Here is one of my favorite topics. Everybody knows what I’m going to talk about: money. Financial professionals will tell you  »ah! money is easy, it’s just something rational. That is true, when money is confined and controlled by an hyperrational digital information system, it has no other choice than to obey to the restricting logic. However, in a free market economy, money behave like quantum energy. Money is just that, a fluid of exchange between different agents. Money is neither rational or irrational, but just following the flow regardless of the system it is regulated by.

In the actual economic system, money serves bankers interest and disadvantages populations. If we could bring back the current financial and fiscal monetary (logical) system or at least its politics toward a market economy (quantum) freed from the debt spiral we’re in, then money would serve populations. How is money behaving like in a free system? Like enery!

This article revisit money in its primitive state, when it’s still energy-like. Even if  acces to money has become complicated, basic principles remain the same. Networking is a key in business development. Lire la suite