In this very long but so important series, we rediscover money’s place into history, actuality and cosmogony. Since now a few millenniums, money has become a tool of power. We need to redirect our intentions toward money and enable the abundance spirit we all deserve.

We need to forgive our tormentors from the past and the present, but not before to realize full scope of the turmoil we have created for ourselves. The truth shall set you free, however truth has a different definition for each one and has variance in proximity to oneness. Let’s make each one of us who’s financial situation threatens personal realisation.

Before to dive in this sensitive and taboo topic, let’s begin by going down from the essence of money energy toward some infamous purposes duality forces are imposing on us all, against our will.

Because money is pure love energy. Debt is contempt for the ones who live for love. Debt is the opposite of money. It is money’s destructive counterpart. Debt is the reason why almost every single human being on this planet is suffering today from lack of abundance deprivation. Debt creation is satanic. Debt consumption is leading to death when it becomes an addiction. We have the right to chose between money or debt. Right now, we are forced into debt. We’ll discuss that issue all along this series.

For now, let’s begin by the beginning. We need to know where is money coming from and when, it appeared in time and when it’ll disappear. This first article aims at answering these 3 questions. Lire la suite


Our environment has tremendous impact on our energetic body. Our duty, as a conscious being, is to immerge ourselves into high vibrations and harmonious frequencies. Nature offers us a broad spectrum of vibrations and frequencies, as we have seen in the previous article in this series.

Besides environment, activities play also an enormous role in our energy balance. When we combine proper environmental influence and beneficial activities, we insure our energetic integrity . These activities we chose determine our energetic health. Also, we need to pay attention to the level of consciousness that inhabits our soul at the moment we chose and practice an activity, since consciousness can make a huge difference in the benefit we get.

Here are the most common activities we practice in nature and their benefit on the right brain. Lire la suite


Many of us show sensitivity to animals, plants or natural features, while others don’t. Right brainers are naturally attracted to nature at another level than just a contemplation of sensational landscape sceneries, the nurture of a vegetable plant garden, or giving food to a dog.

There is a connection at a deeper level, to a point where we feel what that dogs feels. We can almost walk in his skin. That’s why some people with telepathy abilities are called dog magnets. We can also want to hug trees for no particular reason, but the sympathetic purpose of sharing ground energies. We can also be bemused by a picturesque geographic location to an extend where we want to settle there and never leave that place anymore.

Humans establish relationship based on common grounds and mutual exchange. Natural companionship occurs when we connect at the source. Inspiration immediately build up. In our connection with nature, we find that timelessness and belonging spirit brings peace of heart. We wish to settle if we are sedentary.  We can fall in love with someone, but we can also find the same deep connection with a piece of nature. Instead, if we are that nomad type of person, we will catch the glimpse of inspiration for a shorter but more intense moment.

Navigators and land explorers from the Renaissance period used to live just for those new worlds to be discovered. They were addicted to that feeling of actualisation and consciousness expansion each time they got impregnated with new places recording in our individual and collective consciousness. Each landscape or view is tainted with its owns energy signature. Sacred geometry reminds us that Universe follow patterns. Left brainers view geometry as perfection while right brainers view a harmonious natural formation as divine and sacred.

This article aims at explaining the deeper connection where words become obsolete. Still, since words is our medium of communication, we will degrade the sacredness a little by describing the connection at a deeper level, from a right brainer’s feeling perspective. That’s why we will use much more images than usual, because a picture worth a thousand words. Lire la suite


We are living in a world where originally, scalar waves were everywhere. The quantum nature of life was dominant over radio frequencies and electromagnetic field. Today’s humanity ecosystem is so polluted by useless information reductive beliefs that we are no longer connecting ourselves into the collective consciousness of the Earth and the Universe.  The Law of One spirit is fading away. We are getting artificially disconnected from our true nature.

However, we can regain reconnection with our essence. Being aware of the dual nature of reality and the receptor-transmitter antenna that is our dual left-right brain can help a lot. Perhaps the conscious connection between the two brains needs to be fully activated. Our heart wants just that, to sparks out dormant full potential. In this article, we will overview fundamental principles that we need to integrate in a process of core alignment with the self. Lire la suite


After almost a year of providing articles on a weekly basis, I decided to take the summer off. Since I needed to transfer this blog into a different web plate-form and develop a software program at the same time as resting from all the projects I involved myself into, two months of rest was a well deserved break. Nevertheless, I kept spending 30 to 40 hours a week in my professional regular activities, plus 10 to 20 hours a week on my husband at home duties, while finding here and there holes in my schedule to spend time with the kids in order to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with.

Now that the children are back at school, I have more time for my readers. I am also replenished and inspired for more articles to come. Some of you may have noticed that a lot of change is going on around the world. Let’s retrospect all those changes wrapped into a 1500 words article, and how they relate to the right brain. Lire la suite


To illustrate this article’s topic, let’s take a simple example. When you have a precise opinion on a subject, then a person you share a lot in common with has the exact same opinion, then we say  »you are on the same wavelenght » as that person.  Most commonly you may heard the expression  »to be on the same frequency » as someone else. The  »same frequency », what does it mean?

You may have also heard  »someone may refocus himself ». In both cases, we are talking energetics. In healing therapy, frequency plays a different role than vibration. To follow up on a previous article HOW TO INCREASE YOUR VIBRATION, where we talked about the implications of the vibrational rate, we also introduced the concept of frequency, a different concept in energy matter. We can simplify saying vibration is somewhat the volume or quantity, while frequency is the density or quality of energy. But it is more complex. This article will try to give you the big picture of what energy frequency means and how we can use it for our benefit. Lire la suite


When we feel down or angry, we may be looking for a quick and easy fix to our mood. No pill no chemical remedy exist, which is a good thing, because we can naturally enhance our vibratory state with simple habits. We can teach ourselves how to trigger the proper vibratory state in order to feel better and to steadily maintain a good mood throughout the day.

There are numerous ways to help yourself feeling better. In this article, we will cover only what I consider the main ones. You do not need specific lifestyle, equipment nor anybody else than yourself alone to perform these easy exercises. If you are conscious and smart enough to read this article, you will be able to practice most of the tricks below. When there is nothing to make your day and smile, you got to be that thing to make your day. Here’s how to trigger a well being state. Lire la suite


Law Of Attraction has been popularized by the spiritual and personal development industry. Marketing is about creating needs and proving tools. Since more and more individuals are these days jumping out of the society standards ship, forcing the redefinition of each aspect of life, the ground iss set for a new approach in mastering life and becoming self.

Law Of Attraction operates in the quantum field, that subtle layer of our energetic body field just below the soul field. Law Of Attraction manifests itself through anything that is in resonance with the divine plan. To ensure Law of Attraction is playing on your side, you must surround yourself with genuine people, natural food, pure water, but also immerge yourself in a sane electromagnetic environment and in a harmonic information bath. Overall, the ultimate key is to be conscious of how everything come together.

The days are gone when humans were just looking for food, shelter and their offspring protection. These days are promising for those who want to accomplish their own mission of life and becoming themselves, as long as they consolidate their state in the most important aspect of their life. Here are 7 aspects of life and how to make Law Of Attraction operating for our benefit into each one of them. Lire la suite


These days, the large majority of workers do not like their job. They are not happy at work. It is sometimes easy to find signs in a professional environment making it more detrimental than beneficial.

However, most of the time, there are no specific sign. We only have a gut feeling of unhappiness, but it is unclear as of how and why we feel this way.

Worse, we know unconsciously that our job is not good for us, but the need of a paycheck takes over our personal integrity. Then we tend to bury sings of distress and we try to convince ourselves that we like our job. When our colleagues are asking if everything is okay, we always answer by an innocent YES! Politically correctness prevails.

If that is your case, you are an easy labor to manage. You know how to look emotionally intelligent. Although that attitude helps consolidating your position and gaining respect in corporate environments, beware of physical and mental collapse. Hiding feelings at work is a dangerous game for your health.

Even if it seems like you love your job, you should take some time to ask yourself a few questions that may reveal your job’s toxicity. In the absence of obvious insanity, a professional position environment offers only left brain hemisphere stimulation. Absence of room for self expression is a form of alienation. Automated work environment is the main cause of undetected and misunderstood psychological and emotional deterioration at work. Balance between left brain and right brain is more important than ever in a period of history when people are waking up to personal development and when the main goal in life is no longer to toe the line (education, job, household, retirement), but self actualisation.

This article suggests you a few questions to ask yourself in regards to left-right brain balance at work. These questions are designed to evaluate if your right brain side is considered by your employer’s activity for your benefit and if your position really allows you to stimulate it. Lire la suite