cash and gold are confiscated. 99% of the population is not ready to face the challenge they are heading to in the next months. The Eastern World wants a financial golden age, but things are unfolding to such an extent that we are all interconnected and it is likely that the US dollar and the stock market will crash simultaneously, sooner than later, taking away with them many financial institutions and wreaking economic havocs around the world.

But since we’ve been collectively reluctant to evolve in our relationship with money, we’ll be force to face the inevitable: to purge from our addiction to  »get the now pay later » easy credit.

Once the waited SHTF historic event is behind us, we need to rebuild an new economic world. Money will no longer be viewed with the finance (interest rate mathematics) eyes, but going back to the classic monetary (energy cash flow arithmetic) spirit. There will be no more negative money or debt and economic activities will be driven by a desire to connect and cooperate rather than to fight for competition. Lire la suite


As we pointed out in the last article of this series, we need to take one step at the time in order to reach money prosperity and abundance in every aspects. Perhaps, health is the first aspect to care about. Health is the root of wellness. Once your root chakra is open, once you are healthy, everything is possible. When your root chakra — that manages health’s vibrations — is active, your are then disposed to heal blockings following a specific vibratory order in the chakra chain.

But having no chakra open doesn’t mean you cannot access abundance and money. What that means is IF you suffer from a chronic lack of money, then you need to look deeper at the model presented in this article.

Today, we will look at the sequence at which the kundalini is going through our vibratory system. As well, we will discover that not only are there seven main chakra vortices, but each chakra is divided in vibratory layers — or sub-chakras — needing to be activated one by one, otherwise the kundalini will stall and over-activate the layer below the blocked ones. A victim will suffer from an irresistible envy to exaggerate the amount of energy spent into inferior layers within the same chakra, such as creativity and sexuality, leaving the person open to addiction egoness and fear. Everyone deserve abundance. Let’s see how it works. Lire la suite


 »Money attracts money; debt attracts debt. »

That is a painful fact. Like we have seen in the seventh article of this series, it may be easier for you to change jobs for a better income if you are from a mutable sign than it is for other signs. If you are a cardinal sign, there is a risk factor involved and you may wait a longer time before to see the results. If you are a stable sign, it might be better to stay in your stable comfort zone and purge your debt by any mean possible, the faster the better.

Indebtedness is legal, but a crime toward yourself when it gets chronic, when you never see the daylight of positive money. Yet, debt is sometimes better than nothing at all during harsh financial episodes, but should be a temporary state. It becomes criminal for you if you spend more than you earn while you can afford to live below your means. A lot of people live a perilous life with credit lines and debt transfer from one credit card to another. They will kick the can down the road until their creditors stop their gimmick. Soon or late, payback time occurs. From another standpoint, we should be thankful toward these people for spending, whilst the economy is down and most of us pile up money, blocking the circulation of abundance energy flow. They keep the economy afloat assuming the risk they take on their shoulders.

Whether you are victim of misfortune or deliberately a debt addict, the creditors will not make any difference with your case. That is your duty to protect yourself from them. Bankruptcy is one possible way out, but it’s getting harder and harder to qualify for. On top, that’s insane to bankrupt when you don’t have income or a network of contact that can help, so you don’t end up in the street. Here are the steps to exit out of the debt hell the hard way and then the soft way, with and without bankruptcy. Lire la suite


That may deceive many, but the truth is we were not all born equal. You have to accept your fate and do the best you can with it. When inner peace is finally established, hard work can begin. Most entrepreneur and business people hit a wall at first, attempting several times before to finally having success. They were not ready yet.

Either you face your nemesis while starting up and learn the hard way, either you fix yourself prior the dive. Let’s be honest, we will never be perfect the first time. However, it’s possible to minimize the risk of failure. If you succeed without been ready, beware of falling down.

There is close relationship between right brainers and entrepreneurship. Most believe business rhymes with autonomy and money. If you don’t feel comfortable on the employee’s seat and you are willing to take risk, you may have entrepreneurship spirit. If you just want to make business for making money, think twice before to jump head first.

In case you plan to launch a startup, let’s check if you have entrepreneurship spirit and the entrepreneur profile. If your mindset is the one of an employee, stay there for another while and take some personal growth lessons. However, if you feel ready to get started, take a deep breath, because you don’t know how long you will swim underwater. Do you wish to know how long it will take you?

This article begins with a checklist of preparations and breaches in your energy field you need to clog first. From there we will attack the scary topic of the torment period. How long will it take you to reach some level of success in your adventure? For that we need to read at your destiny. We will see also how many attempts you may have to go through before you finally succeed, and once you succeed, what do you have to expect. Lire la suite


Another aspects of money making we tend to forget, we are part of a whole, of the Oneness in this Universe. Perhaps, our individuality is not the highest  »spiritual authority » in that oneness.

Yes, Universe will teach you what you need to learn in order to reach your full potential in this lifetime or in preparation for an even most promising life. In any case, you don’t have the big part of the stick and if you are trying to bully Universe with a bad attitude in order to get what you want, you will be disappointed.

Universe wants us to behave like grown up kids. We are expected to show a good attitude, to persevere, to love ourselves and to keep on learning at school of life so we can evolve and accomplish our destiny.

There are at least 22 universal laws involved in moneymaking and management, but we don’t need to learn them by heart. We just need to integrate in our daily life the main principles holding together all the spiritual laws. Just for your personal culture, here they are: Lire la suite


We have seen in the last article of this series that the first step in recovering from a bad financial or monetary situation is to cleanse the energetic body field from low vibrations related to fears. We have also seen that we need to reprogram the left brain to revert the effect of false believes and misconceptions. We have also seen one technique, called kairography, designed to identify our blockages cracking down our relationship to money. Finally, we saw that sometimes, the polarity needs to be shifted. If the polarity we’re in does not work, than we have to revert the way we approach our relationship to money. That last factor may not be neglected despite the few coverage. The current article will go deeper into polarity, our personal natural approach toward money.

Once we’re aware of the energetic nature of money and our being’s unique characteristics, then we’re ready to clean our energetic mind. We’re all different inside when it comes to money.

The people who get rich are usually good time managers, approach a win-win relationship to money and to energy in general. They also master some spiritual laws of the Universe, consciously or not. In order to become one of those great time and energy managers in a monetary context, we have to be aware of the impact of time limitation, make the right time decisions, know what kind of profile or type we are and what kind of correction we need to address.  Let’s see too how energy management looks like in a financial-monetary context. Lire la suite


In the last article, we have seen how dangerous the debt situation in this World. Perhaps we have seen that we don’t have to worry, because there are plenty of resources under material shape. There is a lot of gold hidden from public knowledge. Enough to repay and propel Humanity in the so eagerly awaited Golden Age that, desired impatiently by the large majority of us.

We have also seen in the second article, that there is a universe still to be discovered in the quantum field of the human mind. The economy will soon be moving to that unexplored area. The quantum economy is the next boom.

However, we’re still dealing with one or two dark elite factions who wants to enslave humanity for good. The system in place forces pretty much everybody to sink into debt. The middle class is eroded. Unless you had time to become rich earlier, today’s economic situation makes it more complicated for those who wants to improve their ability to generate wealth. Even in those trouble days, we’ll see in the next articles to come that there are solutions. Perhaps, one must first go through a cleansing therapy of the self and the mind.

Here is a crash course on how to stop the vortex of negative energy flow and reverse the trend for a positive state of being that will attract money, but also abundance in every aspect of your life. Let’s cover the three main energy components and the therapies we need to go through for healing ourselves and be ready for a money shift. Lire la suite


Abundance is everywhere for as long as we are open to it. Like we have seen in the previous article of this series, we can find abundance of energy in the present moment. By not depending on the linear timeline and the reality of cyclic seasons with the survival mindset of higher latitudes, we can negate the time effect by elevating our consciousness. The future of humanity lies inside each individual, not in cybernetic technologies or remedies from outside of us. We need to stop running like maniacs and belittle each other for pieces of power and peanuts. A solution to a finite prosperity so difficult to reach is to embrace meditation and mindfulness. That’s the way to reach infinite abundance. Instead of fighting for resources to repay a debt owned by an unidentified someone or something, let’s get out of that enslavement all together.

The goal of life is to find the self within, which helps to recreate a state where money energy flows. Yet, not only is possible, but it’s getting more and more popular, to the point where it will be mainstream soon. This 3rd article will convince the most rational minds that debt is useless and easy to get rid of. Lire la suite


This major series of articles about money comes up right on time with an epic battle raging between factions for the future of the economy of this planet. Are we going to suffer a complete economic collapse provoked by the debt bubble, or are we going to jump to the stage of consciousness (stage #9 in the first article of this series)? In the midst of a tumultuous financial season Fall 2016, let’s take this time to revisit the essence of money. This article is an essay for collective abundance. Lire la suite


In this very long but so important series, we rediscover money’s place into history, actuality and cosmogony. Since now a few millenniums, money has become a tool of power. We need to redirect our intentions toward money and enable the abundance spirit we all deserve.

We need to forgive our tormentors from the past and the present, but not before to realize full scope of the turmoil we have created for ourselves. The truth shall set you free, however truth has a different definition for each one and has variance in proximity to oneness. Let’s make each one of us who’s financial situation threatens personal realisation.

Before to dive in this sensitive and taboo topic, let’s begin by going down from the essence of money energy toward some infamous purposes duality forces are imposing on us all, against our will.

Because money is pure love energy. Debt is contempt for the ones who live for love. Debt is the opposite of money. It is money’s destructive counterpart. Debt is the reason why almost every single human being on this planet is suffering today from lack of abundance deprivation. Debt creation is satanic. Debt consumption is leading to death when it becomes an addiction. We have the right to chose between money or debt. Right now, we are forced into debt. We’ll discuss that issue all along this series.

For now, let’s begin by the beginning. We need to know where is money coming from and when, it appeared in time and when it’ll disappear. This first article aims at answering these 3 questions. Lire la suite